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  1. The part in bold is the key. The Hands Judgement is not in reference to the canceled effect. It is in reference to Treachery. Treachery's effect is still imminent and therefore can be canceled by The Hands Judgement. I believe the reason they say "including cancels" is so that you can't trigger multiple cancel events on the same effect.... because cancel events often have secondary benefits.
  2. AGOT 1.0 & 2.0 Star Wars I own NetRunner but haven't even learned the rules. Also want to learn/buy LotR but haven't pulled the trigger.
  3. ThronesDB.com has a great font built with FontAwesome. With a little developer know-how you can extract it from their site. Ask for permission if you plan to use it publicly. I believe they put it together themselves.
  4. Thanks. I didn't realize the doubles got their own number. Strange. Guess that goes back to reassembling the decks.
  5. Here are the missing core set numbers: 27 30 31 59 62 63 90 93 96 97 99 110 128 129 132 143 148 153 154 179 Did they really mess that many up?
  6. So maybe they have the same numbers as the originals and not all originals were brought over?
  7. One other thing that's always bugged me: if you put the collector numbers for the core set in order, there are a bunch of, seemingly random, numbers missing.
  8. Thanks. So I guess the core set house codes were just a concept that they had to rethink.
  9. In the core set the cards have an S, B, T, L based on which House they come from. Then in every other set they just have an F. What does the F stand for in the collector number? Does it have any significance?
  10. If I do an intrigue challenge and my only participating characters strength is reduced to zero. Can I still win the challenge with my Master of Whispers title?
  11. 1. In a 3-player game, players still choose their titles, going clockwise around the table... starting with the player who was chosen as 'First Player'. The main difference with the 3-player game is that the same titles can't be picked two turns in a row. For example... lets say 3 titles are chosen from the middle circle on the first turn of the game. On the second turn, those 3 titles can not be picked. Players choose from the remaining 3 titles (the two on the outside and the remaining one in the middle), starting with the 'First Player' once again. On the 3rd turn, all 6 titles are fair game and that cycle starts over. 2A. INCOME - Cards that give you a +X bonus to gold do not give you that bonus the first turn they come into play. This is because gold has already been collected before you get to Marshall. On the flip side, cards that reduce the cost of certain cards, can be used right away, because all you have to do is kneel those (typically). 2B. INFLUENCE. Influence just needs to be kneeled, so you can use it on the same turn it came into play, as long as it isn't already kneeled. 3. I have a good idea, but I'm not 100% sure so I'll let someone else take that one.
  12. Looking for some more people to enjoy this with in the Sioux Falls area.
  13. Thanks for the reply. The plot grants immunity it does not blank it out. So does that change what you said?
  14. We have a Knight of Flowers on the table with power on him. Melisandre is also on the table controlled by an opponent. The player with Knight of flowers pulled Tourney for the Hand as their plot card. Does Tourney cause the Knight to be immune to Melisandres ability? Thus making his power count toward winning for that turn.
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