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  1. Student of a School Occassionally a Samurai is rewarded with the opportunity to study at a School whether it is within their own clan or at another Clan. Sometimes a young Samurai with a great potential is reassigned to another School within their Clan, like Kakita Ryoko, the former Imperial Advisor and famous author of “Winter”. Rokugani society practises the exchange of diplomatic hostages, these young Samurai are usually trained as regular Clan Samurai (The Worldly Ronin School) during their time with the host Clan and either continue their studies when they return home after their Gempuku or enroll in one of the Schools of the parent Clan. The Crane, Dragon and Lion Clans trade as political favors, the opportunity to study at the Akodo Commander, Mirumoto Twa Heavens Adept and Kakita Schools. Assigned By: Daimyo or Master Sensei. Honor Award: +5 XP to Complete: 20 (Gamemasters may require the Samurai to spend additional XP on the starting skills and Techniques of the newleassigned School.) Restrictions: Shugenja and Shinobi Schools do not accept outside students because of their need for secrecy. Special: There is no Advancement table for Student of A School, instead they follow the Rank 1 curriculum of their newly assigned School. Title Ability: Same as the School Ability of the newly assigned School. After completion of this Title the Samurai may continue to advance both Schools. Design Note: This Title allows a player to “multi-class” their characterwhile also emulating certain aspects of the Legend of the Five Rings setting usually reserved for NPCs.
  2. Tenchi, yes Rise of skywalker did make more at the box office than earlier Star Wars movies but that is because the numbers are not adjusted for inflation. When adjusted for inflation then Rise of Skywalker is the second worst grossing Star Wars movie and if we look at the profits of that movie it barely broke even. All other Star Wars films except Solo made nice profits.
  3. My speculation on which new Schools we will get in the book: Crab: A Kuni [something] Crane: Asahina Archer or Kakita Artisan Dragon: Agasha Armor/Weaponsmith Lion: Matsu Beastmaster Phoenix: Ishikin (Void Adept) Scorpion: Soshi Shadow Adept Unicorn: Iuchi [something] Centipede: Priestess of the Sun
  4. Several "missing" Schools: Crane: Asahina Archer, Daidoji Harrier, Daidoji Scout, Doji Rhetorician, Kakita Artisan Lion: Akodo kensai, Matsu Beastmaster, Ikoma Historian Phoenix: Asako Henshin, Isawa Void Adept Titles: Sensei, Lion Deathseeker
  5. Aconyte, an Asmodee subsidiary will publis a Keyforge novel this summer but no rpg stuff.
  6. FFG also stops publishing their small hardcover novellas. Aconyte, an Asmodee subsidiary takes over publishing Legend of the Five Rings, Arkham Horror, keyforge and Descent paperback novels. Their first L5R novel, Curse of Honor is due in May.
  7. Yes, please add sections on Regions and Upbringings. Just for completions sake.
  8. There are three main types of adventuring parties in Rokugan. Emerald Magistrates and their assistants. They are Imperial troubleshooters. Clan Samurai with a few allies/friends/observers/guests from other Clans doing Samurai stuff. Ronin who don't belong to a Clan just trying to survive. Emerald Empire is the sourcebook with lore and adventure seeds.
  9. Schools that need to be done also: Crane: Asahina Archer, Doji Rhetorician, Daidoji Harrier. Lion: Akodo Kensai, Ikoma Historian. Scorpion: kagenari (Shadow Adept) Titles: Sensei, Shogun
  10. There are three types of L5R campaigns. The usual type is a group of Emerald Magistrates of samurai from different clans. Then there isthe Clan specific campaign with all PCs belonging to one Clan and that Clan's major allies. The last type of campaign is the Ronin/Gaijin campaign with PCs doing their own thing. The Beginner Game, Palace of the Emerald Champion, Dark Tides, Mask of the Oni adventures all assumes the PCs are Emerald Magistrates. Wedding at Kyotei Castle and Winter's Embrace are one-shots for samurai strangers but are easily adapted to an Emerald Magistrate campaign. The upcoming Sins of Regret and this years GenCon adventure are for Ronin/Gaijin but should be easily adaptable for an Emerald Magistrate campaign also.
