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  1. I figured having a want list would be more useful than just saying "Hey send me random offers..." so here it is. A Game of Thrones: Really Want: Cersei Deckbox (Either Long or Short) Cersei Playmat Sort of Want: Alt Art Ser Davos Seaworth Jon Snow Deckbox Alt Art Melisandre Alt Art The Power of Blood Netrunner: Really Want: Cyberfeeder Deckbox Acrylic Virus Tokens Call of Cthulhu: Really Want: Alt Art Tattoo Artist Yog-Sothoth Deckbox Alt Art The Night Sort of Want: The really old deckboxes from 2011 Acrylic Hastur Tokens Acrylic Miskatonic Tokens Star Wars: Really Want: Vader Deckbox (Preferably Short) Acrylic Focus Tokens Acrylic Damage Tokens Sort of Want: Alt Art Han
  2. So I have an extra Alt Art Daenerys and a couple sets of the stark power tokens. I'd much prefer to trade them away, but I suppose selling is always an option. I play all the LCGs, so probably a fairly extensive want list, but it would be mostly stuff from championships/regionals/bigger tournaments, as I've got most of the stuff I want from newer kits at least. Shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone, So a few friends and I just got into AGoT. We think it is fantastic. Tons of fun. We don't own much, but the collection is slowly growing. I was curious if there were any other players in the area just east of St. Louis. Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Lebanon that played. Would be fun to meet up, maybe have tournaments (though our decks are not anywhere near tournament crazy goodness), basically just have some fun enjoying the game.
  4. Hello, Is there anyway to tell if a particular set of sleeves is out of print or going to be printed in the future? I've noticed a few Call of Cthulhu art sleeves in the catalog, but can't remember if I saw them before or not, so was curious if they were sleeves that are no longer available or ones that will be released in the future. I was also curious about the Melisandre AGOT sleeves. I saw someone using the Jon Snow ones, but I can't find them on eBay. Thanks ahead of time for good info
  5. Last night... My friend had to pay 10 credits to rezz his archer, 7 to rezz his caduceus. I kept Weyland poor with my Caissa deck, and my friend plays a very nice Tag and Bag. The game went long, but I was able to consistently have more credits while he held Sea Source and 2 Scorch Earth in hand. But to be more on topic... I think Netrunner does a phenomenal job of create diversity and stopping really good cards. I dislike Power Shutdown, because it now creates an "I Win" button of a combo. It isn't one of those, 'The sky is falling, the game is ruined' sort of combinations, but it is really deadly all the same. Combined with Advanced Diagnostics and Jackson Howard, it is going to hold open a door to any operation fueled combination in the future. If I was asked how to solve that problem, a bit of errata on power shutdown that says, "X cannot be higher than the highest cost program or hardware in play" would fix it. There might be a better solution too, but I just hate to complain about a problem and not provide a solution. Plus, we have not had the time to see if the Weyland combo tag and bag is as deadly as it seems to be in the small sample size I've examined. That card is probably the only complaint I've had about new cards. I do like how Swordsman shut down the rampant Atman meta. Atman is still deadly, unless you run face first into a deck that has 3 Swordsman, and even then you can focus on parasites, etc. But the swordsman are definitely going to slow the deck down. The two FFG employees that I met at the plug-in tour were great guys. Lukas, I believe that is how he spells it, my apologies if I gt it wrong, was a great guy, super friendly and it felt like he really loved to play the game. The other individual, whose name escapes me, was the one who was in charge of the entire game night ball of wax. He also seemed to have a real passion for what he does, which I think is fantastic. My friends and I are actually looking forward to another 6 hour drive to Team Covenant to play in the Chronos Tournament, unless of course we can somehow manage to get our little venue on the Tournament radar.
  6. That makes sense. The reason I asked was because of the change to Secrets of Arkham. I'm reasonably new to the LCG from FFG, which just makes me curious if there is any other precedence. It doesn't look like they ever stopped printing the core set for Netrunner. Call of Cthulhu seems to be an actual stop in production and reprint. Is Secrets of Arkham the first deluxe box of any LCG that has been reprinted and changed to the "3 of" format? Have any of the other LCG cores reached a point where the core set was unavailable and then reprinted? I suppose just digging for possible clues that the CoC core set gets the same beautiful treatment that Secrets of Arkham is getting. It would make it a lot easier to get into the game, for my wife and I. Plus buying it for friends too. Here is to hoping!
  7. Deep Red is the King and Reina Roja is the Queen. I didn't realize that. I know there is a card called Queen's Gambit, just figured it was a move that Reina was doing, as opposed to herself being the Queen. Is it pointed out in the books or lore somewhere that I missed?
  8. I would love Netrunner sleeves. Though, I'm not sure if the printed or graphic sleeves have a large enough market. I know at one distributor, they have a lot of Star Wars sleeves left over. Personally, I think the unsold star wars sleeves are because some of the art just isn't very exciting. Either way, I would definitely buy a few packs of cool cyberpunk art sleeves. I've ordered some Targaryen sleeves for my runner deck, and eye of sauron for my Corps. They will have to do for now. Though Lannister would also be a good pick for corporation.
  9. I like the fact that power creep doesn't seem prevalent. I also like how some cards seem awful, yet you know that the card is just waiting for its companion down the road. I thought the caissa pieces were fairly boring, until knight and deep red came around. I am now waiting to see if the King and Queen will make the deck powerful and not simply viable. In the plugged in tour, I played a milling Andy deck and different take on HB fast advance. My corporation won every game but one, and the weird Andy deck, while catching people by surprise, just didn't have the clout to win more than two games. One of which was a miracle victory. Atman, a new card, ruled the roost for the blink of an eye, but it seems to have been quickly cut down by the Swordsman; which I think is great. Restricting Atman would of been like tossing it in the garbage. The creation of a hard counter means that Atman decks have to either hope its not played or work around it, if the decks want to continue being successful.
  10. I noticed that FFG has the CoC core set listed at being reprinted in Q1 2014. Has there been any announcement, similar to Secrets of Arkham, about the core set have errata'd cards and switched to a 3 of everything model? I've been trying to get into the game and try to get a group started where I live, but having trouble building a player base without the actual game.
  11. Hello, This is terribly late notice, but wanted to toss it up here anyway. Tomorrow, we will be starting up a new Netrunner League at Odyssey Comics in Lebanon, IL. If you don't know where Lebanon is, it is about 30-45 minutes east of St. Louis. The league will run for 3 months and we have the new game night kits. The entry fee is just $5. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, shoot me a PM, or whatnot. Would be great to get more players, because who wouldn't want more opponents? and great people to meet from the community.
  12. Actually, people create and sell personalize items to be used with games all the time. Playmats, counters, sleeves, etc. Because the tokens make use of original art, there are no copyright laws being broken.
  13. Long time reader, decided I should make an account to post this. The funny thing I find about Netrunner is that there are few promos, no foils, or any silly things like that. So the only way to add some personalized bling is through all the fun other parts. The action tokens I use were made by a friend. He commissioned some original art for them, which makes them pretty cool. Plus they are made from a high quality substance and even make a nice loud 'click' sound when you flip them over. He was originally making them for others, but decided a kickstarter was the way to go. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1700779775/action-click-tokens
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