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  1. Its super easy to scale them. I just need to decide on a stand then then throw the ones I want on top. Probably should have a way of holding the patrol token or just put the stats on the base. The biggest issue is really if you have a FDM printer and getting something armada fighter small to print okay.
  2. Updated with model links I've been able to find.
  3. I'm looking into making a set for the patrol craft. Anyone have a complete list of the ship names? A few I don't recognize.
  4. Ahh. That was because of a version change though, not anything specifically to do with an app. Runewars doesn't have so many units out yet that they couldn't just course correct with points on the app. Xwing on the other hand had many systemic mechanical problems that needed to be addressed, and a TON of units to do it with. There was no way your 1.0 cards were surviving. I think in Runewars all you'd need to do it say "points are on the app now" and maybe errata a card or two. Agree that it needs to be done sooner rather than later. The more content that comes out, the harder it gets. I wonder about the order though. Xwing first obvisously Legion next probably Imperial assault maybe? Then we'd get into the non big name properties.
  5. That's actually why I suggested tournament lists. That list is attached to a specific, physically identifiable person The list is in theory designed to win The person entering a tournament has a higher likely hood of understand the rules well enough to make good list building judgements Ultimately points matter most in this format Obviously someone who enters 20 tournaments a year will have more influence than the guy that goes to 1, but that seems fair.
  6. I'm not sure why you'd think that. You still use cards. The points are just no longer on them. In the case of Runewars they could just Errata all points to say look at the app. Otherwise cards would remain unchanged. All that sounds awesome. I'm sure FFG will still print card as reference and require cards at their tournaments. Its in their best interest in terms of selling product. However being able to immediate look at your list and see an errata'd version of each card sounds amazing. Fixing the OP by power creep is a TERRIBLE idea. It invalidates older units. The trouble is that it is an unending cycle. The next wave there is a new OP so you have to rebalance that in the next next wave. Its how we ended up with an x-wing 2.0 and an app for it. That's not a path I want to take if we can avoid it from the start. If they don't move to an app I'd much much much rather see them do an errata on problem units. I don't like errata, It makes playing the game annoying with paper components. However is still better than power creep.
  7. I thought of another fun App thing. Anyone play counter strike with dynamic weapon pricing? The app could do something like that. Keep track of all the lists submitted for competitive play per quarter. Go and update card cost based on frequency of use. If everyone and their brother is using it, it gets more expensive next quarter. If its a card that nobody uses now, reduce the cost. Eventually you'd get cards priced by what the community itself thinks the value is. And more importantly the players using the card would be bidding against themselves. Is scuttling horror a problem? Maybe it goes up 3-4pts until people are choosing to run without it. It would also be able identify cards with problem abilities. Does a card have no takers even at 1pt? Is the cost for an upgrade more than a couple standard deviations outside the norm? Such a system would probably settle in with cards only changing a single point each update aside from new wave disruptions. Plus it would make an established meta really hard to form. If you couldn't rely on the points from a 'net list' being the same you couldn't just download the latest OP list and play. It should result in a much wider range of builds.
  8. In my experience games like this don't work super well once the front gets past a certain size. I mean its playable and all, but the unit speeds aren't high enough between being hindered by terrain and other units. It evolves into one of 2 things Players basically have their own mini battle, like just playing 2 smaller games side by side. It ends up a mess of a furball in the middle, which while amusing, doesn't allow much room for tactics. Then there are the downsides of larger games. Just a turn can take forever. Multiple players on a side ends up with lots of downtime. Lots of room for analysis paralysis. I think the solution to bigger battles is the approach I've seen at cons sometimes. Inter-connected battles. You can have more than one force on the board, but objectives are different. Separate them by a significant terrain feature. Make the results of one battle influence the other. Say the main forces meet, but there is a scouting force on the flanks and the results of their battle determines if/when reinforcements arrive. Keep track of when significant events happen (what turn) so that you can desync the fights and nobody is left waiting for something on another area. Just hand the area a note card with 'read start of turn X' if they're behind. Bonus is you can break up to multiple tables for a really large event. A lot less alpha player/coaching issues with this arrangement as well.
  9. Looking good. One thing you might consider with the ghost theme is painting the armor with really translucent paint. You can use inks or thin with water and binder. That way they end up looking partially 'ghostly' too with some of the base 'ghost' color showing through.
