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  1. Based on a couple of the pictures in the preview I would guess that the second campaign setting in the book is FFGs new version of the Burning Sands.
  2. Let's start the discusiion. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/16/path-of-the-waves/
  3. I bet that there will be at least a handful of Gaijin schools. Qaliphate Merchant, Bedouin and Sahir, Ivory Kingdoms Merchant, Ujik Raider, Yobanjin Peddler, Portuga Sailor. A few Ronin schools. Geisha, Self-Thaught Shugenja, Perfect Land Subversive. I also hope that there some Minor Clans. Mantis, Tortoise, Sparrow, Cat. Maybe also the Mantis allies from former editions: Fox, Wasp, Centipede.
  4. The Moto Avenger don't get a horse. That is an obvious oversight as all the othe Unicorn schools grant a horse. The Moto Avenger isn't a full Shugenja, they only get access to Air and Earth Invocations
  5. Most of the online fiction is only 5 . 7 pages long, a few is maybe 12 pages.
  6. And then Doji Chiyoe, the Crane Clan's beloved princess shows up, wraps an infatuated Sotorii around her little finger and starts some teen angst involving Daisetsu and Shahai and everything gets even more complicated.
  7. I suspect the FFG will release the fictions piecemeal over the next month, not in a massive information dump.
  8. A minor way of encouraging PCs to spend XP on their Titles would be allowing only a single out-of-curriculum purchase to count towards their School rank.
  9. I find that the game balance of FFGs 15r game is loose and fuzzy just like their Star Wars game. If a party has equal XP it doesn't really matter if a PC for example is School Rank 4 but have no Titles and Ring upgrades vs the PC who is School rank 2 with two completed Titles vs. the PC who also is School rank 2 with no Titles but three Rings at rank 4.
  10. My PCs got the Emerald Magistrate Title from the Core Rulebook. They also started with their own characters made from scratch.
  11. Compared to the other Schools your Sparrow is missing a few things.: Clan Status, should be 25 because of their low regard among the other Clans. They should start with 5 skills like all the other Bushi and Courtier Schools. They should also have access to Rtuals like everyone else. Their starting outfit should be like the Worldly Ronin.
  12. An alternative could be having the XP spent on the Title skills and Techniques also count towards the next School rank. Yes it is an XP discount and there will be balance issues.
  13. Well, I started out with the Beginner Game adventure so all my PCs got the Emerald Magistrate Title and I expect them to complete it before advancing to rank 3. After that I will consult with my players on their PCs next Titles based on their motivations and campaign development.
  14. My quick fix of the Title XP issue is that the title must be completed before the PC may advance to the next School Rank. On a metagame level as GM I am generous with XP so the players pain of having to spend XP on their Title is less intense. Also remember that Titles are awarded, not something the PCs can shop around for.
  15. When FFG gets to the Scorpion book we might get more Ninja stuff, same with the book that also covers the Cat clan.
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