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  1. I flew an all A wing list from when it was first released and constantly tinkered with it, even up to getting Chard refit....maybe I'm just a stubborn mule but I will work a list til the cows come home if I feel it's worth it
  2. Victory.....was more like 3 games, I had a Z95 bandit literally survive all 3 games against a Phantoms list when they were first released....and this PS2 pilot had both Echo and Whisper taking Range 1 back shots etc...yes all 2 green dice staved off the Phantoms when everything else in my lists died in each game worst defeat, tourney playing Warthogs list, dealt a grand total of 12 damage against 2 slavers all the while double tapping with each Y Wings guns....it sucked
  3. 1 space spider and 1 syck
  4. On your six about to light you up
  5. Case in point...they usually just become a stupi thread of insanity
  6. Just putting this out here cause I haven't seen it listed but if you can find a Most Wanted box the sheer number of cards and ships for the price is amazing not to mention the paint jobs are pretty darn good compared to the originals. It also give you upgrades that can also be used for rebel ships as well, and gives you the better versions of the Slave 1 pilots
  7. Heck why not just make this if we are going with Uglies now...
  8. I think part of the problem with Dash is just his cost and how much it takes to make him a viable threat, ther said s so much more out there that is cheaper and more threat potential. I personally love the ship and his unique traits, but once the vast amount of the player base learned how to nuetralize his positives he became less viable, especially in the wake of older ships getting upgraded (i.e. The tie defender)
  9. I'm sorry I have to just cause I deal with kids all day and hear about him all freaking day!
  10. But I read it on the internetz so it has to be true!
  11. If you actually read most of the current ones, they are making fun of all the nerf threads....just saying
  12. Gandalf do you have one of those seeing eyeball bowling balls that we don't?
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