  10. I'd rather see completely different units with new mechanics. I think redoing a hero really limits the design space. If it these were prepaints like xwing I could see it, but new molds are $$$$. If they wanted to do a limited cost upgrade I wonder if selling packs of new heads/weapons for existing minis would work? swap out your spears for swords, etc. Most of the pieces are pretty tight fit. It would kinda screw the people who glued and painted, but you'd reduce the mold costs.
  11. Not a hero, but a theme upgrade Id like to see. Daqan spearmen- Pike equipment. When defending against a charge that contacts your front edge, the attacking unit gains a panic token. If your command dial is unrevealed , additionally calvary units take a morale test during the resolve moral step of combat. Or something along those lines.
  12. One of the cool bits about the app system is it allows for variable cost. So an upgrade might change depending on how many ranks you're taking. Specific unit combos could be priced more appropriately. I really like how much more flexibility in balance it gives. I hope it filters down to other FFG mini games once they get it settled with xwing.
  13. Another fun one. What happens when you have seasoned patherfinders and don't deploy until the end of the first round vs Ravos? Do you take the panic since you're not on the board? Do you get a dial and a chance to rally during the normal turn? Seems like you should either exist or not, but I couldn't find anything on it in the RRG.
  14. I really wish they had added the ability to track your tokens on screen. Right now it doesn't seem like there is a huge point to having the map after initial setup. Without tracking more in the app it seems like this could have been implemented as a new deck of cards. At a minimum how is the app going to know to trigger traps, spawns, or map reveals base on position if I don't tell it where I am? Would have been cool to see their dice roller integrated so when you make an attack it pulls up the correct dice for you. Make it an IAP if they're worried about cannibalizing the sales of the normal dice app.
  15. Is it just me, or has the "one tool" rule been removed?
  16. So where do I get extra plastic pegs for my ISDs?
  17. Windows. Its not so much the Uniform Grey - That's the Chore that leads to the Challenge for me. I enjoy the Challenge. And the Challenge is Windows. Clearly you need to install fiber optics.
  18. But you actively move your squadrons up to their distance at the time they move - so it's pretty different from X Wing. The problem is that with the "eyeball" method, people will be measuring, and remeasuring to make sure. They'll still measure to and from every squadron that they need to, but they'll spend my more time analyzing the data. right, but ships have imperfect movement built in as well. You can't click the movement tool in and then decide where to go. I figured that was to prevent exactly the sort of stuff you're talking about. People measuring every possible case because they can have perfect knowledge. More info is always worse than less for those with analysis paralysis in my experience.
  19. Not sure I like the 'finger' rule. Seems like it could end up with a lot of time spent measuring for every fighter move rather than having to eye ball it. I always just figured that having to eyeball engagement distances was part of the skill of moving them. Just like guessing where your fighters will end up in xwing.
  20. I could see getting a new rebel ace that allows squadrons at distance 1 when they activate to move and shoot, but maybe not shoot than move. That would give you the ability to have a more independent fighter group. It would also include the wave 1 fighters and go with the feel that such independent groups were usually led by one of the heroes. I kinda hope the rebels get some AOE type bonus anyways. I'd like to see a front arc heavy rebel ship to run with my nebulon Bs. Right now they feel orphaned. Other mechanics- Mines Combined fire from multiple ships into one shot Playing with activation order Manipulating speed and maneuverability of the enemy ala more tractor beams or the interdictor. Stealth- probably more along the lines of increases the range bracket by one than warping in somewhere.
  21. Really wish they had done Imperial and Rebel starter boxes. I had the hardest time getting any of my buddies to start playing armada due to the high starting cost. That was one of the great things about Xwing. You could get started for under $30. Got a ton of people hooked. I don't know if I would have picked up xwing with a $100 starter. I only did so with armada due to the strength of xwing.
  22. I really want one of those magnetic mats like I saw for xwing. They sell magnetic material like- http://www.magnetsource.com/Solutions_Pages/printmagvinyl.html Then you put small magnets on the base of the ships. If you don't care about being able to put it away easy you could probably just shove a bit of sheet metal under a vinyl mat and use the magnets on the bases.
  23. After a couple issues, I'd just call the TO over to watch. I've dealt with similar players before. Get all indignant when they are wrong. I'm surprised they took other's players word for rules. Generally those sorts have to hear it from the TO themselves. A TO really needs to step up about these situations and let them know they'll be penalized for slow play if they keep it up.
  24. I doubt any epic scale ship is going to be done as a squadron. They already have defined them as moving substantially different in xwing. I think they'll keep that their break point for any more cross overs. Epic= small base. Large=squadron.
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