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  1. I would love to see the mandalorian kom'rk transport. Wookiepedia lists it as massive, bigger than the ghost, but the visuals in Clone war don't like up with it being that large. Still, I would love to have one just to pose my fang fighters with.
  2. Rebels were the long term plan, I just like painting imperial troops. Armor looks cool and I wanted to wait for Sabine to play rebels. The Rebels show was one I wanted to hate so bad, but ended up loving. Even plan to swap luke, leah and astromech models for Hyra, Kanus and the greatest rebel ever, Chopper.
  3. I guess it is time for me to focus on building rebels then. Just by math (very little gameplay under my belt) I think Orkimedes nailed it. But a few points do stand out. The range 2 on the scout pistols is not a disadvantage, but the range of the DLT is an advantage? If stormtroopers can keep rebel troops at range 4, then commandos can keep scouts at range 3. Additionally the commandos have a defense surge and better scout. I love me some scouts, but the range 2 is not fun when working with snipers. The Rebel Troops with a white dice and defense surge is a little better resisting white attack dice than a storm troopers with red dice and no surge resisting black attack dice. Again, it is not a huge advantage but it does add up. The DLT is amazing, and proliferating the battle field, but I think the edge is narrower than the credit given. Because aggression usually wins the margin is important but the rebels aren't out in the cold. The AT-ST is impressive, but you can get two loaded AT-RTs for the cost of a naked AT-ST. I do think Snow Troopers and Death Troopers are awesome compared to their counterparts, and the snowspeeder is... sub-optimal, but I don't think the gap is huge.
  4. Are you looking for someone to make an existing SW character like the Grand Inquisitor from Rebels? If so Mel's miniatures is working on several and open to suggestions. You would have to talk to them to see if they are willing to do a commision, but they are at least listening to suggestions. Other than that, just cruise thingverse and shapeways and ask around. I have no idea what a 3d commission would cost though, we are talking substantial man hours and skilled labor.
  5. I am new to the game so take this with a grain of salt, but by design troops are you best bet dollar for dollar. Any off the corps profiles seem good, but for the rebels the Rebel Troopers are super solid. Storm troopers and snow troopers both have advantages. This is why people recommend a second starter box. It gets you to 4 corps for each side and some support in the form of bikers and AT-RTs. It is a good buy for getting your ranks filled quick. It is not what I went with because I want variety, but for building both sides it is an incredibly powerful purchase. Snow troopers and fleet troopers are pretty solid. Shore troopers are looking good and I assume it will be the same for their rebel counterparts. Any path to the minimum 3 corps is a pretty good one, but corps are still king. Like others have said almost any unit (sans the snow speeder) is solid but scout trooper and rebel commando strike teams seem to be the next thing to get. As for boba or boskk, I would first recommend one of the less expensive commanders, Veers or Krennic. Vader is a powerhouse, but he is more of a brick of pain than a commander. He eats a a full 1/4 of your points and has limited aid for your other troops. A kitted out vader and Boba Fett is nearly half your points. On the rebel side, Luke is much cheaper but why not get Leia? She is awesome. My advice, summarized: 2nd starter box, scouts and rangers, second commander. If the second commander is Krennic, Death Troopers. After that, anything is good.
  6. Some can be worked around, like snowtroopers on the beach, some are way out of wack like having Jyn in the same list as Luke. It is true in almost every tabletop game. I like thematic feeling lists, and try to build towards them, but there are only so many varients of stormtroopers to use.
  7. They are now listed as "at the printers" which puts them a little behind the speeder and snow rebels. Sad, but what cana you do?
  8. Good to know. Different from what I am used to but good.
  9. I just need to verify as I prep for my second game. There is no specific order of operations? You can move then shoot or shoo t then move correct? More specifically, could snowtroopers, aim, move then take their free attack?
  10. I am very new so take every thing I say with a grain of salt. Troopers with surge hit on on 3 in 8 with the the white dice, and rebel troopers with surge resist about 1 in 3. On the flip side, black attack dice hit about half the time without surge and troopers resist half of the time without surge. The dodge token on the troops is more of an advantage than pierce on the imperials. It does add up. The fact that the Z-6 give the rebels the equivalent of a squad of stormtroopers shooting with them. To answer this I like Keldoth's advice of keeping the troopers back and moving the elites in with Vader. It is counter intuitive, but using the extra reach on the DLT is way more effective than relying on the red dice armor. Based on everything I have read here, a second commander to help the troops (Imperial commander until I get Veers or Krennic) and use your stormtroopers as a long range fire base. Use armor or elites to soak the hits. I will let you know how it goes as soon as I can.
