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  1. The news says much more than that!! Here is What the description of the french news says, and it says a lot in the text. For instance Nori Tactics ally is spoiled (but without image) Leadership: Card 55: The Power to command Attachment Master Gives +1 Will to each unique caracter you control. Card 56: To the Horns Event Doom card. The news says each player can put into play in the combat phase an ally in play to add it's attack to the current attack. (i think it will return to hand at the end of the phase though) Lore: Card 57: (maybe Isengard) Ally Card58: Sharp Eye Event. It is a scrying event with the doom keyword. Tactics: Card 59: *Nori Ally Card 60: Golden belt Attachment Spirit. Card 61: Rhohirrim scout Ally Card 62: ?? Card 63: Sarouman Staff Card 74: The Grey wanderer (contract) You must play with a unique hero, but you can start with the attachment of your choice in play. The news says it gives an amazing ability to your unique Hero, but don't says any precision. I'm so eager to know what it is. So obviously the illustration of Galadriel is not the contract. I think it Will be the Lore Event, Sharp eye.
  2. Side B You cannot play or put into play allies. Each Character you control gets +1 +1 and +1. Forced : When a character you control leaves play (discard, or return not readable) this card. That means there is a side A. 😊
  3. I've played every cycle (not every scenario but at least 4 in each cycle), and i think the cycle with the more boring and complex elements of gameplay is The Ring maker Cycle, which was early in the game history. Each Quest cards and a lot of Enemy cards have the Time X keyword, which is sooo boring and have so many effects that triggers. And the Ring maker was only the 4th cycle in the game. I don't find the cards are becoming more complex. If you look at the Heroes on the last cycle, Haldan, Thranduil for instance have very simple effects. And look at Sméagol, it's a very simple yet unseen effect. Sure the game is complex, but i love a complex game, where each action should be carrefully chosen. The thing i found weird is the number of the The Shadow in the East product. It's MEC77. It should have been MEC72,because The fate of Wilderland is MEC71. Or maybe there is other products awaiting us in the shadows. ^^
  4. Maybe some kind of Achievements?Like a boon you could earn if you collect enough Victory points for instance. I really hope we will have another Saling scenario in this cycle. I would love to navigate in the sea Rhun.
  5. Hi. My store in France did the same mistake. I ve got Mount Gundabad 😀 6th pack name is : The Fate Of Wilderland. Mount Gundabad is official difficulty 8,and seems pretty hard.
  6. Correct. Thanks I'll edit my post. That doesn't change my point though, AP 5 of cycle 7 and cycle 8 are still Hobbit Heroes. ^^ We never been to Edoras in any scenario of the game. We went to Cairn Andros, Minas Tirith, Isengard, Bree etc..., but never in Edoras 😞 I wish we will go there in some scenario. Maybe in cycle 10 in 2022. ^^
  7. I'm pretty sure that the next cycle will takes place in the Shire. FFG, or at least Caleb and Matt likes patterns. First pattern: All of the FFG created heroes were out in the 2d or / and in 5th AP of each cycle. (except for Khaliel) Cycle 3 : Deluxe Main faction -> Gondor AP 2: Mirlonde (Silvan) AP 5: Caldara (Gondor) Cycle 4: Deluxe Main faction -> Rohan AP 2: Idraen (Dunedain) Cycle 5 : Deluxe Main faction -> Dunedain AP 2: Rossiel (Silvan) AP 5: Amathiul (Dunedain) Cycle 6: Deluxe Main faction -> Noldor AP 2: Lanwyn (Dale) AP 5: Na 'Assiyah (Corsair) Cycle 7: Deluxe Main faction -> Silvan / Dwarf AP 1: Kahliel (Harad) AP 2: Thurindir (Dunedain) Cycle 8: Deluxe Main faction -> Dale AP 2: Haldan (Woodman) Second pattern, there is a FFG created hero related to the current cycle faction in each cycle (except the 4th cycle...). Cycle 3: Caldara (Gondor) Cycle 5: Amathiul (Dunedain) Cycle 6: Na 'Assiyah (Corsair) Cycle 7: Kahliel (Harad) Cycle 8: Haldan (Woodman) Third pattern there is a link between hero of AP 2 and AP 5 and the next cycle (or the following). Cycle 1 AP 5 Boromir (Gondor) --> Cycle 3 Gondor Cycle 4 AP 2 Idraen (Dunedain) --> Cycle 5 Dunedain Cycle 4 AP 5 Galadriel (Noldor) --> Cycle 6 Noldor Cycle 5 AP 2 Rossiel (Silvan) --> Cycle 7 Silvan / Dwarf Cycle 6 AP 2 Lanwyn (Dale) --> Cycle 8 Dale Cycle 7 AP 2 Thurindir (Dunedain) --> Cycle 9 Dunedain ? Cycle 7 AP 5 Floco (Hobbit) --> Cycle 9 Hobbit ? Cycle 8 AP 5 Bilbo (Hobbit) --> Cycle 9 Hobbit ? So for me it's obvious: Cycle 9 will be either a Dunedain or a Hobbit cycle. We already went to Arnor, so i'll bet we will discover the Shire in the next cycle.
