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  1. What is happening with this great game at GenCon. I am surprised no events? Alt. Cards, Mat sales? Anything special happening with Outer Rim? Thank You.....
  2. My buddy and I plan on attending GenCon and signing up for the 400pt. Tourney. We are a little confused about the army building part. We each bring a 200pt. Army. That seems okay.... when we combine armies and make it 400pt., what happens if we have the same unique leader? I also ask cause they will be randomly pairing solo entrants. What if they have same uniques? In a 400pt. Army can you mix factions ? I play one faction and my partner plays the other, on the same side? Sorry, but we want to start practicing and have no idea how to build it.....thanks in advance.
  3. Does my dial have to match the enslaved faction when I play a card in Reserve or when I Deep Strike the card? I may play the card and Deep Strike it on different turns. How does my opponent know the card matches my dial that turn? Thanks in advance.
  4. Does it look like "Imperial Entanglements" will be out and legal for Worlds. It is getting close.
  5. I play Agression (Action: Each player must sacrifice a unit, if able.) Darth Vader has (Reaction: after you play a Sith event card, deal 1 damage to a target unit) Does the reaction go off first before we each have to do the action? It makes a difference cause I may kill a small unit with Vader prior to an opponent sacrificing a unit. sorry if dumb question and thanks for answers.
  6. Does this objective make Luke's Lightsaber FREE from the discard pile? Is reducing the cost affect the "spend a resource"? Thank you.
  7. RANGED is far better for "setting up future planet wins!" Make sure you have the Initiative for that Ranged planet and your enemy will stay away. Yes, they may committ there Warlord there, but the threat of you doing the same and you having Ranged and they having none = pretty risky for them! Ranged units is a good way to take resources from Planets during command struggle. IMO.
  8. Another missed one is: Only one RANGED phase at each planet. If all units ready after first fight, there is no more RANGED only melee. Ranged units still strike, but it is melee.
  9. Can you use Shrine of Warpflame to get back a just played Tzeentch event used to kill an enemy unit?
  10. And thank goodness that it has been confirmed that FFG will have boxes for those in the Saturday tourney. Thank you FFG.
  11. My bad..Force Commitment Tokens... Just want to use something fun.
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