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  1. I cooked up this list a few weeks back when Imperial Veterans was announced, and got a chance to try it out tonight. It was devastating. Go Where You're Told (100) "Deathrain" - TIE Punisher 26 Enhanced Scopes 1 Extra Munitions 2 Proximity Mines 3 Conner Net 4 Ship Total: 36 Delta Squadron Pilot - TIE Defender 30 Tractor Beam 1 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 32 Delta Squadron Pilot - TIE Defender 30 Tractor Beam 1 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 32 It performed great. Not only is Deathrain with scopes able to drop mines anywhere, and control great with Conner nets, but if he misses the drop? Defender can tractor someone onto one. I did that to Red Ace with a prox mine and between that and shots from all three, killed him in one turn Playing it in the future, I think I'd move the mkII from one of the Defenders to Deathrain, he needs it more. Hope you guys get some fun out of this, it's a blast to play and an awesome control build.
  2. Thanks for the tips, I'll give the deck another look.
  3. Hey kind folks: I'm playing in my first IA tournament next weekend, and while I've played a lot of the campaign, I've played hardly any Skirmish. I wanted to ask for advice and critique on my list, especially the Command deck. Keep in mind the stuff I own: Core set, Twin Shadows, Stormtrooper expansion, Kayn Somos, Royal Guard Champion, and Boba Fett. List: Royal Guard Champion (15) Royal Guard (8) Stormtrooper (6) Stormtrooper (6) Imperial Officer (2) Imperial Officer (2) Total: 39 Command Deck: Celebration (0) Close the Gap (2) Covering Fire (3) Cripple (2) Element of Surprise (0) Fleet Footed (0) Flurry of Blades (2) Jump Jets (1) Marksman (1) Pummel (1) Recovery (0) Reinforcements (2) Set for Stun (0) Take Initiative (0) Urgency (0) Total: 14 Other cards I was considering are Counter Attack, Expose Weakness, Guardian Stance, and Take Cover. So, what do you guys think? Anything I could do better? Tips for playing the current tourney scenarios? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hooray, we finally got Devaronians! I was expecting them to show up in EotE first, but as long as they're here I'm happy
  5. Is the Time Machine still open in Manchester? That was the BEST gaming shop when I lived up there a few years back... Yep, go there for X-Wing all the time! It really is a great store.
  6. Unfortunately the Diplomat book took it a little too far. Those specs are so ridiculously specialized that the GM needs to really build around the players having those to get them to function interestingly. I do think the Spy and Engineer books will bring in the most interesting diversity.
  7. I also just started a campaign where i'm playing a Soldier, so it'd be cool to get some Signature Abilities there. All told though, I'd rather see more stuff for Edge and Force, those lines are much more interesting than Age to me.
  8. I'd agree with R2 that misses being duds is kind of ridiculous. I typically narrate a miss as either the throw was off and the explosion didn't hurt anyone, or people ducked behind cover as shrapnel bounces off the walls, etc, etc. Just like how a failed attack with a blaster doesn't mean it temporarily jammed, it just failed to hit anyone.
  9. I bet they stopped making them after no one bought that ugly hunk of junk
  10. Definitely this. I really love playing a Shadow with Misdirect. Taking on another appearance, creating phantoms, and hiding my entire group from sight is a lot of fun. Committing Force dice to gain automatic Threat has been occasionally helpful for Improved Reflect too. This is the build I'm planning on playing in my next game! I love Misdirect. In my last DnD game I relied heavily on Minor Illusion, you can just do so many fun and creative things with illusions.
  11. I really wish they waited til Ep 7 to release this stuff. The release and announcement schedule's getting pretty crowded and it's hard to be excited for everything when there's so much coming, and realistically it'll be a while before I can buy/try it all out. The name thing is also super annoying. Waiting til the movie was out could probably have solved it, but keeping all the Leaders and Aces and various colors straight is kind of a pain, and at least to me dilutes the fun of having a named pilot. Even a callsign like Whisper or Echo has more character than a designation like Blue Ace... Sorry to dump a load of negativity in here. The ships look super cool, I just wish they had been handled differently.