  11. There is no perfectly canon way, but even with them being called snow troopers, it seems unlikely that a force that just found out they were going to Hoth had troops who only operate in cold weather. It is better to think of specialists as troops who, while trained and equipped to fight in extreme cold, are still rifle corps and ready to fight where the battle is. The snow and shore troopers together are more like army and marines together, it happens when deployment demands. That is my take anyways.
  12. It seems like on the unit they are attached to, it would just be better to get the extra troops, but for keeping expensive characters like vader or fett alive they could be super handy. What are your thoughts?
  13. I thought the Rebels were the Scum 😂 I would love to see some of the supporting folks find a way into the game, some house Wren to back up Sabine, Skull Squadron and maybe house Saxons. Even some of the weird stuff like Gomorians and Tusken raiders and of course any excuse to get Hondo in the game. I am not sure if a Scum faction is the way to do it, but some unaligned groups would be cool.
  14. The 501st are a great source of info for stuff like this. As Vode mentioned, the Galactic Marines are (IIRC) a bit of a stretch but work visually to bring snowtroopers and shoretroopers together. https://www.501st.com/members/costumeroster.php?catagoryID=25 https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Galactic_Marines/Legends
  15. In the real world, weapon technology goes in leaps and spurts, but in a galaxy far, far away things are very different. In general, blasters are either not very efficient, or armor is very, very efficient. In general the rate of fire and accuracy of a blaster rifle are... questionable. But the movies were originally made to emulate WWII movies. With the tech they have, massed troops with rifles should be a losing strategy every time. ****, why are there so many direct fire weapons even? The answer is, cause it looks cool on screen. But even in the real world the leaps are varied. While a 1947 AK-47 may not be as light, or efficient as a modern combat rifle, it still finds use on today's battlegrounds 70 years later. And as advanced as drones and modern armor are, they are still stopped by some very dated military hardware. And in the galaxy far, far away we see some "progress" that isn't that much advancement. Astromechs seem to be going through an i-Phone progress where new features are added, and they can get smaller, but a 60 year old R2 unit is more than comparable to a bb unit. It is fun to theorize on these things, but in the end it is just gonna be game balance.
  16. The problem is that the Empire is a crony establishment. Rather than hire the best contractors or the least expensive ones, they work with insiders who have a strong lobby. Look at Sienar Fleet Systems. They say they couldn't afford to put shields or hyper-drives in the TIE/LN and that the pilots really didn't need them anyway. But the Empire is paying more per unit than the Republic paid for the Torrent. Likewise, Stormtrooper armor should represent a massive advancement over clone armor, but it is virtually identical despite the Empire paying as much as 65% more per unit. The the power of the Force is insignificant next to the the ability to maintain a steadfast and politically neutral accountability office.
  17. Reconsidering Kraken then. Have you fiddled with grappling struts yet?
  18. I haven't had a chance to fly with these guys yet, but I suspect the vultures will start dropping quick even with asteroid shenanigans. Because of that I am considering TV-94 instead of Kraken for the relay for the extra damage potential, but until I hit the table it is just guess work. Let me know how these guys fly for ya though.
  19. Love the paint on those strykers. May have to get a squad now.
  20. It warms my heart whenever the VCX gets love. I never tried two, but now I kinda want to.
  21. Does "After you spend a focus token" mean it happens each time you spend a focus, or just once per turn?
  22. Too many formats! I mean, that is good but I get them mixed up. Still, I may try Zertik and Seyn in an open format down the road. I haven't flown Vader enough to tell, but isn't supernatural reflexes a little redundant on him?
  23. My experience is limited, so grain of salt.. Cool as they are,they are still ties to they need back up and a way to get the damage out on other ships. Verso can save one of your pilots, once. Once enemy ships are damaged, Del and Hask can be nasty, but without the firepower to get that first hit, it is very tricky to bring someone down. I flew the 4 with all upgrades for a fluffy list, but I do not recommend that without backup. I got murdered. They are still ties and will melt to heavy firepower. My experience makes me think I want Howlrunner and Seyn in the same list, and I think a mini swarm (6 ties) could work but I was going to try Inferno and a reaper first. I don't think Vader does much for Inferno in particular, he is a bit of a selfish pilot, but Zerik Storm could play well with Seyn and Howlrunner. Just thoughts but like I said, limited flight hours.
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