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  1. If the GM is well prepared and the players focused it should be doable in 6 hours. My group took our sweet time and spent two sessions of 4-5 hours playing through the beginner game adventure, time spent creating characters not included.
  2. I have seen "The Great Wall", there is lot of stuff to inspire a Crab campaigm, but watch out for a certain warrior type in the movie.
  3. I wonder if we will meet Hitoshi, the young Mantis from the Beginner Game again.
  4. Alisair Longreach

    Moving before Clashes

    I would assume that a duel between honorable Samurai follows a protocol. That is first a time and place is agreed upon, you show up with your Katana but without armor, you then agree upon the stakes and type of duel (first blood, incapacitation or death). Then you fight. Making or accepting a challenge to a duel and then sticking an arrow in your opponent would be dishonorable presumably.
  5. Alisair Longreach

    How good is this game?

    D20 can get intense when you have to juggle a class bonus, ability score bonus, feat bonuses, magic item bonuses, situational bonuses and helpul spell bonuses. And the bonuses you keep forgetting. And then add it all together and do the math right.
  6. Alisair Longreach

    How good is this game?

    FFGs L5R system is no way as math intensive as any edition of D&D/D20/Pathfinder but it does have concrete numbers to roll for. Instead of a high target number the system requires a number of successes and opportunities to acheive a desired effect. This approach might be easier to deal with for those who don't like doing a lot of math.
  7. Alisair Longreach

    How Do You Refer To a Monk?

    All Monks of the Order of Togashi renounce their former family name and adopts Togashi as their family name. Shinseists and Fortunists keep their family name.
  8. Alisair Longreach

    How Do You Refer To a Monk?

    A Monk of the Order of Togashi is of the Samurai class and should be treated as such. Ise Zumi are also very obvious with their elaborate body tattoos. A Shinseist or Fortunist Monk are harder to spot so treat lone travelers with courtesy.
  9. Alisair Longreach

    Question for the Writers: Scorpion Bushi

    Earlier editions had a Bayushi Bushi School. I suppose you could just use the Ronin School for Scorpion Bushi until FFG publishes a rulebook detailing the Scorpion lands and an official Bayushi Bushi School.
  10. Alisair Longreach

    Shinseist, Fortunist and Family

    If I understand the premise behind Shinseist and Fortunist Monks correctly does that mean that every Great Clan each have a small Shinseist and/or Fortunist Shcool?
  11. Alisair Longreach

    Artbook from L5R

    They look good.
  12. Alisair Longreach

    New Book Alert: Allies and Adversaries

    I wish a speedy recovery for your unfortunate artist.
  13. Alisair Longreach

    New Book Alert: Allies and Adversaries

    Oh yeah, we really need that collected starships book. We'll finally get the official stats for the Super Star Dreadnaught Executor. And Death Star 2. And the Naboo Starfighter if hasn't been included in Rise of the Seperatists.
  14. Alisair Longreach

    Togashi Monk Discussion

    There are two kinds of Monks in Rokugan. Those who joins the Order as a child and spends their childhood in training and then live their life as a Monk. The other kind of Monk is an adult Samurai in retirement and for them there is the Monastic Acolyte title from the Emerald Empire book. Unlike D&D "Dual-Classing" is frowned upon in Rokugani society.
  15. Alisair Longreach

    Rise of the Separtist's release date?

    There is also the Shadowlands book and an adventure for Legend of the Five Rings rpg on the way. But it seems to me that canon stuff for the Star Wars rpg is mostly mined out except for the sequel stuff that will most likely be collected in an Era book in 2020. FFG might be working on Age and an Edge regional books and delve deep into Legends stuff and making new content.