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  1. I just came here to say that I wish I was @AgencyBurglar. That is all.
  2. Looking for System Open BB8. Have a very large variety of promos. PM me and I'm sure we can find a deal.
  3. US Have Illustrated Worlds Han x2 Illustrated "Disco" Vader x1 Illustrated Regionals Hera x1 Illustrated IG88C x1 Illustrated Corran Horn x1 Illustrated Soontir Fel x2 Movie Still Ten Numb x1 Movie Still Poe Dameron x1 Movie Still Dagger Squadron x1 3rd Party Illustrated Arvel Crynyd x2 (PM for picture if interested) Illustrated Store Champs C-3PO x4 Illustrated Predator x6 Illustrated Gunner x4 Illustrated Worlds Inquisitor x1 Illustrated Regionals Red Ace x1 Extended Art Omega Ace x1 System Open 2016 Fo/t-70 cardboard card x1 Acrylic Store Champ Frosted Focus Tokens x6 Acrylic Cloak Tokens x2 Acrylic 2016 Store Champs Range Ruler x2 Acrylic Regionals Cluster Mines x1 (Correct Size) Acrylic Regionals Cluster Mines x1 (Incorrect Size) Acrylic Worlds No Fire Tokens x3 Millennium Falcon Cardboard Card Box x3 2016 Regionals White Dice 1 Set (3/3) (Only for "The Right Trade") Leia 2016 Worlds IA Alt Art x1 Want Acrylic Conner Net Acrylic Focus (2013) (Only need 3 max) Acrylic Target Locks (Red, Blue) Alt Art Lando Alt Art Boba (Imperial) System Open 2016 BB8 Nationals Resistance Coin X-wing cardbox Tie Fighter Cardbox I'll consider other trades so don't be afraid to PM me for a trade or any questions! Crossed out or Red items are what's changed since last entry Thanks for considering!
  4. Just reminding people, the name of this topic is "First Systems Open!" not "Let's discuss how OP a list is and why all lists should suck". Just say'in
  5. As much as I'm complimented by being 7th I don't feel it's the case . Defiantly excited to see whenever the list get's up to date, keep up the good work!
  6. Any word on which TLs are for which win count?
  7. As someone who's played quite a bit of Dengaroo I am intrigued by this card, but ultimately don't see myself using it. I have 3 main reasons. First in Dengaroo especially it's a "Win More" card. If your not familiar with the term it means something that will help you in good matchups or good situations but lack in bad matchups or bad situations. With Dengaroo having to rely exclusively on enemy ships being destroyed for the card to proc (except rare edge cases) and it's worst matchups being Palp Aces and Triple Defenders (Those matchups being bad because you can't kill anything) you can see my logic. Second it can be a awkward card. You of course want Scavenger Crane to proc on Countermeasures, problem is saving Countermeasures for the right time is crucial in Dengaroo. Trying to get value off Scavenger Crane can force you to use Countermeasures at a poor time, if you don't destroy a ship you can easily get punished the following turn. You also sometimes don't expect to kill a ship, if you still have Countermeasures you then missed a extra use. The third is the meta. The Top 16 at this years worlds had 15 lists with 2-3 ships and 1 list with 4 ships. The current ship count at top level squads is at a all time low, less enemy ships means chances to proc Scavenger Crance. If we see a increase in ships counts in top tier squads, we see a increase in Scavenger Crane. I will test out Scavenger Crane if I'm still using Dengaroo when it comes out, but my hopes are not high. As a ending thought I myself don't actually like Glitterstim on Dengaroo, I prefer Inertial Dampeners but that's another discussion. Hope this helps!
  8. What about Dace with Wired, Zuckuss, Dampeners and Ion Cannon Turret! Embrace the stress! Dace and Zuckuss just doesn't work, Zuckuss shuts him out ofusing his ability. TBH you want something to help with getting rid of his Stress. I couldn't see anything great... so maybe K4 so the green you are going to want to take each turn, pays off more, or maybe an Engine Upgrade to make the fact that he has to green each turn less predictable. This was with the hypothetical Dace Errata the OP mentioned where he can take a stress even if he has some.
  9. What about Dace with Wired, Zuckuss, Dampeners and Ion Cannon Turret! Embrace the stress!
  10. Can you really choose? Here's my 3 Zuckuss Unde rcosted and overpowered. You need passive mods/passed actions for it to be good, problem is it quickly gets far TOO good. Not a fun experience for the defender in general as well. Palp Particularly on the shuttle. Between making Soontir unhittable, making a pair of defenders take 1 damage per turn or just using him defensively with the shuttle to last 5 rounds of fire with ease. Range less defensive support abilities are bad for the game, Palp is obviously the worst offender of this. x/7 I have quite a few problems with this one, the main one being the lack of counter play. Stress, bumping and obstacles not effecting it makes it boring for both players and in my mind and is far too good. Also the point reduction is not needed in anyway.
  11. Coming from someone with over 100 games of Dengaroo just run palp defenders or trip defenders. Never shoot dengar in arc until manaroo is dead, use common sense shooting dengar after that. It's super easy I don't see why you need to build a squad around it when the single most popular ship in the game counters it perfectly. I only read page 1 sorry if this was posted.
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