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  1. I started my campaign that way, no combat trees. It let player focus on their main career a little before getting a combat tree. Also it allows them to have an adventure to get access to them and something earn is appreciated more than something given.... Just adjust the encounters for before and after trees. Lightsaber and Reflect quickly change the difficulty of combat.
  2. I like the reduce speed by failures, instead of just halved. The successes counting to speed may cause more or going slow and relying on success from simpler checks to get the same speed or go faster. So going speed 3 you only have a hard check, successes can get you to speed 5. Where speed 5 is formidable would be more likely to fail the roll. Also it helps to keep people close to each other so they can use advantages to cause trouble for others.
  3. I didnt do RAW for a race that I did. I used the speed and silhouette for the base difficulty for the roll, the added setbacks or upgrades depending on how difficult or dangerous the section of the track was. If the player succeeded on their roll the move their speed in points, if they fail they move half the distance of their speed. For using narrative results you could only effect people within 3 points of you, ahead or behind. This way the person in last can't effect the leader if they are too far. I made the race 6 tracks and the person with the highest total won the race. You could also determine a number of points needed to win the race. This cause speed to become more important than it is in RAW. There is an episode of the Order 66 podcast dedicated to racing and the chase. Episode 99 Gone in 60 Parsecs. Hope this helps!
  4. If they are experienced play i wouldn't worry about starting them at a higher number. But my advice would be to start then at knight but given them more exp per session to build their character. It will allow them to build based on the story versus picking the best at 600 exp. Also they will have a better grasp of their powers versus learning all at once. My game my characters are around 1400 exp and they have between 10-14 pages between spec trees and force powers. So it can easily become hard to keep track of all your talents and powers.
  5. You could run a cyberpunk style game in start wars, look at crescent. The rich are all up top and separated from the lower levels. The further down the worse the conditions get. If you see the lower levels on the shows it can easily have a cyberpunk feel, well after removing all the Jedi with Lightsabers.
  6. The improved critical strike is limited to Once per Round so you can only choose overpowered once, but if you crit on your next attack you can choose a one difficulty crit....like stunned to stagger your opponent for their turn.
  7. So Alter was on the list for everyone, do you this this power can be made better where players will want it? Or is it not overall useful enough to bother with? Love you hear your thoughts.
  8. I was looking through the force powers today and went through a handful that haven't been taken by players in my games and was wonder if your group has powers they avoid. If they they are common maybe we can think of ways to make them better. Endure Alter Conjure. These are the 3 that have never been taken.
  9. If you are doing clone wars I would limit the number of Jedi/force users in each group. Let different people have a chance to play the different roles or popular careers. These are best when the characters stories tie in together, but is not required.
  10. The point of the lightsaber forms are to use different attributes for attacks, and what your combat focus is one. Buying all would take for ever and you would gain much from them. The most i would take is 2 if they have good abilities for your character, and your primary stats match. Jedi knight and Palawan are good ro help round out you fighting abilities since these are careers when battle for the Jedi was constant.
  11. Talk to him is the best approach, I had to have this talk with an autofire sharpshooter. I warned him to deal with your character I will have to make the bad guys strong, and if you not there the rest of the party won't be a now to handle them. Besides talking, one thing I did is send the group to a planet that outlawed ranged weapons, so he had to pick up melee or risk getting him and his group arrested. Break or steal his gun, but with all those talents it will slow him down versus stop him. Lots of in game possibilities, but talk to him and the group. Maybe this style is bothering the rest of the group as well. If the group agrees then his play style may not work for the group. Good luck that can be a difficult conversation.
  12. You can use the jedisky dice webpage. Everyone can log in to it and share rolls, it is basic but has good features. That is what I use, here is the link: https://dice.skyjedi.com
  13. For the same talent on multiple trees are you going to allow players to skip over them like current non-ranked talents? If so that will also speed up going through another talent tree. Since a lot of the basic will be on their 1st tree like grit, toughed, parry or reflect.
  14. I like the idea of simplify the careers and specialization. I think all of the options can be a lot to new players, and a lot of specializations from careers do not get much play. Due to the talent trees. For looking through here are the topics I would look at. Adjusting talents to scale with the loss of ranked talents. With out ranks some talents will quickly be under powered by staying at the base level. If the abilities or inflated they may need to be move further down the talent tree. The amount of talents for a career, I know or keeps it looking nice with a 4x5 tree. But think it should be expanded to at least a 6x5 or maybe 8x5 talent tree. This would allow player to focus more on the aspects they like in the tree and help slow down progression of finishing a career tree. Careers skills - I didn't see it mention but increasing the number of career skills given at creation to compensate for missing specialization skills. (In general I think starting characters should have more starting skills) That is all I have for now but will keep an eye on this as it intrigues me. I love the game as it is but all things can be improved. Good luck on your project and hopefully it helps keep you busy during these times.
  15. Do you know if any has made a force power to extract information from a person, it isn't seen much in star wars but I may have a person who needs to do that soon. We saw Kylo try it on Rey in Episode 7, the other other time I remember it is on the clone wars when Mace Windu, Kenobi and Anakin, were pulling the info from Cad Bane about the Holocron. I think it would have to be a conflict earning power since we never really see the good guys do it, and it is very useful. Any thoughts on doing it or if you would allow it in your game in any manner?
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