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  1. It can usually be assumed that customs is the problem, not FFG. I've dealt professionally with the sale of imported product over a number of years and customs seemingly has no particular problem sitting on product for weeks or months without any reason. It's infuriating as an importer, as a retailer, and as a consumer.
  2. I really, really suggest taking the APL and Merc off of the Omicron and giving it an Engine Upgrade. It will otherwise take 3-4 turns to turn around and it will be out of the fight for a while. With the engine upgrade, either with 4 1 banks or a 2 turn and 2 1 banks it will get turned around in two turns. I've flown a lot of Omicron lists (I have 2 reskinned and I love them) and unless you're running Gunner/Vader suicide Lambda list, Engine Upgrade is a must-have.
  3. Smenbash

    Fleet scale

    I would like to know from the community whether we would like to see more capital ships in X-wing. Would an alternative fleet or capital scale off-shoot game be more fun, feasible, or just look better? I honestly hope they don't start adding to the mix ships much larger than the CR90. The Vigil-class and the Action IV are both good looking and scale well, but this is supposed to be a dogfighting game. I like the idea of starfighters swarming around a larger ship, but if the larger ships get much larger, I'd rather FFG began "Imperial Star Destroyer: MIniature Game". It is clear from Attack Wing that people enjoy piloting capital ships and that capital ship combat is viable. Scale might still be a problem in the Star Wars universe because of the sizes of the larger capital ships, but I know for sure that a Imperator-class Star Destroyer would look silly on the X-wing scale, no matter how you fudge it. That being said, I'd really like to pilot one.
  4. Not to derail the derail, but I'm going to try running: Scimitar Bomber x 4 Proton Bomber x 4 Backstabber or Dark Curse I may junk Backstabber for Jonus and Rhymer (for the PS, not for their skills). I'm not real sure about this list because I think it'll be hard to get them all off. But if I can, I can waste nearly any small ship (ignoring shields) and put a wallop on a big ship. I think you'd have to run a non-swarm formation, but it'll be fun regardless.
  5. Thanks, folks! And yeah, Jan Ors + secondary weaps is pretty sweet. I'm going to try the following next week: ================= The Jan Ors Blues ================= 100 points Pilots ------ Jan Ors (34) HWK-290 (25), Determination (1), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Recon Specialist (3) Blue Squadron Pilot (33) B-Wing (22), Sensor Jammer (4), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Blue Squadron Pilot (33) B-Wing (22), Sensor Jammer (4), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) I might also try Daggers with Fire-Control Systems instead of blues with Sensor Jammers. I really like the Recon Specialist on the HWK pilots. It's amazing what 2 agility dice can mean when you have focus to use.
  6. Hello all, I searched the forums and wasn't able to find an answer to this question, so my apologies if this has been answered already. If Jan Ors applies her ability, "When another friendly ship at Range 1-3 is attacking, if you have no stress tokens, you may receive 1 stress token to allow that ship to roll 1 additional attack die," to a friendly ship that then fires a cluster missile, that additional die only applies to the first attack, correct? If it were written "you may receive 1 stress token to allow that ship to add 1 additional die to their attacks" or something similar it might then affect both attacks. Similarly, I'd imagine the extra die would not apply to a Gunner attack if the ability was used for the originating primary attack? Thanks all! Edited: grammar clarification.
  7. After playing a couple games with Jonus in a few lists, I have found equipping him lightly is beneficial. I like to use assault or concussion, depending on the points available. My primary list is trip scims with assault missiles and seismic charges and Jonus also with an assault missile. It's provides a very hard alpha - even if you miss with one of the assault missiles (although unlikely), you're still putting 3 damage on anything within 1. I think this should hold true for any list with Jonus. He's only 6 points above a Scimitar and he's 5 PS higher. Squad tactics is also great on him if he doesn't have a weapon. I'm still not thrilled about cluster missiles against any swarm group. 4 dice against 1 - 3 isn't really worse than 6 dice against 2 - 6, even with the rerolls.
  8. It might be funny to give Anakin a "contact another ship" ability. "When you are touching a ship that is inside your firing arc, you must make a primary attack against that ship. If it is a large ship, you may reroll one die. If it is a huge ship, you may reroll up to two dice." This is to emulate his eventful trip inside the droid battleship. You may have to boost the point cost to 21, but as Arvel doesn't require you to attack a ship that you're touching, the N-1 is generally worse, and you cannot use secondary weapons, I don't think it's overpowered.
  9. Ah, right, the FAQ. Oops. Thanks!
  10. Hello! I imagine I know the answer to this question, but I would still like clarification. When using a Heavy Laser Cannon, it states that you must change all the crits to hits "immediately after rolling your attack dice". Does this rule hold when re-rolling dice? For instance, I roll my four dice, get a crit, a hit, and two blanks. I change the crit to a hit but then I spend a target lock to re-roll the two misses and it comes up with another crit and another hit. Do I change that crit to a hit and do I end up with three hits and a crit or four hits? Thanks in advance!
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