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  1. Howdy all, recently returned to the game and am enjoying all the new toys. I love the yt2400, and as much as I enjoy flying Dash, i am finding Eaden Vril to be a lot of fun because of the other ships i can fit with him. This is what i am looking at so far: Nera Dantels (26) Deadeye (1) Flechette Cannon (2) Flechette Torpedoes (2) Munitions Failsafe (1) Eaden Vrill (32) Roark Garnet (19) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Total: 88 The idea is that Nera is there to cause stress, which is always useful, but the turreted torpedo can let me put a stress on even cloaked phantoms or soontir. Roark lets Nera shoot before them as well. Vril gets some teeth with stress on. At least that is how it works in theory. I am worried i don't have enough firepower for builds like fat Hans, or chunky decimators. I do have 12 points left to spend though. What would you all add with those points? What would you change? One caveat. I unfortunately don't own the transport and the X-wings and astromechs from there, which i know can be helpful in a stress build. thanks all!
  2. Here are a couple i am looking at based on some of the ideas you all put forward. Having not flown rebels before, I am now beginning to understand how cool B-wings are. Really like B and Yt 2400 combos right now. Thoughts on these three lists? Eaden Vrill — YT-2400 32 Gunner 5 Nera Dantels — B-Wing 26 Veteran Instincts 1 Fire-Control System 2 Flechette Torpedoes 2 Munitions Failsafe 1 Prototype Pilot — A-Wing 17 Chardaan Refit -2 Prototype Pilot — A-Wing 17 Chardaan Refit -2 or Nera Dantels — B-Wing 26 Deadeye 1 Fire-Control System 2 Flechette Torpedoes 2 Munitions Failsafe 1 Eaden Vrill — YT-2400 32 Keyan Farlander — B-Wing 29 Stay On Target 2 Advanced Sensors 3 Intelligence Agent 1 B-Wing/E2 1 or this two ship build. Nera Dantels — B-Wing 26 Deadeye 1 Advanced Sensors 3 Flechette Torpedoes 2 Advanced Proton Torpedoes 6 Recon Specialist 3 B-Wing/E2 1 Dash Rendar — YT-2400 36 Push the Limit 3 Heavy Laser Cannon 7 Kyle Katarn 3 Engine Upgrade 4 Outrider 5
  3. Howdy all, I am returning player, just coming back into the game. I mostly flew imperials when i last played, but since returning, i have fallen in love with the YT2400. It was a ship i always liked the looks of, and now, having flown it a few times, I really love it. I am looking for some really fun builds for this ship, and what to put with it. I have run the standard 58pt HLC super Dash, and i like it a lot, but the donut hole is a little daunting.. So let's see what you like. I mostly play casually, but i wouldn't mind taking something to a tourney at some point. Thanks!
  4. I received my commisioned YT from Zombie Hedgehog a few days ago. I am really happy with it. I'll post pictures of the "Last Light" in the next few days, but it is really gorgeous. Can't wait to get it on the table.
  5. Howdy all, Being a longtime Imperial player, I recently took the plunge and had a custom YT commissioned from ZombieHedgehog. It is beautiful, and I am really looking forward to getting it on the table. I call it the Last Light and the fluff would be that it was an independent smuggler that was the last ship off Alderaan before it was destroyed. Problem is, i have almost zero experience with rebels. I would like a list that is both fairly competitive and relatively fluffy/themed. I want to use a Outer Rim smuggler for the YT, as opposed to one of the named pilots, to represent it being an original ship. I am currently thinking: Outer Rim Smuggler (27) Gunner (5) Millennium Falcon (1) I am ok with putting the MF title on it, as a way to represent a relatively customized YT. My question then would be, what would you add to the YT, and what would you put with it. I have at least 1 of each rebel and imperial ship (i do not have the x-wing expansion though), Imperial Aces, and an additional shuttle and YT. Help me make a list that would be fun give the Last Light a chance to shine.
  6. Howdy. I was in a similar situation as you. I asked for help here on these forums, and the end result of the advice i received was this thread. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/101539-put-me-through-boot-camp/#entry1015579 The advice in it is spectacular. I cannot recommend going through the exercises in it more highly. I went from never winning a game to being solid middle of the pack at a store championship with a huge turnout. Check out the thread, it will help.
