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  1. Mpori

    Up coming Wave

    Thanks, all of you, guys! Lets hope it arrives during june...
  2. Mpori

    Up coming Wave

    Hi there! Read somewhere else that the next wave got delayed. Does anyone when it will be available? thx...
  3. Hi there! Been using Anakin+Obi+2 Gold Sqd. and while id loved it so far, Im not sure it has what it takes to survive the 4 phantoms imperial list, what would it take from the republic to do so? whats best and why?... Im not in a competitve venue, so I would apreciate any comments from you guys who certanly are!
  4. Mpori

    N1 Article Up

    Hope they release both, one for epic (Huge ship, Naboo Royal Cruiser), the other for standard (J-type 327 as a large ship)...Cant wait to see a ship with multiple astro slots! And the cruiser just screams out as to be the K-Wing of huge ships to me... Or smething like that!
  5. Mpori

    N1 Article Up

    Looking at the handmaiden cards art, the same used to announce the coming wave and the decoy condition card... Would you expect a Naboo Royal Starship coming soon? Anyway excited for whats coming!
  6. Everything! I mean: Rebel Nym, Imperial Bobba (contracted? Id run a few games of an alternate format where no matter wich faction but scums, can be contracted with a points limit: contracted scum for any faction up to 77 points...suggested format: Instant buy to new pilot card packs), Leias N/1... And so on (a,b and e -wing missing pilots from comics and novels). Whatever... Exicted! Hope gets anounced tomorrow... Tho!
  7. It would be awesome to have faction packs (aces, ship titles, unique mods and crew) and Upgrade packs (missiles, torps, cannons, etc. with all upgrades per wave). Or whatever they came up, but super afforable... Could make the game grow (or at least that first ed ships get buyed and tried by exp players and so..) Anyway, looking forward to this!!! Superexcited!
  8. Got it! Thanks invader!
  9. Hi guys! Wanted to know if "adding" a result still grants you an extra die to your dice pool after rolling with the aforementioned result or just modify a result of your dice pool changing a die with the aforementioned result?
  10. I would like to see back rebel Nym!
  11. I dont see it as wrong... Just recomended it because perhaps there would be more and faster answers... Sometimes. Glad to help any fellow player, like a lot of members had helped me here.
  12. Yes and yes (because your template for taking off of the asteroid still passes over it. Otherwise you wouldnt). Also, remember the sub forum for rules!!!
  13. Mpori

    ARC's dual cards

    A ha! What about decreasing turns difficulty while s-foils open, minus red die. standard config with wings closed???
  14. Mpori

    ARC's dual cards

    Thanks for all your comments, guys! I'm really hoping for a nice mod that bumps positioning. I dont think it had to be the same S-Foils as for the T-65 or T-70, just given that the ARC is, somehow, like the gran ma of the X-Wing, some sort of advantage, because of changing config of the wings, could justify it... somehow
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