  12. I think the book you're thinking of is The Cestus Deception, and Kit Fisto was the one who used it IIRC. ...god that may have been the nerdiest thing I ever wrote. Correcting someone about an obscure piece of SW:Legends trivia . Anyway... cool write-up! Although I think i'd be more inclined to give it Defensive than Deflection, don't you think? I don't see it protecting more against ranged attacks than melee.
  13. Spirit of the Century is a great pulp RPG that uses the Fate system. It's set post-WW1 and includes lots of weird Science! (not to be confused with science). Great game, the SRD is available for free online.
  14. Not a true Bunny until she has the Enhance power with the Force leap upgrades!
  15. I don't know if you can rightly call it a Force and Destiny game if nobody is Force-sensitive... That just becomes an EotE or AoR game with strong moral themes. And in that case, those PCs should probably also be using Obligation/Duty (in addition to Morality).
  16. Nice. Former Flow Team Leader myself. Non-Target people probably laugh at the use of "flow" for logistics but I feel your pain, literally. Unloading 2000 cases in 45min is not easy. Dude, corporate America loves the word flow. It's huge for our manufacturing floor (aerospace) and our whole company has to do all the training related to it, even if it doesn't apply to my job at all haha. In this case, does "flow"basically refer to efficiency? Because in sport/performance psychology, flow is a theoretical concept virtually meaning being "in the zone." In this case Flow refers to the flow of product from where the store receives it to where it needs to go. In a basic sense, I am the guy that stocks aisles full of product. In our store we have dedicated areas for stockers. I used to work in Toys (which included the board game aisles). It can be a pretty heavy workload in the Winter season in Toys alone. KTreu42's got it on mine, it's all about production efficiency.
  17. Nice. Former Flow Team Leader myself. Non-Target people probably laugh at the use of "flow" for logistics but I feel your pain, literally. Unloading 2000 cases in 45min is not easy. Dude, corporate America loves the word flow. It's huge for our manufacturing floor (aerospace) and our whole company has to do all the training related to it, even if it doesn't apply to my job at all haha.
  18. Materials engineer for an aerospace company. Unfortunately not working on hyperdrives.
  19. IIRC, Soresu is the Intellect-based form, so boosting that to 3 would go a long way if you're aiming to be a saber jockey.
  20. How about if we take it to the next level. What if the heroes are up against an evil Force User, and said Sithly type Effects Mind on their Marauder, telling her that her friends are now her enemies? This would obviously be combat time, so it wouldn't be the full five minutes, just the allotted number of rounds (which I can't currently remember). This kind of thing can be a lot of fun, but definitely get your players' buy-in before it comes up. Ask them if they would be ok with the possibility of control being taken away from them, as that can be a real touchy subject, and definitely don't get their characters killed while under your control. That said, if they do agree to it, what everyone else said sounds about right- extra upgrades to the difficulty of the Discipline check are in order (the PCs are naturally much more strong-willed than the average mook).
  21. As of the old Legends material, a red lightsaber doesn't mean a darksider, just that the crystal is synthetic, ie not a natural Kyber crystal. So maybe that's something you want to include- for whatever reason he never accomplished his Gathering, and somewhere along the way he found the resources and the knowledge to create one? And as for your escape from Coruscant, I'm not sure when your game starts but if it's after that, I'd definitely have an idea in mind as to how your character accomplished it. I'm not really sure if you're asking for ideas on that or whether your game should start with that happening. If you go that route, I hope your GM goes easy. Something that crazy would probably demand more than the typical starting character could pull off, but it would be a fantastic roleplaying and storytelling opportunity!
  22. The Morality of the target doesn't matter. Killing a helpless Sith is just as Dark an act as killing a helpless common citizen. I rewatched Ep. 3 last night (it's just as bad as you remember it being), and the scene where Anakin decapitates a helpless and disarmed (ha) Count Dooku surely gave him loads and loads of Conflict. In fact, your argument that Morality of the target affects Conflict of the act is basically the same one Palpatine uses to convince him to do it .
  23. Would you give conflict for a character popping out of the shadows and lightsabering the guy before he knows what's happening? Is the guy involved in any wrongdoing, or does he just happen to be wearing the wrong colored uniform? As far as conflict goes, if this guy is of no harm to you and there's no evidence that he's an evil guy, I'd say the player would get some.
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