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  1. Looks cool, I would drop the at-rt or both cannons and add an extra at-rt. That would free up some points for an extra trooper squad and a extra z-6. Support is great, but I think you need more bodies for objectives. My 2 cents
  2. Hans cards are so amazing so I would take all his 3 cards. Brains and brawn is fun, however No time for sorrows is so great for most objectives.
  3. I don't know if Legion is a good game for scum. Imperial assault and x wing works where there is small dogfights and barfights. However in armada and legion there isn't enough recognisable units from the movies to give us an entire faction. Sub factions is posaibility or mercenary units as suggested
  4. After shelfing my airspeeder I played it again in a recent game. It did alright with the new cover 1 pilot, it wasn't a fun target for my opponents dlt or vader saber throw. However it came it at 185 points and I think you can go with the harpoon just for a supression shooting backside. Comparing to luke with force reflexes and force push he comes in at the same cost + maybe 8 for stims. I think Luke brings way to much to the table with courage 3, command cards and possibility to help objectives. So even if I can take the speeder, it's probably better to take Luke if you can. So my idea is to make a Luke pilot card in a future expansion. He could be either pretty expensive and powerful or cheap - negative cost as a "fix" for the speeder. Either way bringing Luke as a pilot will prevent you from taking him as a commander at the same time. Well there is my latest idea ffg
  5. Not really and yes the rebel need a pilot that adds offence. Unless you can combo with aim tokens I rathet have surge-hit.
  6. Rebel player, but happy to see this and pilots for at-st. More vehicles will be good for the game.
  7. I like it. Copy&paste. Always fun to use all six trooper units.
  8. This is why you should print cards without cost and use some kind of digital pointlist or an app...oh wait.
  9. I don't think dewback riders is a wild guess at all.
  10. Omg these look awesome. Still getting painted in endor scheme though. Love me some rebel plastic crack
  11. With a 5+ save you need 17 impact hits to go through blocks. The dice can vary of course
  12. I am a rebel player and yes it's bad. However you need 17 impact hits to kill it. That's without potential cover or weers dodge tokens. It can be taken down, but it's not easy peasy is my point
  13. 11 hp vehicle with surge defence dies too easily??
  14. Cover 2 helps from tlt, but not from newly buffed at-st's. It might live Long enough to use the ground busser. However thats 30 points extra for a unit that is already overpriced and Still lacks surge-hit. It's also lame for new players who will buy the speeder without access to the "fix" card. Hello x-wing 1.0.... I expected more from the designers at this point.
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