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  1. I agree. The app needs to weight stormtroopers in the selection a bit more. In the second mission we fought 4 imp officers 4 probe droids, and 2 nexu. The probe droids felt out of place and should have been stormtroopers or some other foot soldier. The Nexu kinda of made sense in our run as they were kinda like guard dogs.
  2. I only own the core and wave 1. After getting halfway through the campaign, my group quit out. I think a road to legend app for IA would bring the game back to the table, and give me a reason to pursue expansions. Road to Legend already has me buying Descent expansions I would not have bought otherwise.
  3. Thanks for fixing your site! Looks like it is now getting through websense correctly.
  4. Not sure what changed but for some reason I can only access the forums from my network. Any other portion of the FFG website (News Products Upcoming About More) give the following error. Overview: Could not connect to www.fantastyflightgames.com Details: Peer Suddenly Disconnected found I have done some research on the issue and it appears to be an issue with your sites TLSv1 not responding to Client Hello message's Unfortunately due to security concerns on my side, I can't disable SNI per the article. So I was wondering if you all might datke a look at the TLSv1 response capability on your end. https://www.websense.com/support/article/kbarticle/Verify-Deny-Peer-suddenly-disconnected-found <-- information on the error from websense.
  5. Doh, my question mark didn't take in the title. Sorry bout that. Be nice if a mod could fix that for me. Reported my post hoping that might get a mod to add the ?
  6. Is there one? My search foo on youtube is failing me if so. Could a kind soul link to it if one exists? *edit* Thanks Drasnighta
  7. Feature request. The ability to edit your saved lists. I ran my whale list the other night and want to change it around a bit. But I don't need my saved list to get bloated with an additional list each time I need to tweak it. Other than that, this is by far my favorite fleet builder. Good work.
  8. Man I wish GHQ was a bit more centrally located. I'm all the way up north (122nd'ish and hefner parkway), so it's a 30 minute drive. Kinda hard to part me from my Emissary game table when we are talking about more than a 15 minute drive Fakeedit Wait, didn't ghq move recently? Are they further north now?
  9. Sweet! I hope they put those pages in their Pro series folio's. I don't really want to deal with 3 ring binders. So getting closer!
  10. The coolstuff inc is selling the ultimate shield one. As is the massdrop. Both linked in the OP under the edits'. IMO the price is not worth it over the DYI option. My comments are on the massdrop though. If you really don't want to DYI, I highly recommend buying the coolstuffinc preorder of the ultimate guard binder over the massdrop version.
  11. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/222150 Coolstuff has the binder up for $4 less than that massdrop. Closer to a good price.
  12. Where are your archives? I found episode III on that site, but nothing else until episode IX.5 I'd really like to listen to the older ones, as I'm just now getting time to get into Armada again. Never mind on the above. I managed to find them. Also podbean doesn't show the podcast when you search. http://www.podbean.com/site/Search/index?v=Intensify+Forward+Firepower
  13. My cards have the same problem. Sleeving them doesn't help them stay in place. You might need to ask the person in this thread who claimed it does, as that was not me
  14. And looks like some competition is making real binders. I would recomend you not buy them unless you are desperate. As they are over priced for what you are getting. Read my comments on the drop. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/ultimate-guard-mini-american-space-flexxfolio/talk/308257
  15. While these will work in a pinch. They are not the right size. I have used these and they are not the right size at all. 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" != 1 5/8" x 2 1/2" Here is a quote from the feedback.(not my feedback)
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