  8. Hi I'm trying a scouting Party deck with Haldan, the New Woodman Character. (paired with Lanwyn and Cirdan with Fearless scout) Until now it's pretty efficient in a two handed solo game with another Dale focused combat deck (Brand son of Bain / Bard son of Brand / Beregond Tactics) I have a rule question, and i can't find the answer. When playing on the same location a Elf Stone and the new attachement Woodmen 's Path which passive effect resolves first? Elf Stone says : +1 quest Point to active location Woodmen 's Path says : Quests Points are reduced to 1. So which one activates first when the location becomes active location? Should I choose? That's not so easy, because both are passive effects on player attachement cards. I 've played as the location gets only 1. (not adding the +1 from the Elf Stone, but I might be wrong) And no grim rules with this game, it's already hard enough. ^^ Thanks for the help.
  9. Yes sorry for the missing word. ? Yes, Arme translation is Weapon. It should read : Reduce the cost to play Weapon attachement on Warrior of Dale by 1.
  10. Hi everyone. In the french new of The Wilds of rhovanion (http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/news/article/les_terres_sauvages_du_rhovanion) there is a spoiler of the player cards with more text shown than in the english one. If I translate correctly : To Arms : 0 Event (Spirit) Action : Choose an ally with a player attachment. Ready that ally. Warrior of Dale : 3 0/2/1/3 Dale Warrior Reduce the cost to play Weapon attachement on Warrior of Dale by 1. Warrior of Dale gets +1 att and gains ranged while he has a player attachement. The word player is hidden, but seems obvious. I'm eager to see the spirit ally. Hope it will be a scout Dale ally.
  11. The more I think about this "big announcement" the more I m pretty sure it will be a digital version of LOTR LCG. I don't know if it s the first time, but the use of Twitch for broadcasting the announce isn t neutral. A digital platform for a digital version makes some sense. Lastly, I don 't know if anyone reads this RPS article, but the last paragraph ends to convince me. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/11/03/fantasy-flight-digital-interview/ RPS: When can we expect to see the first game come out of the new studio? Tim: Very soon, actually. We will make an announcement before the end of the year as to our first game and it will be released early in 2018. It s perfectly fitting ?? I hope there will be new contents , for instance a campaign mode for every cycle. ? Or new version of old cards, for example Spirit Pippin, or Bilbo Hero...
  12. I never expected Tom Cotton. I was so sure we would have a Gwaihir or Meneldor Hero. Or at least an eagle ally in player cards.I hope we should have at least a couple of Eagles allies objectives... If not, it would be ununderstandable. I like Tom Cotton. Merry Red, Sam Leadership and Tom Cotton will be a very nice combat deck. Ring Mail With 2 ring mails (you can put 2 on him, it's not thematic at all but it is legit nevertheless) he is a pretty nice defender ^^ Paired with a Spirit / Lore questing support deck, it can be nice to play. And yes, Rosie is amazing. A very nice designed card, and pretty useful.
  13. I'm a bit disapointed with the new Rohan ally. He has pretty good stats, but his effect is not related with Rohan mecanic at all. I would have prefered they swap the ability of the Rider of rohan with the Dunedain Lookout ability. Dunedain are obviously much more related with side quests. For instance you have the new Dunedain hero Thurindir, that give you the alibity to have a side quest in your hand first turn. And on the other hand, discard albilities are so much related with Rohan... It would have been so nice to have a consistent cancel of when revealed ennemy effects with Gameling in play... And Rohan have already a lot of readying effects. Sneak Attack (or Ride to ruin) + Eomund for instance. Or Ceorl, or even the very expensive We Do Not Sleep. And i still prefer the good old Rider of the mark as non unique 3 cost rohan spirit ally :-p
  14. You can shuffle Brace of coneys in your deck for this scenario, but it's absurd. The problem is, since there is no ring-bearer in play during the game (Aragorn has not the ring bearer trait), you will never been able to play the card. (The condition on the boon is : Play only if you control the Ring-bearer.) So no point to add this card at all. Had a victory too last night with a friend on the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. He played an Arwen / Elladan / Elrohir deck. Lot of resources on Elrohir, with quickly 2 Dunedain Warning on him + elven mail. He saved us with 6 defence on a single turn!! I played a Galadriel / Lanwyn / Haldir Deck. With 3 scouting party an a lot of scout allies. Water of Nimrodel was very useful. Aragorn arrived at turn 8,it very late. But he saved us! We 've been lucky when my friend drawn an Elrond Council when he was at 48 threat. And 3 Mumak killed! Rivendell Blade + Straight shot = Mumak killer combo
  15. @Slothgodfather: You are missing Theoden 2 3 2 4 = 11, and he is 12. Not OP, but a very strong Hero nevertheless.
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