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  1. I know I'm going to need a flame-retardant suit to post in here, but I think FFG has somewhat put themselves in a tough spot with the 3PO card. It's probably the only thing in they game that they've done that has left a sour taste in my mouth (which isn't too bad given the amount of time the game has been out and the amount of variation in the game). I should also say that I primarily play Rebels and love the Falcon, so this isn't merely sour grapes from an Imp player. If you own a Tantive, then it really feels like 3PO is an auto-include these days. I don't think this is directly comparable to ACD for two reasons 1) you're forced to buy the Tantive to get 3PO, which is downright mean of FFG for reasons that have been covered before on the forum, and 2) 3PO pretty much makes the Chewie crew card obsolete since it's better in almost all circumstances and cheaper to boot. I do wish they would either disallow it for non-epic play (since it comes with an epic ship) or nerf it so you can't guess 0.
  2. I use a Harbor Freight one too, a great value at $5. However, make sure that you verify it projects a straight line by testing it next to a straight edge. I know one guy that got one that had a misaligned lens an the projected laser line had a curve to it. Etiquette-wise, I usually only pull it out when an arc looks close and there a lot of ships in the way that would need to be marked before being able to get a range ruler in there to check for sure. Also, don't just assume that your opponent is okay with the laser, ask if it's okay to use it. Most people think it's cool and want to know where to get one. I've never had a problem using it and I usually put it on the table inbetween us and invite my opponent to use it at their leisure too.
  3. I feel that this match should be respected as an example of sportsmanship at the highest level between two players of great conscience. Neither Rick or Jeff should should feel diminished in any way for the way things turned out. They played an amazing game and the rest of us are mere voyeurs.
  4. Does this mean that one day you might cut his legs off and leave him to burn? Just asking... I hope not, but I guess it will depend on whether I have the high ground.
  5. D4rkt3mpl4r takes the US National. Wish I could've been there to see it in person, but I can't imagine a more deserving and gracious player. He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. And he is a good friend.
  6. Already some great advice in this thread. X-Wing and TIE Expansions should definitely be on your list. The named pilots in those expansions are very strong. A falcon and a couple other rebel ships makes for a good list. B-Wings are formidable so you could pick one up and then when you get rebel aces you'd have two. Imperial-wise, aces is nice, but starting out I'd probably recommend a Defender just because it's a little more sturdy. Firesprays are fun to fly and have served as the backbone of many good lists. Vader is an iconic pilot, but the TIE Advanced really isn't that great of a buy points-wise.
  7. First of all, welcome aboard. As others have mentioned, a second core set is a strong recommendation because you double your X-wings and TIEs for the cheapest price. 2 cores also gets you all the dice you need (the 3 attk/def in a single core set is kind of rude by FFG). However, now that there a plenty of release waves for this game, I think you could get by with buying a second set of dice and some various expansions as you see fit. You'll really have fun with just about anything you buy. There are a couple other questions that could help people make recommendations: * Are you playing with others that are already into the game, or will you be trying to suck new players into the game? * Do you have a budget in mind? * Do you want to focus on a single faction or try to balance rebels and imperial? * Do you have intention of competition/tournament play?
  8. I have to say this about the Alanta-area regional, the way Wasteland has promoted it (or I should say not promoted at all), I'm flabbergasted that they won the opportunity to host a regional at all. Aside from their website being insanely difficult to navigate (and near worthless on mobile devices) there is not a mention anywhere on the site that the regional is happening. It's not even on their calendar! I hope that's not an indication of how well they run events.
  9. My game group is thinking about dipping its toe into the EotE waters and it's almost a certainty that I'll be GM'ing. Since we're all new to the system, I'd like to start out with the Beginner Game Escape from Mos Shuuta and then hopefully the Long Arm of the Hutt to learn the system springboard us into our own campaign. The pregen characters look really nicely done, but I'm worried that some of the players might be happier creating their own characters, especially if I'm thinking about the beginner materials jump starting our own campaign. I do also have the EotE core rule book, so does anyone have experience creating their own characters for use in the beginner modules? Here are some of the things I've been thinking about that might give them some freedom to build their own chars while maintaing compatibly with the Mos Shuuta plot. My thoughts were to try and discern the main motivations and backstory points that the pregen characters have and record those on index cards. Then, I can let the players choose from those and try to build their own character concepts around them. I haven't totally digested the Mos Shuuta module yet so I'm looking for tips on what some of the key plot hooks are that might involve specific pregen characters or abilities. Or, is that unnecessary and any party of created chars can just stand in for the pregens?
  10. Atomic Empire, Durham, NC. Mar29, 2014. 4 rounds swiss - no finals cut. 10 players: 5 rebels, 5 imperial. 1st: Roark + blaster + recon spec + MC, 2 x Blue Squad + FCS, Red Squad 2nd: Lando + gunner + expert handling, Chewie + gunner + expert handling 3rd: Lando + marksman + Nien Nunb, Green Squad + PTL + concussion, Proto + concussion 4th: Boba + PTL + shield + recon spec + seismic, Kath + PTL + shield + recon spec
  11. Yep. Looks like around 1/2 of the X-Wings are named where none of the B's are.
  12. Not sure the other 2, but the Dutch/Garven goodie passing list is Dutch+Ion+R5K6, Garven, 2xBlue. I think Dutch+Ion, 3xDaggers could be good too, or if you like the R5K6 gamble, drop one dagger to a blue.
  13. FWIW, going back to the Gamers Armory, Cary NC; March 9th SC, there were 16 players at the event.
  14. I played this exact list at a SC yesterday. It's a solid squad. I wrapped up 3rd in a field of 12 going 3-1 and losing a close match to an 8 tie swarm that finished 2nd. The only disappointment I had with it was that R5K6 proc'ed very little. There's really not much else to swap the 2 pts for though. Maybe a basic R2 on Garvin and keep the list at 99 pt for init?I was going to like your post until I read the tie swarm finished 2nd. I'll like it anyway if you post attendance and winning list on the results thread... I won't like it, but I'll do it if a Rebel {scum} won the whole thing.I think the results are already on the main SC thread, posted for Event Horizon Games in NC, 12 players. 1st:Luke,Kyle,Garvin 2nd:4xobsidian,4xacademy 3rd:Dutch,Garvin,2xBlue 4th:Chewie,2xblue
  15. I played this exact list at a SC yesterday. It's a solid squad. I wrapped up 3rd in a field of 12 going 3-1 and losing a close match to an 8 tie swarm that finished 2nd. The only disappointment I had with it was that R5K6 proc'ed very little. There's really not much else to swap the 2 pts for though. Maybe a basic R2 on Garvin and keep the list at 99 pt for init?
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