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  1. im getting 2 of these for sure.
  2. My wife plays with me fairly regularly. we are about 50/50 on wins/losses but we each tend to go on streaks. im on a 5 win streak, it wont last for sure.
  3. target sends all of their unbought stock to goodwill, a few will probably show up there.
  4. I'm soooooo looking forward to this.
  5. I would almost pull the HLC to put advanced sensors on all the blues.
  6. You shouldnt, time again tie/f based swarms have won tournaments rolling two attack dice 6-7 times everyturn. Mixing in a bomber or 2 with t/f just increases your survivability since people tend to shoot at them first.
  7. My FLGS just posted on their Facebook that they have Ywings and Tie-Advanceds in stock and should soon have Xwings and Tie fighters when their supplier starts shipping them.
  8. thanks a ton for this, i will be doing the exact same circuit setup except i will be using a really tiny switch underneath the magnetized hull to turn it on/off and some semi opaque plastic tubing to use as a light pipe. I like your idea of using 3 LEDs to get the range of color. i may have to think about my setup a little more to see if i can do something similar with a light pipe.
  9. im going to try 2 3v cr2032's in series with a resistor to regulate the voltage to the 3.5V LEDs i picked up
  10. I saw this and immediately bought leds, tubing, magnets, and tiny switch and battery holders, just need to design the circuit and an on off switch and start cutting on my falcon
  11. Wow, that is freaking amazing, cant wait to see more.
  12. Just thought I would share, the KR multicase set A for Xwing is on sale for the daily deal on MiniatureMarket.com today. http://www.miniaturemarket.com/krmstar-xw-a.html
  13. Ten Numb is my boy and leads my 3 bwing squad with an autoblaster. He is a beast.
  14. I like adding an Engine Upgrade, which when added to Advanced Sensors makes her harder to predict than Fettigator. It gives you appx 10 positions from which you can START your maneuver, and if you elect not to Push the Limit for a second action, that maneuver can still be a Koiogran turn (now angled from your boost!) I'm going to have to try this list based off ibitsam it comes in at 98 points: Ibtisam — B-Wing 28 Push the Limit 3 Advanced Sensors 3 Engine Upgrade 4 Ten Numb — B-Wing 31 Fire-Control System 2 Autoblaster 5 Rookie Pilot — X-Wing 21 R2 Astromech 1
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