  7. Rakky, I took a look at your Turr's Hunting Party and I really like that list. I had a similar, but replacing the Bounty Hunter with Kath and expert handling, but i like the possibility of the seismic charge. I have my local store championship tomorrow and I am going back and forth on what list to take. I really like the one I ran the other night, but it is 5 ships and that is a lot of room for error in a tourney situation. I also am still figuring out the shuttle, and kept it on the table just barely. The alternative would be to fly a similar build, but replacing the shuttle with a firespray (either Rakky's Hunting Party, or the Kath build). What would you all suggest for my first tourney? Here are the lists: "Dark Curse" (16) Turr Phennir (25) Push the Limit (3) Kath Scarlet (38) Expert Handling (2) "Backstabber" (16) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Turr Phennir (25) Push the Limit (3) Omicron Group Pilot (21) Fire-Control System (2) Gunner (5) Engine Upgrade (4) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12) "Backstabber" (16) or Turr Phennir (25) Push the Limit (3) Stealth Device (3) Bounty Hunter (33) Seismic Charges (2) Recon Specialist (3) "Backstabber" (16) "Night Beast" (15)
  8. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the training. I am pleased to report that it has led to success, and a victory over a fairly strong rebel list. For the Empire!
  9. Ok, having been working my way through boot camp, I am ready to try my luck at a couple store championships in the area. Since imperial aces is not legal, I had to put aside Lt Lorrir. I am thinking about running this instead. Turr Phennir (25)\ Push the Limit (3) Omicron Group Pilot (21) Fire-Control System (2) Gunner (5) Engine Upgrade (4) Academy Pilot (12) "Backstabber" (16) Academy Pilot (12) Total: 100\ Thoughts?
  10. I played a game at my FLGS a couple of weeks back that was a ton of fun. 4 of us playing, 2 ships each, one named pilot and one generic. Each one loaded with anything it could carry. Free for all dogfight. But the real kicker was that the asteroids were all numbered. we had a d6 and a scatter die from 40k. Each turn, one person would take the dice and roll them. whatever number came up, that asteroid would move a 1 straight in whatever direction the scatter die pointed. If the target came up on the scatter, all the asteroids moved. It was awesome. Totally cinematic. Really felt like trying to fly in an asteroid belt. Made for an incredibly fun game. I take no credit for the idea though. I wish i remembered the name of the gentleman who came up with it that day. .
  11. This cadet is happy to report that the rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated. After running the practice exercises, had my first game in a while. I ran: Lieutenant Lorrir — TIE Interceptor 23 Turr Phennir — TIE Interceptor 25 Push the Limit 3 Stealth Device 3 Targeting Computer 2 Royal Guard TIE 0 Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle 21 Fire-Control System 2 Gunner 5 Engine Upgrade 4 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12 Against a named b wing (Ib, I think, with upgrades and ptl), 2 A's running ptl and the refit card coming in rebel aces, and a rookie X. Had a good run but ultimately lost. The practice with the interceptor made a huge difference. Both Turr and Lorrir were great and dangerous. I definitely need to go back to shuttle school though, or perhaps replace the shuttle with something with a smaller base.
  12. Love the podcast, boys. If you are going to be playing Aces this saturday for the purpose of discussing them, I would love to hear your experiences with Kir Kanos and Lt. Lorrir, the two pilots that have amazing abilities, but lack the EPT slot to take the Interceptor's favorite skill, Push the Limit. Does this hurt them or is it a non-factor because of what else they can do? Thanks much and keep up the good work.
  13. Again, huge thanks to all for the advice in this thread. So i have been practicing my asteroid flying, and I have to say it has been a tremendous help. Also, I have started the Interceptor asteroid loop course as suggested, and it has been a great learning curve. Definitely need a few more runs at it before i feel totally comfortable with my squints, but definitely helpful. I would recommend Instructor Rakky's course for any beginner looking to up their game. I also decided on a list for the next few months. This will be what i will learn to fly and field on the table. Turr Phennir (25) Push the Limit (3) Stealth Device (3) Omicron Group Pilot (21) Fire-Control System (2) Gunner (5) Engine Upgrade (4) Saber Squadron Pilot (21) Push the Limit (3) Academy Pilot (12) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder I will adjust a bit when Aces are legal. Any thoughts on the list? Also, i know enough to know I will be using my Academy pilot as a blocker, so anyone have good blocking advice?
  14. No shields, all guts! Make the Emperor proud.
  15. Thanks for posting this. I am a painter, but have yet to tackle painting my x-wing minis. Been really nice seeing some of the subtle work here and in Hoosteen's thread. Inspiring me to customize my beloved imperials.
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