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  1. Continental (WT) = Continental (Worlds Tournaments) Kit (perhaps)?
  2. or sienars reverse engineering over cygnus... ?
  3. Clarified, then: Some sort of Cygnus Spaceworks Theta Class Shuttle. Would be a medium base ship for the game or an small one, uh? Thanks guys!
  4. Have you you watched the new trailer for the clone wars seventh season? Yeah! Well... Theres some kind of new starfighter (at least for me) wich seems like a precursor to the Alpha-class star wing but used by the republic! Can anyone corroborate in this subject or if this ship already exists?
  5. True! Sorry for the misleading. What else could be included on this expansion (I mean: there are 4 cards not spoiled)? How much would you expect those crew jedis will cost?
  6. If one of the four yet unknown cards from the LAAT/I Exp is the golden interpreter, then yes (but from faction to faction they change their ability). In the product image there are at least one crew card yet to be spoiled (ten are turned upside and they announce fourteen in the package) but I would like to see Yoda, since he arrived to Geonosis battle in one of these, and in CW series he used this ship a few more times (if I recall well)... Or Obi crew, he used it even more... We shall see who or what are those four remaining cards. Looking forward to field Secura and/or Fisto IN some Clone ARC´ s tho...
  7. Wow! And how many tickets you got for each game?
  8. Just read around the net about a collaboration between Porche and Star Wars (means disney) to design an alliance ship... Not the final concept that made it into the movie but some early sketches. Final concept will show up in EpXI.. What do guys think? Id like the sketch... The other is rather silly for me.
  9. I dont know if its rare that something like this didnt make it to the news frontpage, not that much for not seeing here at the forums, but agree that could be super useful. I mean, now that costumers-publishers share a lot of venues its normal for some to see a change in a production timeline as something that compromises the playerbase, fortunately, its is not that (at least not in this case and also rare when it happens otherwise). I know bout other companies that had slides of some sort and, in the world of crowd funding and design quality at massive production also happens and perhaps more often, we all know this may happen at some point; lets not forget the turbulences in global commerce, blah, blah, blah... Whatever medium it may came from is fine but it has to be official, official doesnt takes away its proportions and gives an opportunity for a manner of hanlding it. The more direct from the source, the more efficent for audiences. Fos us, playerbase, not having like proposed-announced, its odd but, again, doesnt compromise the game in any of its stages but deliverance. Id be honest id feel like a stormtrooper just sayed to me -nothing to see here, move over- and wishing for a piece of the story behind this event its not what makes x-wing great for me. However a miscomunication will always cause controversies. Anyway, I agree that direct resolution its has to be followed by official comms,... A friday article, with funny title, consitent info and a typo or two, works well for me anyday tho.
  10. Its stuff that most vets have, thats the reason for making the conversion kit. Would be good those sets already available where given to the retailers for reselling them at discount price... Cant imagine the revenue for FFG in Germany doing so but seemed like whole stuff got wiped out during the Essen. I totally agree with the bundle idea, its so, so true that repackaged stuff in some cases the costumer would ended paying more for less; Kudos to FFG for not doing that, luv ya. To bad that even mAmazon.mx doesnt have the full range in my country and LFGS put whatever price they are high on... Only hope is sale price everywhere! Come on! Supereasy!
  11. Because of the overall design Is so, so nautic (the only thing I would get off is its those flags all over)¨ but check from where the pieces for puting toghether that ship came from... The bridge is an AT-AT cabin! And I agree that the concept of salvaged its not the main design style in SW ships but for my likes its well balanced in the Galleon (never liked those called uglies because... they´re, so not for my taste and an abuse of the ¨salvaged thing...). The low profile looking of this one really makes me feel that these could be friends of Jabba and not the baby yoda babysitter... Ships cool for a biggie. Liking a lot the starfighter concept ship design in the whole series, tho.
  12. Those are cool but, even being a faction I dont play, the scum light freighter Galleon amaze me for good. Id like a lot this concept ship style a lot more than the guerrilla looks of the cartels and such Kindda feels very scumy. Like the art of Ian McQue... kindda. Could be a nice addition to huge ships tho.
  13. That would mean my return to video games! Loved Bastila, she became one of my most favourite SW characters! Hope Disney makes KOTOR/SWOTOR new products in this setting and Im not refering to more video games (but single player adventure games, like Uncharted, but in this setting would be instant money for the franchise, just get superb writers and voice actors... Please?
  14. Really? Didnt search for the ships specs but to me seems fairly shorter than a YT freighter... But I dont know either. Watched that first scene, between the LAAT and Reaper, and some others, got the feel that was shorter than the U-Wing.
  15. Hi guys! Just wanted to know if anyone got hyped as me with Jedi The Fallen Order ships and pilots? As a rebel player I would like a lot to see the Stinger Mantis in the tabletop (as a more agile U-Wing with better primary and less crew spaceand perhaps in a small base) but watching Inquisitors piloting TIE/In, Tie Reapers and the shuttles from Rogue One, makes me wander which of them could jump into the game aswell. Do you think that any of these could arrvie at some point?
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