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  1. I don't speak ill of fans, but it's my opinion. You can enjoy it if you want, but I felt like rian Johnson tried to piss fans off with this writing and I feel bad for Mark Hamill. I do feel that introducing the re-skinned and very lack of creativity factions of first order and resistance will hurt the game. It is MY opinion, feel free to disagree.
  2. Finn froze and panicked his first battle despite being trained from childhood. Courage 2 would not fit the first order troopers IMO.
  3. I feel like this campaign might give the loosing side a way of catching up. This is something I missed in correlian conflict where the campaign was decided round 1 due to a terrible start from the rebels vs a empire with tons of repair points.
  4. To stop the horrible joke on the fans that is the sequal trilogy to infest my favourite game 😃
  5. I hope we don't see the sequal for a while or not at all. I mean after last jedi, I'm done.
  6. Hi I played a game today for the first time in months. I wrote up a battle report https://rebelsguide.home.blog/2019/08/20/battle-report-rebels-double-officer-vs-empire-veers/
  7. Newest unit analysis, a love letter to the at-rt https://rebelsguide.home.blog/2019/08/13/at-rt-unit-analysis/
  8. It's a problem with true los and miniature wargames. You can modify your units to an extent, but at the same time that will impact the game. The best example is Luke, his lightsaber can be seen over alot of cover that would cover troopers. What if you switch his arm poses?, Now you have improved his survivability. Tournaments probably frowned upon. Casual?, Ask your opponent
  9. It's nice I agree, but when terrain cost almost as much as a core set then it's a high price point no matter the quality.
  10. Interesting to se what the new personel does, One is giving training slot for sure. The new rebel heavies seems a bit meh. The dlt only advantage is the range wich dosen't work with the rest of the squad. The other gun would be beast for fleets, but it still got nice dmg output and impact.
  11. I don't know if I would like so much mirror units as you suggest. We might as well play the same faction then.
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