  11. In FFGs rulebooks and fiction several Schools and Titles have been mentioned that do not yet have a write-up. Crab Clan: none Crane Clan: Daidoji Harrier, Doji Rhetoritician, Kakita Artisan. Titles: Elite Royal Guard Dragon Clan: none Lion Clan: Matsu Beastmaster. Titles: Kensai, Deathseeker Phoenix Clan: Izawa Ishiken (Void Adept). Titles: Elemental Adept Scorpion Clan: Titles: Kagenari (Master of Shadows) Unicorn Clan: Titles: White Guard Generic titles: Abbot, Sensei Are there any Schools and Titles I have forgotten? Any from earlier editions that need s to be updated?
  12. I have a few objections to giving a School access to Invocations. First it cheapens magic as it is no longer exclusive to Shugenja and Fortunist Monks. Secondly by giving the Kakita Artist access to Invocations it lessens the school of the Asahina Artificer. Thirdly there is no precedent in earlier editions that the Kakita Artist had access to magic. Lastly it insults the skills of the Kakita Artists that they need to cheat with magic.
  13. Substitute Matsu's Battlecry, Mask of Wind, Path to Inner Peace with Shuji as these are Invocations because they are "illegal" even though they feel right.
  14. I think it is black and white as those are the colors of the Deer mon.
  15. Some thoughts on Worldly Ronin as Clan Samurai. The implication of this school is that some Samurai start their training in an official dojo and then decide to go on the Warrior’s Pilgrimage, see some of Rokugan and return and serve as loyal Samurai. My thoughts on how the Clans see the Worldly Ronin/Samurai. Crab Clan: The Crab train few Worldly Samurai.Usually only Hida runts and Kaiu and Yasuki for whom math is too hard do this.Hiruma all train as Scouts and succeed or die trying.Kuni who don’t qualify for Purifier or Warden find another niche in the clan. Crane Clan: Asahina non-Shugenja who are not trained as Courtiers with the Doji are trained as Worldly Samurai and due to their pacifism specialize in archery. The Daidoji train a large number as Worldly Samurai to serve as light infantry in their armies. The Doji are renowned for their Courtiers but the majority are trained as Worldly Samurai and serve in their army and as guards. Only the best and brightest of the Doji get training as courtiers or train with the Kakita. Only the best and most talented of the Kakita are trained as Duelists or Artists, the rest get trained as Worldly Samurai and serve in their army. Many young Cranes choose to go the Warrior’s Pilgrimage. Dragon Clan: The Dragon Samurai who don’t have the coordination for the Niten style or the intelligence to train as Kitsuki Investigators, train as Worldly Samurai and serve in the Dragon’s military. A few go on the Warrior’s Pilgrimage. Lion Clan: Only the best and brightest of the Akodo are allowed to study at the Akodo War College, everyone else are trained as Worldly Samurai to serve in the armies. Only the fiercest of the Matsu are trained as Berserkers. Some Ikoma are trained as Worldly Samurai and serve in the armies. Kitsu non-Shugenja are all trained as Medics. Many Worldly Lion Samurai go on the Warrior’s Pilgrimage. Phoenix Clan. Very few among the Phoenix are trained as Worldly Samurai. Scorpion Clan: Many Bayushi and Shosuro are trained as Worldly Samurai to serve in the Scorpion army. Usually those who are bad at acting and lying, it brings confusion to the Scorpion’s enemies. Unicorn Clan: Very few are trained as Worldly Samurai, usually the poor souls with the Hunted by Chikusho-Do adversity. Some among the Minor Clans but none among the Imperial Families are trained as Worldly Samurai.
  16. One way to metagame the Shosuro as a PC would be to take the Worldly Ronin school and be a regular Scorpion clan Bushi who has not gone Ronin (yet, maybe never) and truthfully deny having Ninja tendencies. Which would make everyone suspect him ef being a secret Bayushi Deathdealer.
  17. I expect that L5R will end up with 7 Clan books and 3 fat non-Clan books with the third being about the Minor Clans.
  18. Based on a couple of the pictures in the preview I would guess that the second campaign setting in the book is FFGs new version of the Burning Sands.
  19. Let's start the discusiion. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/16/path-of-the-waves/
  20. I bet that there will be at least a handful of Gaijin schools. Qaliphate Merchant, Bedouin and Sahir, Ivory Kingdoms Merchant, Ujik Raider, Yobanjin Peddler, Portuga Sailor. A few Ronin schools. Geisha, Self-Thaught Shugenja, Perfect Land Subversive. I also hope that there some Minor Clans. Mantis, Tortoise, Sparrow, Cat. Maybe also the Mantis allies from former editions: Fox, Wasp, Centipede.
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