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  1. Im really digging what you are saying here. There seems to be a bunch of ways where Scum can be added allowing for unique sub factions within it, and still allow flexibility across the whole range. The whole concept of adding bonuses for sticking in one specific sub genera is really compelling. It allows for flexability and keeps theme.
  2. I'm hoping they don't add a generic Scum faction, I want some actual gang factions. Hutts Black Suns Crimson Dawn
  3. You could link the website you used? There you will just find the map and have to reinsert it into the table. Or is it just the map itself you are looking for? There you will find it: http://www.romanorum.net/starwars/astrogation.html I just inverted the colors of the map and did my own calculating table: So far in my adventure i have been ignoring the intracacies of travel time. I have really been thinking of how to incorporate it into my game. Can you please provide a breif overview of how you are handaling it. Your table & tools look really good
  4. Those are awesome! I have been consideing doing something very similar. I would love to get the PSD file.
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