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  1. Actually, this entire thread is shut down because, for some reason, you keep making this about yourself.
  2. It's been escalated! I'm not trying to piss anybody off, but I'm not going to be quiet when assumptions are attacked with more assumptions. Not trying? I'm driving home so I'll be quick. You're probably about to get a flood of responses from many other people. They're not going to be anti-your-race or anti-your-orientation. They're going to be anti-your-attitude. I guess this thread is done for. Anyone care to start another where we can continue loving this game, this franchise, and these books?
  3. I have seen no evidence of any such pandering. We were talking about how the inclusion of a previously excluded group was a nice-to-have thing. Not about the advertising practices of some no-name coffee shop. False-equivalence. The "too-vocal minority" on one side asks that people stop excluding an entire classification of people and voices their approval at examples of inclusion. The "too-vocal minority" on the other side asks that the rest of society continue excluding an entire classification of people and voices their disapproval at examples of inclusion. One side seeks to stop harm. The other side seeks to preserve harm. These two are not the same. Alderaan Crumbs, you are not a bad person. You aren't choosing to do bad things to people. But injustice isn't simply good people choosing to not do bad things. Injustice is when good people choose to not speak out against bad things and instead let those bad things continue.
  4. Oh man, I'm imagining players rolling Success, Advantage, Triumph, and Despair on that computers check: They recover the footage and it even has a clear shot of a person entering the building at the time of the murder... But following up on the clue, the PCs find that the person is innocent—a red herring. But the person does remember seeing someone awfully suspicious leaving the scene. You could build an entire encounter around that one dice roll result. Maybe that innocent person is on the run but for a different reason and that leads to a chase and perhaps that opens up another job for the PCs later.
  5. To elaborate on Admiral Terghon's answers, one has to remember that space is really really big and really quite dark. To put that in perspective, a large capital ship like a star destroyer is nearly indistinguishable, visually, from a star from long range and beyond. Smaller capital ships are tough to see even at medium range. I posted something about this on a previous thread (one that HappyDaze might remember) about sensor ranges. If you do the math you'll find that you pretty much can't see anything in space. Sensor Range is really odd
  6. By the rules, no. Some GMs house rule it in, however. It's been discussed a few times on this forum. Found one thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/121839-character-creation-decreasing-characteristics/
  7. (I'd subtitle it for Haley, but trust me girl - some things are better left unseen. . . .) The world is a dark and seamy place. You cannot hope to protect her. (The image is of a large hutt creature in what can arguably be described as a "sexy" pose with "arms" behind their "head". The doe-like eyes beckon the viewer while the purple pasties with black tassels leave something to the imagination. A white text box with a pink polka dot border offers, "Let's explore my folds together, Valentine!" Presumably the search will be for forgotten klatooine paddy frogs as hutts can have gluttonous appetites.)
  8. If I recall correctly (it's been nearly 20 years) but I seem to recall that the old BattleTech and MechWarrior tabletop games used a similar method for initiative. The idea is that winning initiative meant you were able to make your tactical decisions based on what those with lower initiative scores rolled. All decisions on movement and actions were made and then resolved simultaneously at the end of the round. It'll allow you and your players to have a more "tactical" game but as you surmise, yes, combat will likely take longer.
  9. If it's not mentioned in any canon sources then that may be an element of the EU/Legends that doesn't make the transition and so FFG might not have included it for that reason.
  10. That poster has conflated the idea of sexualizing, that is to say the improper imposition of sexual objectification, with the idea of a character who is identified as homosexual. There is nothing improper about a homosexual identity. The expression of the equation of those two ideas has a negative affect on real-life people. How does "a character that is homosexual" mean "sexual behavior"? Every single one of the movies and TV shows (perhaps all the canon books, too) has exhibited heterosexual behavior. Does that make the Star Wars franchise "sexualized"? Han and Leia kissed and overtly expressed in words their heterosexual affection for each other. Is that a political statement? Is Star Wars now politicized? The answer to those questions is, "No. Of course not." If you agree then you can start to see why a homosexual character in a book is neither sexualizing nor is it politicizing. Perhaps what is being hinted at here is that the idea of a homosexual character in a book either creates discomfort for that poster or may make others uncomfortable. Confronting that discomfort and dealing with it is the first step in ensuring justice. Regarding this point: What are these rules for how we should be policing our tone when providing feedback about bigotry? Where did you get those rules? Whom do those rules serve?
  11. Nah... It was probably just cheaper to do the filming and casting in London.
  12. Um... what about my response to you where I didn't scream at, insult, or hate on anyone? Did I quote you? If you got caught in the midst of some quotes my apologies. My point is directed at those that think hating people or calling them names is the way to open eyes and change opinions, not to those that understand rational, mature, reasoned disagreements that put forth valid points are how you should influence any issue if you're actually selfless and interested in advancing an issue, as opposed to satisfying a self need for negative expression. You didn't quote me at all. You seem to have passed it up entirely. I actually thought Desslok's response to you was very well measured--not that it had to be. You seem to be positing this argument that in order for one to self-describe as "tolerant" that one must tolerate intolerance. That is pretty much what I am trying to convince you away from. While tolerance, as a word, does mean having to live with and have an objective attitude to differing opinions, it also means to advocate for freedom from bigotry. One word means both. (It also means other things but that's beside the point.) The Star Wars franchise has historically been exclusively heterosexual which is to say it excluded other sexual preferences and orientation. It is now becoming more inclusive. I think we can all say that this is a step in a positive direction. Advocating the continued or renewed exclusion of a group would be, by the very nature of the word, a regression. Such a regression should not be tolerated because there is only so much exclusion that a person that identifies with that orientation can tolerate. (edit, addition) Hence the metaphor of the "Kick Me" sign in my original post.
  13. Um... what about my response to you where I didn't scream at, insult, or hate on anyone?
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