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  1. The addition of subtitles to the pilot cards combined with card packs is all the future proofing they need. They could put out new versions of favorite pilots and weird cross faction things (i.e. shuttle Tydirium) for years.
  2. I flew the missile variants a bit also and I liked it well enough, I've just had more success with the Adv Optics variant since they run cheaper, always have double arc, and a focus for defense. I ran into situations where the passive sensor equipped variants didn't have shots due to being blocked and was sad not to have that back arc available. They seem solid though, I think it may just be personal preference. Those are next on my list after reading your latest article.
  3. I've been running a lot of Kylo plus various TIE/SF combinations lately. My starting point has been Kylo with Adv Optics and Sense. Optics is a bargain way of upping his offense and Sense is very valuable when running up against a lot of the aces out there. I've found the Zeta Survivor with Optics to be the best starting point, it boils the ship down to it's most efficient basics. You don't have to worry about arc moving and if you still have the focus for offense it's a good boost to your hit chance. At 36 points you get a lot of work out of this ship and a surprisingly consistent offense, Its major weakness is if you're facing a large number of high agility ships those two dice can take a long time to plink away. If I have a few more points to spend I'll go up to the Omega Experts and add crackshot. Fanatical is good, but you have to wait to use it and many times I've been popped before it fires. Crackshot front loads your damage a bit and really helps pushing through the damage on those high agility targets the Zetas sometimes suffer against. The next upgrade would be pushing one to Backdraft. He's essentially the Expert all over again but with the bonus of the 3 dice rear attack. If you can fit it he's worth the few more points. My two favorite variations are: Kylo w/ Adv Optics, Sense, Prockets Zeta Survivor w/ Adv Optics x3 This list gives you the base efficiency of the Zetas along with a Kylo who can provide a hard punch when needed. My only issue with the list is the lure of the procket shot sometimes gets me in trouble. Kylo w/ Adv Optics, Sense Backdraft w/ Adv Optics Zeta Survivor w/ Adv Optics x 2 This one trades the prockets for Backdraft for a more even spread of offense. You lose the procket punch in exchange for the bigger gun on BD. With this list BD seems to attract most of the hate so you can use that in your favor at times. I'm also experimenting with one more variation that trades the Sense on Kylo to upgrade the fourth ship to Midnight with Pattern Analyzer, but I'm not sold on that one yet. The I6 is a nice perk but I just have a hard time so far of getting enough offense out of her.
  4. I had a lot of fun with various combinations of Lando w/ Nein, Wedge, and Norra in the Y. You have several different ways to approach it and it's thematic to boot with all of them having taking part in the Death Star 2 core run.
  5. Just go full on theme. At 75 minutes a galactic super weapon will go off and everyone blows up. You're just fighting on points for the phyrric victory. The ultimate resolution.
  6. I don't think it's too surprising. These are probably the big influences: 1. Faction Lines - People like picking a faction and going with it. Rebel beef aligns with what has been pretty standard rebel style even back to 1.0 days. For imperial's it's been traditionally ace play so the swarm doesn't align. I think if the meta was inverted and we had imperial aces versus rebel aces at the top we'd be wondering why so few rebel lists were appearing. 2. Cost - TIE Swarm just costs more and based on typical collections people won't have that many of one ship. The rebel beef rarely has more than two of the same model so most people have it ready to go without having to borrow or buy more ships. 3. Fun - The majority of people bring what they'll feel the most engaged with or identify with playing. TIE swarm just doesn't seem to excite people. I think if a higher percentage of people were more about winning than flying their favorite spaceships/faction/pilots then the TIE swarm would be higher.
  7. I think you take the 1 most of the time unless you're on your last hull. The other interesting decision point is when it's a close game and taking that one will knock you into half points. Do you just accept the half point loss, or do you take your chance to evade it all?
