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  1. I noticed on the bottom of the article it had no expected release time frame. Previously the would give a quarter that they were shooting for. Now it will be out when it is out.
  2. I found these numbers, for the odds to get a triumph based on your number of skill dice: 1Y = 8.2% 2Y = 15.98% 3Y = 22.82% 4Y = 29.35% 5Y = 35.2% So looking at these number if you are using the triumph to overcome a failure, then you are even with 5 skill dice you will only benefit from this talent basically 1/3 of the time. This is not taking in to account the large reduction of this percent for the amount of rolls you are going to pass since you are rolling that many yellow dice. If your skill is lower where you would need the extra success more, the change of getting the Triumph to covert is even lower. If you are using this just for extra successes than it dependent on how your GM treats the extra success on the roll that use these talent if it it worth converting. So changing this to a boost dice will help you get a success 33% of the time regardless of your skill dice you are using on the Roll. So any thoughts on these talent lines, and adjusting them to use a boost dice versus as is?
  3. Yesterday when reading through the book they were talking about after the initial fight on in the arena where they lost lots of Jedi, they didn't have enough to handle the war. So these classes represent them stream line the training to get them ready to fight in the war, they cut down what was required of the Jedi so they could have leaders in the war. Some were ready and capable while others were not, so these specializations are there to represent the fast path to Knighthood to be veiwed as capable leaders to inspire confidence to their clone troopers.
  4. Yep, I like the idea of base mods only upgrades are what make them ridiculous. We ran an age of Rebellion game and no one was modding and the weapons stayed balanced. My current edge of Empire game we have a tech and his crafted weapons are better than others, and over the top once modded out. For lightsaber since they are suppose to be special I like the extra mods from the crystal but limit the upgrades to 1 upgrade. Versus the hard points..
  5. I messaged one of the mathy people who are on the forum to ask for some assistance.... I should have told them "They are my only hope!"
  6. Those are good comparisons to the super hero world. The whole sentinel career is there so you can be a true batman in star wars. If you do human you could take Range light with your human skills, unless you really want to keep building it up to rely on.
  7. I was wondering how often your players use it even buy these talents? To me and my group they seem very weak, giving up your triumph for 1 or maybe 2 successes. I was thinking of just changing this talent to choose one of the skills, add a boost dice to those rolls. Have to pick a new skill if you get it multiple times. Thanks for any feedback!
  8. And the best answer for the cost of slaves, is the price that works for your story.
  9. From looking through their abilities they seem very similar, in my view for them people played differently it would be their approach on dealing with people. Aggressor - I see as the Darth Vader walk up menacing using his fearsome presence and aura to cause the fear, and then fight in close combat and work to end the fight. Warden - I view this more as the person who knows they can beat you up, but doesn't want too. So they talk trash or intimidate the person to get them to surrender with out a fight. But once weapons are pulled they are more than able to deal with the person. They may also still try to stop the person as they beat them up by picking the Critical, or staggering the opponent if they are able too (Over Balance). - Maybe like spider man attitude with criminals in combat. I haven't had either played, my players did like this since they could easily lead to the Dark side. Especially with the skills of coercion, and the talent which will generate an automatic conflict each session (Baleful Gaze). These are my view of how they would be play differently role playing scenario.
  10. To me it feels like the Padawan and knight are designed to represent these titles during the rise of the separatist, when Jedi knew they would fight more than Jedi of the past. So they have more combat talents on the trees to help prepare them for the war that is going on. During the 1000 years of peace time I imagine the trees foe these 2 roles would be different. So I think these are 2 very strong trees to start a character with, but their talent focus is combat. If you pick the original tress you are more likely to end up career skills and talents. So there is no best tree, it should all depend on your characters background. If you are in a time after order 66 then you probably shouldnt be able to have these.
  11. I would think it depends on the type of slave if skilled or just a general worker. I agree that they would have to be really cheap to be worth getting, in special modification a amino take droid is 600 credit for the frame, so maybe 1000 credits after markup. A specialist is 3500 credits base. So I would say slave would be between 100-300 depending on race. Specialized slaves would be around 1000 credits. Since you have all the added cost of slaves of food, housing, and care. They would need to be A lot cheaper than droids. Also the cost to get slaves is low, the cost of a crew to go to random planet's and round them up. I know it not a nice view but slaves would be viewed as business expenses and if a droid can do it cheaper and for longer time then you better save a lot by using them as your workforce.
  12. The agressor is more focused on combat and has multiple combat skills. Where the Warden is missing range light, but they are able to help more on social checked with good cop and bad cop. Warden has more abilities to keep your opponent next to you. They would work together very well or grabbing the enforcer tree from hired gun.
  13. You can even add setback checks to initiative rolls of the situation may cause some. Most of my players have never bought the signature abilities due to their cost. The only one bought has been the gambler dice alter ability and that one is or can be ridiculous. A
  14. The specilzation system help limit to power building of a character. They are limited to their tree which won't have too many talents that can be abused. It also helps to protect powerful talents by giving them strange paths to get to them. Extra cost to get new tree since that can lead to better combination of talents. Also the more talents that exists the not abused the Genesys system can become. If you can trust you players not to power game then the Genesys system can work well, but the star wars tree system helps keep balance of the talents. I'm tempted to try it in my next campaign, but need to find the complete talent list and set the exp cost of not connected to a tree. How would improving force rating be handled with Genesys rules?
  15. Also when they fight is key. If the group is fresh and in great shape they are going to be able to handle big baddies. If you wait until after the group has been involved in a big fight and are trying to recover then your big baddie just got a lot better. I don't know the page, but I know there is a rule of your adversery can go twice in the round if he is by himself. That adds alot more power to your big villain. (please correct me if that is not an offical rule, but I know I have seen it some where.)
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