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  1. Ah, so they don’t fit the normal points or upgrade restrictions? Does seem a bit funky, but I can accept that
  2. So, noticed a discrepancy between the quick build list and the squad builder. The squad builder shows the YV-666 has 3 crew slots, and no gunner slots, but, the quick build for Bossk indicates Greedo as an upgrade? Is he not a gunner? Is this an oversight, or weird exception?
  3. Update - thanks for the ‘sticky tack’ suggestion, reminded me I had a block of a product called ‘museum putty’ floating around.. its a very lightly adhesive putty material, I Use small dots of it to affix models in cases so they don’t slide around, and to hold parts on sticks for airbrushuing. I worked a little into the joints on my sloppy floppy X-wings, and it added just enough resistance.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, crew.. yeah, it seems silly to ask about how to make the wings more gummy while there's another thread about loosening them up.. I have three of the minis, one from the expansion and 2 from core sets, and the core set ones are loose enough to be a concern, one of them is loose enough to just flop at the slightest disturbance.
  5. Was fortunate to score a couple of the new 2.0 core sets and an expansion X-wing at GenCon. Wondering if anyone had suggestions for tightening up the mobile S-foils on the new minis? One of the ones I wound up with is more than a bit loose and it would be nice to get a little more resistance in there.
  6. Someone with modding skills and too much time and $$$ will find a way to fold the wings and dock. I want to try, but I lack that level of skill. There is some guy on here that made movable X-Wing S-Foils. Surely if that can be done, hinging the wings of that thing can. some of us model maker folk do enjoy a challenge :3
  7. Action IV Bulk Freighter. Wild Karrde. Seconded!
  8. I could make a point that maneuverability in spacecraft is entirely dependent on the Thrust/Mass ratio as well. Larger ships with more powerful and economical drives and larger fuel reserves would probably outperform fighters. ..but then, this is Star Wars, and one really doesn't want to overthink the mechanics of it. Save that for a Traveller campaign. ;3
  9. omg nachos > armada yum yum I totes want nachos, NOW. >.<
  10. A couple points, in the continuity.. Deckard's been off the beat for a while at the time Gaff brings him in to hunt the trio, and may not be up to speed on the very latest replicant models, so it makes sense to have Bryant get him up to speeds on the 'newest models' capabilities. Also, Bryant seems to me to be something of a douchebag, so I can see him treating Deckard like a rookie just to tweak him for walking away from the force in the first place.
  11. The rigging really makes the SoG models look complete. Need a tutorial on how to do that to mine :3
  12. I play Sails of Glory, ("Boat Game" according to my roomie) and have a big collection of Wings of Glory minis too.. decidedly fun systems to play!
  13. That is a huge A-wing on your shelf. That's one of the Hasbro A-wing toys.. also have a B-wing and Y-wing on the top of the cabinets. :3
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