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  1. Reading this post, two question come to my mind: 1.- I get that two copies of this card attached to a single elit unit will grant +4 attaks, but definitly I'll need to trigger both Combat Actions in order to get Area Effect (4), right? 2.- AS this is a limited action (once per phase), if I trigger the first copy of HVC does it restric the use of my second one?
  2. Once again, thanks for your help. Sorry I missed the keyword "Ambush", wich is what really matters here!
  3. Thanks for the quick answer.... I have another one: Klaivex Warleader - "Reaction: After you deploy this unit during the combat phase, destroy a target damaged army unit at this planet." I failed to get this card through! 1.- Should I deploy this unit during the combat phase in order to trigger its ability? or 2.- May I use its ability during the combat phase in the turn when it's deployed? I can't find any unit's ability, event, nor support action that will allow me to deploy any unit during the combat phase, so I guess the answers is #2. Am I right? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I’m just getting into this great game. I’m from Guatemala and my English needs to be improved, so I have a question here. Event cards can/must be played in an action window, but in the deployment phase there is not any action window, so I suppose I can’t play events unless its ability says it can be played as a deploy action (ie Exterminatus). In the other hand the RRG pp 23 reads: “Note that a deployment turn is a special framework event, in which the player taking the deployment turn is permitted to initiate an action ability as his deployment turn. This is an exception to the rule that action abilities may not be used during the resolution of framework event”. So, does it mean that I can play event cards (ie Raid – Action: Take 1 resource from your opponent if he has more resources than you) instead of deploying an army unit in the deployment phase? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi. My local store has a new 1st edition core box and some expansions available I would like to try this game, but I just found that 2nd edition is coming soon, so I'm wondering: Will I be able to use the cards from the 1st ed and mix them up with the cards in 2nd ed? Should I wait for 2nd ed to be available and start from there? Thanks for you help.
  6. Wait!!! According to Gullwind I can use Han's ability to reroll Luke's (as gunner) attacks. How's so? I thought Han's ability only allows me to reroll Han's attacks but anybody else's. Can you explain it please?
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