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  1. The max increase for the Mk III is +8, from the max of 6 additional pouches. The Mk IV should indicate it can take an additional 3 pouches, for a maximum of +6 encumbrance. Hope this helps! But of course, each group is free to alter things as they like, and also create new items too. Somewhere out there is the Mk V and Mk VI Modular Backpacks, which I’m sure will be even neater than the ones we’ve done in these books. Tim Huckelbery RPG Producer Fantasy Flight Games Rules Question: Clarification requested on text for two pieces of equipment: Star Wars: Force and Destiny Savage Spirits p.46 Mk. III Modular Backpack The RAW reads: The Mk. III modular backpack increases the wearer's Encumbrance threshold by 2, plus an additional 1 point of encumbrance threshold for each accessory pouch added to the backpack (to a maximum increase of 6). In the backpack's description, the prior seemed to indicate that up to 6 pouches to be added. So I'm trying to clarify that about the Mk. III. Some seem to think it is a total of +6 Encumbrance Threshold (2+4 pouches) while others think it should be +8 Encumbrance Threshold (2+6 pouches). The text for the Mk. IV Modular Backpack (Enter the Unknown, p.51) is written differently, reading: The Mk. IV Modular Backpack increases the user's encumbrance threshold by 3, plus an additional 1 point of encumbrance threshold for each accessory pouch to a maximum of 3. Also, in the text description of the Mk. IV Modular Backpack, it didn't specify the number of additional pouches which could be added, just the number of pouches the base pack started with. Any help clarifying this would be much appreciated, as I'm active playing and running Star Wars campaigns for several groups, each having a somewhat different take and it would make things easier and less confusing for me to have all the groups reach a consensus.
  2. R-series astromech droids don't go well with Vehicles. They go well with everything. Except perhaps for medium-rare nerf steak. That goes better with Alderaanian wine, but I digress... FFG also tends not to repeat specific rules, except for the Core rule books. Right now there are three different sets of rules for Crafting. Lightsabers appear in the FaD Gamemaster supplement, Armor in the FaD: Keeping the Peace, and now Weapons, Cybernetics, Gadgets and Droids in EotE: Special Modifications. I don't really see them including anything in the Engineer splatbook which would refer back to the rules in Special Modifications. If they have specific things for Astromechs, then they'd need to repeat the Droid crafting rules as well. Also even if they did include stuff specifically for Astromechs, that would still leave out a number of the very useful types of droids out that that PC's could be inclined to make. Keep in mind that there are 5 droid degree classes, yet only 7 different directives, which means that while the different droid degrees might have several different categories each, a programming directive likely wouldn't be too close to a number of those categories.
  3. With the rules in Special Modifications, it makes it quite clear that certain cybernetic enhancements could be fitted to a droid. IIRC some are specifically designed for droids. The main issue I have with the very limited programming directives from the book is that the Star Wars seems to be the sort of place where a droid exists to perform most functions for a living sentient, at least with some direction or oversight. With the available directives, they are much more limited in terms of what they can do, and even then couldn't be used to replicate one of the 'stock' droids from the Core books. I can understand not being able to make an advanced specialty droid like an R7 from Stay on Target, but a decent tech should be able to at least make a bog standard Astromech.
  4. In Keeping the Peace; page 54 Table 2-6 HP Required Force-Attuned Resonator 2 In the description for Force-Attuned Resonator, it has Hard Points Required: 1 pages 56 & 57. On Table 2-8: HP Required Reactive Plating 4 Stun Matrix 1 In the description for Reactive Plating, it has Hard Points Required: 2 In the description for Stun Matrix, it has Hard Points Required: 3 It strikes me as that there was another example of two that I'd seen elsewhere, but I unfortunately I can't remember where.
  5. I've been wondering, since I spotted several errors in the Keeping the Peace book with discrepancies between the Armor mod chart's hardpoint cost vs. specific Armor mod entry's hardpoint cost. Also, I've been wondering why a 'finished' lightsaber with a stock Ilum crystal has the same number of hardpoints as a lightsaber hilt that is awaiting the installation of a crystal.
  6. Right now I'm considering what would be an appropriate directive for some of the following types of droids: 2nd degree: Slicer/computer security Pilot/driver (different from navigation because this would emphasize Pilot-Planetary and not need Astrogation) Gunnery a la Industrial Automaton's PG-5 (this might be more of a 4th degree though, Salvage 1st degree Mathematics/cryptographer I'm sure more will come to me in time.
  7. It is currently 7:07 am EDT (East coast) or 4:07 am PDT (West coast). If the mods are based in the West coast and have a normal 9 am start time, it might be another 5+ hours before this gets spotted. At the rate this is currently going, there might be over 400 pages of spam for them to wade through.
