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  1. Hey, all! I'm about to start running an online game and I am having a heckuva time finding a way to represent story points on screen. I want a simple way to have five simple symbols on screen that I can switch from one colour/symbol to another one. I want the player's to see that resource expenditure to capture the shifting balance. Because of Corona, I'm not willing to pay money down, as things are tight. Looking at using roll 20 currently, but we've been using FB messenger video and I'm also looking at Google hangouts (not meet). Any help is appreciated, thx.
  2. Hello all, Recently I was playing at a local FLGS and my CRoc manual was lost as I left for the evening. It was recovered in the parking lot the next morning, but as this is a Canadian winter, the pages were destroyed. I was hoping for some help in this regard. I love playing the missions for all of my expansions, and we were about to begin the CRoc missions in the coming weeks. I know I can't specifically ask for scans or PDFs, because FFG wouldn't like that, so I'll just drop a huge hint here instead that I could really use a replacement manual of some kind... Thanks in advance for any help you could give me in this matter.
  3. Thank you for the clarification. All I can say is that my group must have subtly house ruled the "non tapping" into our play. This is a good argument for perusing rulebooks now and again, even if you think you know the game. The important sentence is the third one, stating that a refresh action can only be exhausted as a heroes' activation, reinforcing the idea that you can't mistakenly exhaust it for other things, and leave yourself without actions until somebody aids you.
  4. Also, the "refresh" action card never physically exhausts. You never "tap" it. Now this can mean that a player with their three regular actions exhausted can be stuck not being able to use certain gear and item cards.
  5. I know this may be the wrong forum for this post, but I wanted to give feedback to those who helped. Things worked out great. "Juke and the Fat Han" Han with shield up, predator, Jan Ors and Rec Spec. Poe with Int/Astro, Juke, Comm Relay and R2-D2. 98 pts gave me initiative in all games, and there were two where I needed it. I came in second! Pros: Han used his ability and predator all the time. Being able to get another shot at a crap roll, or try and improve a mediocre one was huge. I never had to TL (what's the point?), and used foc/ev every turn to great effect. He was basically super tank. In fact, he didn't burn once. Even went up against a nameless VT with rebel captive. At first I hated attacking with Han (didn't want Poe to stress), but he is so tank, I would eat two stress and shed one. Eat another, then shed (by green moves, obviously). The dice were with me, so I didn't lose too much HP. It ended in a mod win for my opponent, but it was fun! Poe was fantastic as well, and that Juke/Comm is the poop. The T-70 breathes new life into the ship, even if it doesn't completely revitalize the old war horse, the T-65. Opponents seem unsure of who to attack first, as there is no clear target in this build. They know Han will take forever but likely give them the Mod Win, but Poe is so deadly on the outskirts of the skirmish, plus his regen makes him almost as hard to kill, unless you can get me into an odd rush of maneuvers which prevent that constant green maneuver/focus action combo. Tallon roll. Nuff said. Didn't use it much, but boy was it there when I needed it. Poe makes a great blocker if you know your opponents moves well enough. Regen Poe is not scared to get right in the thick of it. Cons: Two ships are susceptible to concentrated fire. I came up against an X mini-swarm. Wes, Wedge and Luke. With Wedge lowering agility (Han killer) and Wes stripping tokens (watch that evade, Poe!), that was the toughest match of the day. I sweat bullets for the first engagement, and lost all but four hull on Han over the course of the game, as Wedge consistently had me rolling 0 Agil. I brought it to a mod win after flying Poe into the formation to break it up. Picked off Wes and Wedge after my opponent made a bad maneuver trying to keep formation, and chased regen Luke (I think he had R5-P9) around the board until time. Poe feels naked if you aren't focusing every turn. Because Juke only works on one half of the combat round, he seems like a wasted investment on the other half if you don't have the eyeball to play with. Two ships are easy to run, but it is stressful. You know that if you lose one, you are most of the way dead. Thanks again to those who helped out with my Han question, it really helped me out. Fly Casual!
