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  1. Torps and missiles would be perfect if FFG steals something from Attack Wing*gasp*.... Turn the card face down and use an action to reactivate the missiles/torps.
  2. When using Proximity Mines, I'd prefer Scimitars. Use Gammas for Seismic Charges. ^Truth. To expand on this, Proxies on a low pilot skill(Scimitars) will enable you to drop the proxie mines before the enemy has a chance to move, thus allowing you to make maneuvers that will let you drop your proxie mine in their template path. Sceismics on higher pilot skill(Gammas) so you can view the battle field after some models have moved and make a decision if it's a good time to drop the bombs without wasting their effect.
  3. Proximity mines are clutch on Scimitars. You most likely will be moving first and can drop unavoidable proximity mines right in the face of some ships.
  4. I might actually just drop the concussions on jonus for 2 seismics.
  5. I'm liking how this thread is still alive! With you guys talking about TIE-A's I threw this together. I'm probably going to run it over the weekend. Cpt. Jonus Squad Leader Concussion Missiles Tempest Sqd. Assault Missiles Tempest Sqd. Assault Missiles Scimitar Sqd. Proton Torps
  6. goat

    Wedge: The Destroyer

    I don't know what you mean by, to not lose Jans shot be higher PS than Han? The ability doesn't matter who moves when. Just that when someone shoots they are within range 1-3 of Jan.
  7. goat

    Wedge + Ibitsam + ?

    Kill the interceptors first, they have less hull but put out as much punishment. After the first pass they become increasingly slippery as well from their actions and good movement dial. Hit'em hard while they are coming right at you.
  8. goat

    Wedge: The Destroyer

    I don't think you can afford another ship other than Biggs. It's such an all in strat if Wedge gets auto gibbed in the first pass it's just GG at that point. Because we all know Jan isn't raining down a ton of gun fire. Best case scenario, she can escort 1 ship to it's death for an ion turret. But even that I'd not put much stock in.
  9. goat

    Wedge: The Destroyer

    I like this option as well. I just felt without the engine upgrade it suffers from the same slow derpy problem as the shuttle.
  10. goat

    Wedge: The Destroyer

    Jan Ors increases again within range 1-3
  11. goat

    Wedge: The Destroyer

    Here is a goof list but it can show some promise. Comments welcomed. Wedge Expose or PtL and R2 Astromech Biggs Shield Upgrade R2-D2 Jan Ors Ion Turret Engine Upgrade Wedge getting 5 attack dice on the regular while biggs is alive or out of fire arcs and 6 at range 1 is sort of ignorant. I know it's a weak list and essentially only a 2 ship list, but lolz will ensue.
  12. How do you translate not getting hit by anything and exploding, into a pilot card?
  13. goat

    Lieutenant lorir

    If you do a 2turn and then use the bank barrel roll "in reverse" It's a 45 degree 2k turn. This pilots agile movement is intense. His pilot skill, however, is not.
  14. goat

    Big Game Hunting

    Wedge PtL R2 Astro Biggs Shield Upgrade R2D2 Jan Ors Determination Chewie Engine Upgrade Why am I trying so hard to make a hwk work?
  15. Start with 2 core sets for a good ship boost and 2 sets of gaming needs like templates and dice, and yes the side booster ships offer pilots not inside the core set. They are currently out of stock but if you're jumping in now you won't have to wait as long for the reprint as most have . It's a solid game and if you even like star wars a little you should love this game. I'd suggest 1 of everything at the least when you get the chance.
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