  8. I'm a supermod on another forum, and I caught this spam 3 days ago and promptly nuked it. The bot only posted once before it was caught and eliminated. So far, it looks like the spam-bot has been running for about 5 hours posting on the FFG X-wing forum. The admin might need to close account registration for a day or two, and then tweak the new member signup process before clean up can really be done. Otherwise the bot might keep spawning and posting faster than the mods can delete the spam accounts.
  9. Slight clarification here: Star Wars: Rebels spoiler I too ran Long Arm of the Hutt, however I had my timeline where we started play approximately 5 years before the Battle of Yavin, coincidentally it was set several months before Star Wars: Rebels, so I managed to luck out. I would suppose the GM would need to make a decision on how closely they plan on sticking to canon. I myself am trying hard to stick to the new canon, though I admit of the Marvel Comic I find myself rather underwhelmed. The story line and how some of the characters interact I find just doesn't feel like Star Wars, but that's just my opinion.
  10. Looking through Special Modifications at the Droid crafting rules, I was struck that there seems to be very limited variation in terms of what a droid can be created to do in terms of programming (and to a lesser degree, construction): The current list of directives (and their respective droid degree) are: Labor (5th degree) Combat (4th degree) Translation (3rd degree) Repair (2nd degree) Navigation (2nd degree) Healing (1st degree) Elimination (4th degree) Unfortunately with these directives and their associated skills, a PC Technician couldn't build a custom Astromech droid that has all the same skills as a stock Astromech droid, never mind having those skills at the same level. The same applies to other types of 2nd degree droids. Similarly, while a variant of a 3rd degree Protocol droid could be created, the directive doesn't really lend itself creating other types of 3rd degree droids. The Healing directive does a decent job of covering the Medical portfolio of 1st degree droids, but doesn't really lend itself to building science or analysis droids. With that in mind, I'm considering what other types of programming directives would be applicable and also balanced. Does anyone have similar thoughts or ideas?
  11. The sad truth is that the player might be a friend, but still not be an appropriate person to have as a player in the group. When I started my Tales from the Fringe EotE campaign, it was with a group of players that I was largely unfamiliar with, and most were unfamiliar with FFG's Star Wars rules. Several of them also had only ever played computer/online-based RPG's and never tabletop RPG's. One of the guys, while overall a nice guy (a bit obnoxious/neurotic) turned out to very much be a problem player. To the point that one of the other players/host was ready to physically throw the guy out of his home. Part of the issue was that the guy would not say what his character was going to do in ten words, if he could come up with a way to do it in 100 words. At one point, he spent nearly as much real time describing what he wanted his character to do, as it would take for the needed uneventful three hour game time travel from one place to another to take place. The last session he was involved with, resulted in six hours of real time to get things into position for a fight which ended quickly. I had planned/expected it to only take about 15 minutes to get things into position. After that I and basically everyone else was done with him, and he wasn't invited back. You can try talking to the player, to find out why they're playing the Wookiee character like that and to let them know that what they've been having their character do is derailing the game. It could be that the problem player is more of a roll-player, than a role-player, and measures how good a game or session is, by the number of things their character kills, things they destroy, and loot they get. If you have a pair of role-players and then a single roll-player... things tend to not go so well.
  12. Another way to approach this, is for the offending character to have their Obligation increase, as they go around doing things which are inappropriate for 'normal' society, even that of the Outer Rim and Galactic Empire. Depending on how quickly and/or how much the player has their character cause mayhem, the player might quickly find themselves unable to increase the abilities of their character because the Obligation is too high to expend XP. The character might very quickly need to start dodging bounty hunters, slavers, and/or Imperial troops. Not to mention depending on who some of the shopkeepers and contacts are character kills, other criminal elements could very well have scores to settle with them. It could also just be that all the player wants to have their character do, is run around killing things. If that turns out to be the case, then perhaps the player is in the wrong gaming group.
  13. While I am planning on including the new canon in terms of books, short stories, tv shows and of course the movies, I don't think I'm going to include the comics. I've read the first set of Darth Vader comics and honestly, much of the story didn't strike me as being true to Star Wars. Not to mention it introduced a continuity issue in a very offhand way, as well as having a continuity issue within between two or three issues (not entirely sure since issues 1-6 were released as a collection in a graphic novel). To each their own though, of course.
  14. Has there been any more word on a Technician book? I check the FFG Star Wars RPG pages regularly and Leads by Example seemed to suddenly appear At the Printers with going through development. Not that I mind, but there hasn't been a new Career book for EotE in some time so I was wondering if there were any reliable rumors.
  15. Gear and Weapon/attachment cards would also be potential sellers as well.
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