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  1. Think the jump speed 2 move with steady and double attacks on his pip 1 is the thing that speaks too me. Gonna be a nasty clone killer
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/6/24/a-new-breed-of-bounty-hunter/ I don't know about you, but he seems crazy good for 125 points. Makes Han Solo look like an overpriced punk :P. def auto include in CIS for me.
  3. So far I have faced her once and she was great, not sure if too good for the cost though. However she makes bossk and boba look a bit meh, however the designers need you to buy new expansions so we gonna see more efficient units with less cost more and more as we go on, just like we did in X-wing.
  4. Haha... what? Clockwork machine? It's more like who has more victory tokens. I honestly lost track of what you even are talking about. Best of luck with you new rpg light clockwork oldhammer game!
  5. So you have a big problem with the core game itself. I suggest you look for another game 😅
  6. So you only needed to read then once, while legion rules are complicated. However you said that if the rules were complicated you ignored them like psykers/magic items and stuff, this of course makes it easier. Why not do the same with legion? You can use just the core box and ignore all the expansions.
  7. This will aid tauntauns alot though, critical just became a non issue for them. Allthough the 6p cost is a nice touch. I think shores don't need a debuff, but a point increase to make Stormtroopers more viable. I'm mostly exited to use the awareness on rebel veterans and/or rebel troopers with captain. Dodges ate back baby!
  8. Well a card to fix/replace grappling hooks, cool. I really like the training one, wish it was for vehicles. Rebel ifantry will love it. Finally a counter to all critical weapons
  9. Add heavy weapons and use aim, you will get alot more hits
  10. Alot of rebel units are very fragile and vs long range firepower and standby of the empire or token sharing fire support of the republic, activations is a good option. If you are low on activations an empire player can simply wait you out and shoot you when your units get close or move and snipe with range 4. Republic players can use fire support to take down activations without fearing to be out activated themselves. I agree that rebel troopers have it rough as they have gotten some possibility to boost their offense or utility, they still get whiped very easy. Can 7 activations work? Sure, but I don't know how. I rarely take a rebel list with 9 or less activations due to the fact of how easy most units get's blown up, even from range 4 in cover. An operative Luke list would probably like to stay at around 10 activations to allow Luke to attempt a last-first activation in crucial rounds. Also u need several units to cap objectives and cheap rebel troopers squads and strike teams help with that.
  11. If you play imperial, you will prob not need any impact at all with all the criticals and aim tokens. If you plan to face alot of vehicles as other factions then yes, you should get alot of impact. If you only bring a little impact, you won't have enough to down a heavy before round 5-6 anyway.
  12. True, but scale is what expert climb should have been. A buff to wookies couldn't hurt.
  13. Played a test game of this mode. 2 x-wings vs empire like the test scenario in the rules. First impressions: One tie fighter turned straight into an asteroid the first turn, and due to the random manouvers the ai's moves where either stupid or brilliant. It felt like the front arc/side arc/rear arc approach didn't affect the manouvers more than the random dice roll IMO. The blank blank result in 2 straight was just a handicap for the ai. I had fun and even lost one of my x-wings when one enemy tie decided that instead of moving towards it's tally it did a sharp turn and placed itself in the path of an asteroid, but at range 1 with focus on my second x-wing :P. The first turns where a bit uneventful where the enemy ships just flew around at random, but when they got their reinforcments then they started to get some attacks in, however the random manouvers where they suddenly did their fastest manouvers right past me or they got forced by their action list to barrel roll into a bad position or take an evade instead of barrel rolling into arc. Honestly it is a decent attempt at a solo play rule wich will help witch the craving I have for gaming during the pandemic time, however there needs to be some uppdates on the flowcharts cause alot of the time I was tempted to just take over and fly the enemy ships myself to make better choices for them, but at that point there is no need for a solo rule set. I would give it 6/10. Needs work, but will work for a few games or as an introduction for a new player that like a co:op learning game.
  14. Exited to try this as I haven't played c wing in along time.
  15. I mean Maul is coming one way or another, however I agree CIS needs a commander that is not a lightsaber user.
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