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  1. At around 10:00, did he forgot to use freeholder tactic while striking? Or am I missing something?
  2. I have all them sleeved in 4 different colors (black and blue: DS command and objectives, white/red for LS) and put in 2 separate binders, one per light side. One single card per slot in the binder, a single set spanning one line and two pages (you open the binder and see 3 horizontal sets). It's a lot of KMC sleeves and ultra-pro sheets, but I'm insane.
  3. I stand corrected. That's the same reason why, with a Dark Memories, you could die before applying damage.
  4. focusing to strike its like a cost, you focus and strike after that, without being interrupted. so you put two focus to strike (apply damage) then reaction put an other focus.
  5. apart basic algebra (5-3=2) I think you don't need crazy math skills. what you need is pattern recognition, and this comes from playing lots of game. you'll start to take blocks/attacks choices based on memory and patterns instead of doing it by making all the possible combinations. my humble opinion.
  6. I can compare to Magic, the game I know better than anything else. SW has lot more important decisions/dilemma during the average game. You need to cover lot of skills: metagame knowledge, edge/bluffin ability, reading opponent and _planning_ a strategy. In Magic terms, there's no stack (apart some few interrupts) and all units have haste. This and the fact that cards hand is replenished each turn make it a very different beast. Once you "master" it, there's no space to say "You had more luck than me". This game have no mana screw, this game is difficult to play, the better player always win. These are the reason why this game will never takeoff. I love it.
  7. Vanadio, if you see me online drop me a line!
  8. Thx for the list. Yep, Sleuth are nasty. I played Superfriends since day one, but recently switched to Sleuth just to verify their power... I love to play with the Falcon, Luke and Han, but with Sleuth is so easier and faster to win (if you win).
  9. @Toqtamish: list, list, list!!!
  10. How can you miss those sets from Core?
  11. Being successful at Star Wars: how much weight do you give to being good at edge battles (reading opponents, having best strategy in conducting them) in respect to other skills/heuristics involved in its playing? Hope my question it's clear
  12. I'm interested in the Wookie. "put this unit into play if one of your unique unit is *destroyed/damaged*"? <-- protection lelveled up, thx
  13. Chewbacca and Mara in a vacuum. Han solo would be GOD if he had 3 life. Honorable mention "Snowtrooper Vanguard".
  14. I do not have any fantasy set on mind, but if I can comment yours: Card 2 and 3: I like them very much, well thought. Maybe 1pt of life instead of 2. Objective: overpowered (even if it worked only if it had at least one captured unit) Card 4: too clumsy. Maybe sacrifice instead of focus cost. Card 5: overly overpowered at first sight, but I see only units are mentioned. Maybe interesting, but it's an effect potentially more disruptive than twist, and this we don't like...
  15. This post explain it all: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/90907-this-is-what-you-buy-competitive-buy-list-and-faq/
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