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  1. So, through the strange hands of fate, I ended up with 2 AT-ST walkers. Has anyone run a list with 2? I assume Veers and a bunch of stormtroopers, but what would you do with 2?
  2. Keep in mind, I am far from a pro player. I got about a 50-50 success rate. What are your fleet troopers for? If they charge up to get into range they will be out front and naked with maybe the tauntauns for support. For 2 points more you could replace them with 2 naked trooper units. Maybe swap the fleet for two rebel troops and let the walkers deal with rushing troops. Just my thought.
  3. So far I haven't found a configuration for Sabine I did not enjoy.
  4. Also, look at the FAQ, there have been some point changes, the weapons on the AT-RT leap to mind.
  5. Sabine is a blast, sometimes literally. Flying, exploding, etc. Her versatility keeps her fun. Chewbacca has a trick for almost every leader and is generally a tough bugger. Krennic is a commander, not an operative. Boba Fett looks like fun for a lot of the same reasons Sabine is, they just have a lot of tricks. With what you have now, you can build 500 point lists to start and play a little before your next purchase. One thing you may want to consider are the less expensive commanders (Leia for rebels and Krennic or Veers for Imperial) to loosen up your options at the skirmish level. Get a few games in before you go on a buying spree. Personally, I love mines. I play rebels so commandos for me, imperial scouts for imperials. The snipers are probably better but I love mining up the field. And Sabine, she is the best.
  6. As a general rule I prefer changes that nudge, as oppose to ban. I would rather a rule that fixes the underlying problem, activation being more valuable than a lot of other options. Not sure how you would do that, but it seems like if you cap at 10, we will just see a new static meta.
  7. Based on my current limited experiences, list 2 seems like the best. Subject to change as I play more. 😜
  8. So based on what I had ready: Dooku:Fear, Force Push, Force Guidance 2x B1 with E60R B1 with E-5C and 1 extra troop Droideka So Dooku is a monster. Force push never really got used cause of Scatter. Scatter + You Disappoint Me = Awesome. Force guidance... I should have done Aggressive Tactics. Everyone got hit before I could guidance them and I had to focus on getting Dooku activated where he could have been more clever. E-60s gave me some range, but AI: Attack meant I was not Recovering and using them like I wanted. The E-5C was reliable. I need to learn to drive the Droideka, I kept treating them like infantry.
  9. It has been changing, so I will let you know tomorrow.
  10. The problem with the republic and separatists is that they are very new so if you are not excited about say, clones and obi, it is hard to really get them out. I can do separatists not because I like separatists, but because I love Dooku. Thenice thing about the empire is that there have been enough releases that even blue on blue can look very different. Sure, day 1 you will probably both bee stormtroopers, speeder bikes and Vader cause that's what the box comes with, but it is pretty easy to diverge after that. While I am holding out for Verso, who hasn't wanted to just throw down the emperor and send him cackling across the field? Or shower the board with snipers and mortars? Or march you AT-ST and (well probably or) across the field. If he zigs, you can zag and still have a lot to choose from. So I say go empire.
  11. Gotta a 500 pt game planned for Friday with Dooku and guidance. He is expensive so I am field testing him without aggressive tactics, but gotta see them on the table to see. I hadn't thought about two droideka units yet, or 4 naked B1s, but I will probably have more thoughts after this game.
  12. Keep in mind I haven't hit the table with them yet, but I would strongly lean towards the lists with Force Guidance or Aggressive Tactics. B1s are a lot of white dice with no surges, so those surge tokens can be really important on offense or defense. The Droidekas don't need them as much (in theory at least) but those B1s need all the help they can get. I am not sure if naked battledroids are better than special weapons, they are the only unit I can think of where this is really a hard call. I hope this helps a little and when I get a game or two in with them I will give you my notes.
  13. Fitting into Star Wars is fine, while the focus tends to be infantry lines, bombers, close air support and artillery have all been seen. It is a big galaxy with space wizards, you can justify just about anything. As far as game rules go, I am hard pressed to think of a tabletop game that has easy access to indirect fire that doesn't grind down to a game of battleship. Line of sight usually forces more dynamic play. It would be especially devastating to short range units like Fleet Troopers and B2s that rely heavily on staying out of sight. If anyone has an example of a game that does it well, I would love to hear about it, but my personal experience makes me leery.
  14. So I was building droids. Off topic, but anyone who assembles six units of these things should just win. But I was assembling droids and watching the clone wars series, cause how else would you do it. Roommate, who is not much of a mini gamer, but still nerdy saw Hondo on the screen an said, if he is someone you can use, I would totallly play that game. Now he is just one person and would probably just use my models, but by my math I think it is safe to say he represents tens of thousands of potential players who would spend millions on Legion if Hondo was available. Some may argue that Hondo was available in Imperial Assault, and these tens of thousands of players did not appear. But with millions, maybe billions of dollars on the line, can Fantasy flight really take that chance? Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate, and glorious life day to the rest.
  15. Things that would make no sense in a real world army are kind of ok in star wars. Vader has frequently committed to engagements with small strike forces as did Krennic. The Emperor seldom exposed himself directly, but clone wars showed that while he probably shouldn't get his hands dirty directly, he really enjoyed doing it. For the rebels, they sent generals on missions all the time. Ii guess if you can't pay the troops much, you hand general ranks to every Han, **** and Lando you can find. Republic and separatists were the same, Ventriss, Skywalker, Kenobi, and Grievous frequently fought along side smaller deployments. Even Dooku on occasion. Nearly every commander r in Star Wars is a "lead from the front" type at some point, and was seen in the company of small deployments. So the emperor with just a few squads of troopers is not out of character, even if it is uncommon. Now the emperor taking this small detachment to sabotage some moisture vaporators, that is a little harder to explain.
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