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  1. I’m super into figuring out what background characters the unnamed minis are based off of. Here’s my first post in my Who’s Who series. https://starwarslegionnews.wordpress.com/2019/02/24/pathfinders-expansion-whos-who/
  2. To play the game there’s nothing better than the core box. Its value verses buying everything separate has no comparison. Can you find someone to split the cost with?
  3. The artwork for Han and Lando are interesting.
  4. You could look at the cards. Luke and Vader’s lightsabers have the same quantity of dice but different colors.
  5. I believe the color of the dice reflex the weapon as well as the users skill. This is reflected with other minis.
  6. That’s actually what inspired these cards. I’m trying to decide on which quality to get though. Can you help? There is Smooth and Smoothest. Is the higher end worth the extra expense?
  7. Maybe a Comms expert that Evazan can also drop and use as a bomb?
  8. Very true. Hopefully we'll get a Scum faction some day.
  9. Here's my second draft. I'm excited about where Evazan is at, but not sure about Ponda. Thoughts and input welcomed.
  10. There are rumors in regards to whether or not the Personnel expansions are going to be released this month or if the rumors are true and they are being delayed until March. If you’re not aware of this rumor you can read my full write up after the jump https://starwarslegionnews.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/specialist-expansions-delayed/ I’m posting this on the community board because I didn’t see it being discussed and wanted to know if anyone has any updates.
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