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  1. Mpori

    "Add a result..."

    Got it! Thanks invader!
  2. Hi guys! Wanted to know if "adding" a result still grants you an extra die to your dice pool after rolling with the aforementioned result or just modify a result of your dice pool changing a die with the aforementioned result?
  3. Mpori

    Poll: which 1.0 meta pilot do you want back?

    I would like to see back rebel Nym!
  4. I dont see it as wrong... Just recomended it because perhaps there would be more and faster answers... Sometimes. Glad to help any fellow player, like a lot of members had helped me here.
  5. Yes and yes (because your template for taking off of the asteroid still passes over it. Otherwise you wouldnt). Also, remember the sub forum for rules!!!
  6. Mpori

    ARC's dual cards

    A ha! What about decreasing turns difficulty while s-foils open, minus red die. standard config with wings closed???
  7. Mpori

    ARC's dual cards

    Thanks for all your comments, guys! I'm really hoping for a nice mod that bumps positioning. I dont think it had to be the same S-Foils as for the T-65 or T-70, just given that the ARC is, somehow, like the gran ma of the X-Wing, some sort of advantage, because of changing config of the wings, could justify it... somehow
  8. Mpori

    ARC's dual cards

    Hi guys! Just wandering if theres any chance that the new ARC is coming with some sort of S-Foils dual card (besides crew dual cards). Have anyone seen if there's some kind of upgrade that grants better postionning inthe future expansion of the ARC?
  9. Mpori

    Nubians in the future

    I couldnt agree more with ya, Animeswardude!!! It could be fantastic that nubians and old republic where put within the Republic Faction. And is the same argument as pointed by Heimfire for the Scum Faction. Lets Hope!
  10. Mpori

    Nubians in the future

    Yeah! It seems that would be the easier way to get them in. Do you think we get an Epic ship for the republic eventually (like a Consular Class Trasport or other)?
  11. Mpori

    Nubians in the future

    Hi there you all! So, do you think Nubians will be another faction or they will be integrated to the Republic (I mean in case we get a release of the N-1, NB-1, J-Type transports and so...)? What do you expect?
  12. Id plan to focus over Republic but sure Im gonna get the new models for Rebels and Resistance as they came by... Perhaps some Imperials, so I can share a game at home with newbies friends! Really looking after Republic and wandering if Nubians (N-1, NB-1, etc) will be added to this faction or if they will be another one by themselves... I got the feeling that 2.0 will get a fresh start with the release of Republic and CIS!
  13. Mpori

    2.0! Got it from an online seller and...

    Thats exactly what came to my mind (using boiling water: carefully), Gaw! Gonna try tomorrow the pick up service for the refund. If, for any reason, gets busy... Then I think im gonna keep the stuff, as is, and contact Asmo for a replacement of the mini... To bad I pictured myself rolling some dice and pew, pew this weekend... guess its gonna be until christmas (me with long face as imaging this) Thank for the double advice buddy!
  14. Mpori

    2.0! Got it from an online seller and...

    Thanks for your advice, guys! Hope the seller corrects this issue, otherwise I would contact Asmodee NA looking to get it solved.
  15. Sadly, I got a box I never would pick, if I were buying it at a shop. Id received my copy of the core set, on time, as always with this company, but my complain is that, while looking thru the plastic window that allows to see the miniatures, you can see that one of the x-wing cannons is bended, hardly and evidently, that (no matter that I work as a quality supervirsor at a fabric) anyone would notice. The box has some minor damage on the back, a hole where the word opponent in the graphics depicting the attack phase. Id opened and find that some of the actions tokens arent centered while printed over the cardboard, no big deal with this last issue because is a minor detail but, overalll, I definitly would pick another box if I were at a store... Now triyng to get an exchange or refund, and wandering how this could pass a quality check... To bad but working on geting it right. Just wanted to all you know, specially those who havent buy the new core set, check and double check, before picking your 2.0 core set box