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  1. My buddy and I plan on attending GenCon and signing up for the 400pt. Tourney. We are a little confused about the army building part. We each bring a 200pt. Army. That seems okay.... when we combine armies and make it 400pt., what happens if we have the same unique leader? I also ask cause they will be randomly pairing solo entrants. What if they have same uniques? In a 400pt. Army can you mix factions ? I play one faction and my partner plays the other, on the same side? Sorry, but we want to start practicing and have no idea how to build it.....thanks in advance.

  2. I play Agression (Action: Each player must sacrifice a unit, if able.)

    Darth Vader has (Reaction: after you play a Sith event card, deal 1 damage to a target unit)

    Does the reaction go off first before we each have to do the action?

    It makes a difference cause I may kill a small unit with Vader prior to an opponent sacrificing a unit.

    sorry if dumb question and thanks for answers.

  3. Could we please get confirmation from someone from FFG on how the tournament will work in regards to product? Our whole group is signed up. Can we get a box in advance or do we have to rush the FFG booth Thursday morning and pray? Knowing in advance will assist us big time. Our group is signed up for Star Wars lcg Thursday morning and rushing the booth will take some planning.

    Thank you for expanding the tourney but that may complicate product more.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Our group of 5 got lucky cause we put it as first priority. It was gone in a flash as I had two other friends that put it as a fourth priority and they were locked out......maybe more seats will open? The challenge now is to line up early and hit the FFG booth first thing Thursday. People buy 3 to 5 boxes of new games. No game boxes means no tourney......8(

  5. Okay.......

    Entire group of us just signed up for this event at GenCon (event did sell out). When are we gonna get the cards to build the decks needed? Is this product in stores prior to GenCon or do we buy at Gencon on Thursday, learn the game, build decks and play Saturday?

    Very excited about this game!

    Can anyone from FFG answer this question please?

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