  8. You can run Palob with title, Lando, and engine at 61 versus a naked Teroch at 56. I think that Palob build has a pretty strong defensive profile and a wider threat zone than Teroch. Palob can sit with multiple focus tokens at ranges 2 and 3 along with a couple shields to hide behind. Teroch only wants to be at range 1 or he's unhappy. Pairing them together seems solid, however if I were to only fit one I think I'd go with Palob. I'd want to run them a lot more than I have though, because I like your point about the nature of miniature gaming versus the numbers on the cards. The other ships they fly with could be enough to tilt it to Teroch.
  9. I flew a silly version of the scum swarm composed of Drea, 3x Quads, and 2x Z-95's with homing missiles. All six of them had deadman's switch which was probably overkill in retrospect, but it made for some entertaining games. I like the deadman's/baffle option and may have to try that. The quad's could pull the same self-destruction via their evade or backups. A quadjumper reversing and exploding sounds hilarious. Edit to that, didn't realize baffle happened in the end phase now. So I guess that would turn a 1-hull quad with stress into more of a remote detonator.
  10. Landing in range one of a single ship, yeah he'll probably live. Just don't go parking him in front of two or more arcs or you'll likely to be limping away or straight dead. Need to make sure you've got that focus also, don't want to be rolling naked greens when you're that fragile. That's one of the challenges I've found with 2.0 Fenn. I can roll in and get that five dice attack, but to make it really have an effect I've needed that focus. But then without the focus he's a lot more vulnerable. Maybe you hit hard enough to PS kill what you were shooting, but it's bad news if it's still there and it has friends with shots also. That's where I think EPT's that give him offensive mods are most valuable.
  11. I'd be hesitant to put protons on him because if you've taken the lock you don't have a focus, and without that focus he's going to take damage. Not having any linked action on that target lock makes me think it's only going to be used after an initial pass where he can get someplace he knows he won't be shot. Then maybe he can fire it off on the next engagement. Fenn just has so few hit points, and so little defense outside that range one faceoff that I'd want to keep him as cheap as possible. One blank set of dice results and it's a huge chunk of your points gone.
  12. I tried the list out in a store championship this last weekend. I did poorly with it, but that's more on me than the list. A combination of bad target prioritization on my part and poor use of the A-Wings was my problem. From what I found the list lives and dies on how you use those A's. They can do great things but you have to be solid at predicting or forcing the maneuvers into the snap shots as that's how they make up for the weak primaries. Otherwise you just don't get the offense out of them that you would with replacing them with the two X's. There are what seem like some hard match-ups also. I faced Dash in one round and he popped an A in a single shot. Another round had crimson specialist daring them to come in for the snaps. That was another case where in retrospect I should have utilized the A's differently, or just approached the opposing list completely different. It is definitely a fun list to fly though, even when I'm failing at it. I'll keep using it for a while since it exposed some areas I need to get better at. Thanks for putting it out there.
  13. Yep, that 5 extra points onto each of them starts eating away at the point efficiency of it all. And Quickdraw is such a magic ingredient to Imperial lists I'm always trying to fit her in, or regretting dropping her out
  14. It's a very entertaining list to fly. The tech and dials on the Silencers just make them so efficient. I had a good run at a kit tournament with it, and as was said @Biophysical went way beyond that and did really well with it at Adepticon against some top meta stuff. A variant I want to try at some point is upgrading the Silencers to the PS6 and adding Intensity to each. That leaves room for a standard Omega Leader, Sabacc, or whatever favorite 26 imperial filler you prefer. My initial guess it it won't run as well as QD + the two PS4's since you lose out on her damage output and the magnetic pull she has on the opponent's list (which helps you set up the Silencers). However I'm curious to see how they run when they can tank up with those evade actions.
  15. I played that exact list in a store kit tournament last month and it was a lot of fun! http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3802 Came in second with my two losses being to harpoon lists. I was pretty bad at range control and took more than I should have, though I was playing two pretty good players and they didn't give me a ton of choice With advanced optics attached the 'bargain' silencers can do some real work.
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