  6. Thanks very much to all who replied. This has really helped. Playing a tourney this weekend and running Han with Hull Up, title, Jan, Rec Spec, and Predator. Poe with Juke/Comm, R2D2 and Int Astro for 100pts. Jan feeds Poe the evade and Han gets foc/ev for the rest of the game, with Pred for offence. Poe gets regen from R2 and Int Astro is the late game crit insurance policy. Big tank. I was playing with the Gunner idea, but I found in a couple of practice games w/ my son it didn't get used that much (had good rolls, though). With foc/ev from Jan/Rec Spec, I think that will help a little w/survivability/offence. I wanted a list that shored up my weaknesses as a player. I just don't fly enough right now to be well practiced at moving a bunch of ships around the mat. I need something tanky, and doesn't rely on dice as much. Any more thoughts would certainly be appreciated, but not necessary. Thx again.
  7. I've never played Han a lot, so excuse what is probably an OLD question/issue. Han's ability says that he must re-roll all dice possible. I know that dice can only be re-rolled once, so a die or two re-rolled by Predator would be immune to Han's ability, allowing you to re-roll the remaining unaltered results. Therefore a spent target lock would null his ability if all dice were re-rolled. That covers physically re rolled dice. My question is twofold: a) What about cards that read "change x result to y," (ie. is that technically a modified die and does that make it immune to Han's "all dice possible?") b) When may Han use his ability? Must it come before all other result manipulation, or can I wait until after I have influenced the dice pool as much as I can? Thank you very much for your input in advance.
  8. One last thing to add: I know almost nothing about the WH universe, having never spent much time playing/reading/experiencing anything to do with it. One thing FFG seems to have done very well is create a game that has an IP, yet players don't have to know a darn thing about it to experience the game and enjoy it. I love this game and still have no knowledge about the IP. As long as players can understand the common archetypes and adversaries present in just about any fantasy themed world, they can get into the game. Hope that helps in getting your fiance to play.
  9. Unfortunately due to time and outside factors (read jobs, families, scheduling, blargh), we will be doing it in one day, though I do appreciate the toll it may take on some. Perhaps a forced lunch break away from the tourney location would be nice, just to break it up.
  10. Things are progressing on our quest for a tourney. Right now, we are proposing round robin Swiss for 6 players. Really, at that number, we all end up playing each other anyways. Either way, based on points, we'll have a final between the top two scores and they will get a prize. Since this isn't "official," we are just doing a small base ship. My new question is whether to use the FFG point system or not. My co-organizer is proposing just allocating 3-2-1-0 for match points, and I was wondering why FFG uses 5-3-1-0 instead? Thank you for your continued input.
  11. That's fantastic! It also means that in all likelihood sales for this little gem have been better than expected, making the likelihood of planned expansions all the more real!
  12. Thanks very much for your help! I don't have an iOS device. Only Android/Win10, but Cryodex should work. The round robin is long, but half of us have never played together, having only just met via webz. We thought it would give everyone a chance to meet and play each other at least once. As you say though, the RR format would be time consuming for sure... I will give the official tourney rules a look and see how it maths out. I didn't realize their format accounted for small groups! (clearly I'm not a competitive player)
  13. Looking for advice on how to set up a small tournament. The tourney will only be for around six players. That is roughly the number of active and interested players in my area of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. It has been posited that I should run it as a round robin, but I'm not sure how to score it from there, or really anything after that. All I have so far, is that really. I've never run anything like this before, so I'm just not familiar. Last thing, this would be a one day tournament for sure. Thanks in advance for any advice, links or guides on how to do this kind of thing!
  14. I'm not sure if this has been asked, but is there a more ink-friendly version of these? I just love them, but I don't really need as much of the awesome as you have designed them for. I'm more of a nuts and bolts print guy. Thanks in advance for any help...
  15. Big challenge, big fun. A deceptively strategic co op game, indeed. The escalation of monsters in the shadow zone adds a very imminent peril to the game, AND don't forget that even if a monster can't get into your engagement zone, that doesn't make you safe...
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