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  1. Thanks for the examples! Could anyone explain the maneuver and action order of the "Daredevil Soontir Escape"? I simply can't see how those moves are legal without double stressing but I must be missing something.
  2. I have an IKEA Bjursta at home that scales to epic size. Bjursta is sold at a lot of sizes btw.
  3. Sorry, but it's much more complicated for me to read your shorthand system. <hit> <eyeball> <crit> <blank> is easily readable. +#@b is... well... not.
  4. I have a gazillion ships - but only one HWK-290. While you can make cool lists with more of them I simply never saw reason to buy more than one. For other ships to only buy one copy I would say the E-wing (for Corran) and the YT-2400.
  5. This thread needs to go away. Every time I see the title on the list my mind goes Woohoo! And then reality kicks in
  6. I get that unflipped cards don't affect probability. The discussion here is how flipping dealt cards of dead ships affect gameplay. Or more specifically, how high level players can use this information to better judge the probability of getting a certain crit card. This will have no effect in the early game when no cards (or very few) cards have been flipped but for late game (when loads of cards have been flipped) you should be able to count Direct Hits and now your risk/chances better.
  7. Even if a '6' move forward happened (a big no for me - engine upgrade is fine in that area) it would probably make TIE swarms too powerful jousters. Punch forward at full speed and get a high chance of shots in round 1 against your opponent. While head-on jousting is a viable strategy I don't think it should be allowed a 'boost' like that. Improving it too much would remove some of the elegant thoughtful elements. We already have to deal with turrets...
  8. "Seriously, what difference is there between the "discarded facedown damage cards" problem, and the "scratch off lottery ticket" problem?" Technically speaking, your awareness doesn't change the probability at all. Would you also argue that, if you buy a scratch off lottery ticket, your chance of wining is not 1 / X thousand, but they are either 1 or 0? I mean "technically speaking, your awareness doesn't change the probability at all", right? Seriously, what difference is there between the "discarded facedown damage cards" problem, and the "scratch off lottery ticket" problem? But the really new thing here (the rule that almost nobody uses) is that we are not talking about facedown damage cards. The rules state that we flip all damage cards faceup when a ship dies - so that by end-game we have a lot of knowledge about what could possibly be left in the damage deck. If we know that 6 out of 7 Direct Hit cards are out of the damage deck (lying in a faceup discard pile) and there are 14 cards left in the damage deck we have a much lower probability of drawing that last Direct Hit -> 1/14 chance/risk of a Direct Hit. edit: clarity
  9. I just tried this in a match and... it's not as cool as I thought it would be. I was very optimistic to begin with but now I think I will just ignore flipping the cards faceup and just get on with it. There's already enough thoughts in my head when playing X-wing It's in the rules, so if asked by my opponent I would gladly flip 'em faceup. I just don't think I'm going to do it if not asked.
  10. Zlashie: it's a bit like poker - the better you are at using the information you have the better your chance of making the best decision. That's why some people are better at poker than others. No, they aren't more lucky That's why this rule matters. It gives high-level player better information. Rexlar Brath deciding to go for a flipped crit or instead spending Focus on flipping eyes. Or, what's my risk of getting a Blinded Pilot if I save my Focus and eat a crit in the last firing round of a game so that I instead may spend it to boost my game saving attack (I've lost a game due to a Blinded Pilot crit that I could have avoided by using a Focus for defense - thus I didn't get that final shot on a 1 Hull Shuttle).
  11. Since time is a pretty valuable resource I far prefer having the regular swiss rounds. More matches for everyone and the winner is decided when people are actually present. What I have experienced is a regular exodus when the cut happens. Very few people stay behind for the last 3-6 hours of matches. I know that the first swiss round is random but hey, if you want to win a tourney then go win your matches. Don't start by losing
  12. I would gladly go with 3/4/5 rounds of swiss depending on number of players and then name a winner. People with normal family lives and jobs have trouble finding time for these day-long tournaments. You also have to factor in travel time... Seriously, if you are in the lead after 5 rounds of swiss you deserve the win IMO.
  13. That's probably due to your monitor. RGB monitors can't produce yellow light.
  14. it's pseudo-random numbers versus pseudo-random physics there's no such thing as a true RNG in this world because there's no true random in this world, just piles upon piles of little causes and effects we cannot properly calculate without some geniuses and a super-computer True, but I would still like to see someone do a test of the Dice App and give a rundown of the results.
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