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  1. The t-47 is just wrongly designed from the start. Cover + armor was not helpful untill the new pilot, wich added cost. The guns are nice, but it's anti-vehicle and vehicles is't that popular. The harpoon is very hard to use for it's intended purpose and when it works, it's not even that great effect. The ground buzzer is expensive for it's lack of keywords, range and impossability to use combined with the forward guns. The unique pilot is situational att best. All these designed flaws is what makes the airspeeder feel overpriced. You pay for alot of stuff that dosen't benefit the unit all or very little. The unit can still peform, but it will not do anything that another unit/units does either for less points or more effective It got the speed and durability, but it suffers from classic FFG wave 1 sickness. Some scenarios might "help" it, but it really needs to go back to the drawing board. It's an awesome looking model though.
  2. Have FFG given any information about the clone wars release? I know FFG's time table is often wrong, but how about other info? Will the first expansions drop the same day? Any new about release events or promo kits? I think this can really bring on alot of new players and people who passed on the initial release, hopefully they give it there all to promote it.
  3. In tournament play, I might enforce rules a bit harder and try to optimize my list. If My opponent deploys a unit slighly outside a deployment zone or if we have a cover dispute, I will probably don't Care on a casual game Night however I might want to doble check mesaurments or los from both sides etc.
  4. The first list looks fine, but Luke needs his upgrades. The second list I would recomend you try playing Han. He gives you teamwork with Chewie and his reckless diversion can give you a round where the enemy can't shoot down your sabs. My tip is to drop stims on sabs and a medical droid. This plus the points going from switching Luke for Han gives you some points to ad an at-rt or some other fire support.
  5. Well in my local area, that's why I Wonder how other players use them or not use them. + The titel is a poor atempt at a pun 😋
  6. My main reason is to play, if the majority of other players prefer tournaments and leuges then that's what I'l play. If the majority in my area prefer casual or story driven campaigns then that's what I will play. The hobby is a big aspect as well , but the primary motivation is to play.
  7. Hi I'm working on my second rebel specialist box and I have noticed that most players on either side have used medical droids, astromechs and officers. I rarely see coms spec though and everytime it's been a coms rely corps unit to increase command range or help in the neutral 3 pip command cards. Anyone found any other uses for coms?
  8. I think they are fairly priced, however to many sharpshooter units these days that are counters to them. They can pull of succecful flank attacks and got impact, however just like the airspeeder there isn't much demand for this.
  9. I think Bossk wants to hunt Leia, weers, krenic or Han. Boba is nice vs lightsaber beatsticks thanks to his high mobility, impervious and 1 pip. Bossk can stay at a distance and be a threat + hos regen makes him win most long range trades. Bossk's supressive weapon has a chance to make all the 2 courage heroes lose an action after 1 shot and his command cards rewards facing multiple small units. His weakness is the same as chewbacca. High amount of wounds (reg included) but weak defence so massive dice regardless of pierce will shred him.
  10. I rarely go to tournaments thats more than an hour away and to why, I get to play 3+ games with possible new people and get some fun prizes to show for it.
  11. True, but they should get some sort of cover. At this point it's more like they are strap on the armor plating than sitting on the back. If they could shoot or something then fine. Transport open dosen't have any benefits to make it useful at trabsporting IMO.
  12. I think a fix could be to let the unit inside roll defence against the wounds. Auto or bonus dmg is always gonna be super powerful. Then it's still a risk, but at least the unit is a little protected while transported
  13. Maybe not for it's stats, but for it's impact on a match. Too little dmg output and can't interact with objectives
  14. I think this thread have jumped the sarlacc. I think the main thing is still that the airspeeder can be effective, it's just to expensive to be worth it. You don't lose when you bring it, you just do to little dmg for the huge amount of points you pay for a unit that can't interact with most objectives. If it can kill strike teams or if it works based on math in theory is irrelevant, the fact stands that it could use a point decrease or offensive boost. Neither has happened yet.
  15. I just faced My first imperial tank and boy, it did not scare me. My opponent had unit of snowtroopers inside and that thing is a death trap. Chewie plinked 2 turns back to back (last first) then a proton charge hit and half the squad was dead just by bonus from hurting the tank. Just one game of course, but a transport that is this deadly to it's trnaported unit feels weird. The guns were alright, but nothing crazy. I thought the tank could bring some more armor into the game, but now I doubt it. Not saying it's a bad unit, but with the current transport rules it feels like a terrible transport.
  16. I think she is good, but lacks consistency. She is a mis mush of all the 3 other commanders with a brunch of rules/keywords that rely om her command cards. I think you need to play her more as an operative rather than a commander.
  17. That Vader makes me wanna join the empire. Nice work!
  18. It has 6+ save vs 4+ that the tank have. It's one of the few vehicle units that can fill several roles and not be too expensive. Too Good, what have you been smoking?
  19. I have had hit and miss with the dish towers. Empire with alot of range 4 units can stay out the turret range for most of the game sadly. I like them, but would never take them to a tournament if I think there is alot of empire players. They have to many counters.
  20. Second game with pathfinders. Pao was nice for some extra inspire and this time the duck and cover + danger sense worked. They panicked once, but ended the game with only 2 dead. Rolling 6 Dice vs 3 hits sure helps the crappy white defence.
  21. I'm in the same boat. Pending between a Luke&Leia list with troopers and snipers or a Leia&Chewie list with the same but only 2 snipers and the new speeder for some anti vehicle at range.
  22. I Always thought that it fires low power blue laser bolts that dosen't have the same punch as red blaster shots. Maybe it's just my head trying to find logic in star wars 😋.
  23. I have thought so as well, however in order to maintain balance you would probably see a 10 point increase or exhaust to use. You can still split fire to give out a supression token. A z-6 should producera 1.5 hits per shot so you can expect a hit everytime (your experience may vary). So it comes down to like it as is ( wich is one of the most cost effective weapon in game) or we would see a much more expensive or less action effective weapon.
  24. Scratchbuilt Shieldgenerator for my endor table. image uploader
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