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  1. Wow this great massive thanks, And I love the tips and info as well
  2. Hi folks This is a sorry tale, I have had about 15 games of xwing and am yet to come away with a single win!! I NEED HELP! We normal play in a group game 2 v 2 using my ships verse a my friends imperial fleet, on Saturday we playing a 200 point game (biggest yet) and I need help with my fleet and some tips to finally win a game My ships are... 3 X wings 2 A Wings 1 Y Wing 1 Falcon Can anyone help me with building a fleet list and some tips please? Thanks in advance John
  3. Thanks guys x wing it is then, then I may wait for the new rebel ships and rebel aces
  4. Thanks are there good card combo in the x wing expansion that will help the rest of my fleet?
  5. So far I have core set, Y wing, 2 x A wing, and a falcon, am not sure what my next purchase should be? Am thinking a B wing? Or possibly another x wing so I can get wedge Antilles? Will be playing a game next week and I know my friend has lmprial aces so what sort of list should I take? Playing 120 points Thanks in advance
  6. I thinking of taking the plunge and buying relic, We all ready play Talisman and I was just wondering if you can play with 6 players? rather then the 4 stated? Thanks in advance
  7. Open to all ideas am not intent on using chewy or Luke just thought it was a good fleet
  8. Question can you mix rebel and imperial ships in your fleet? Or is it rebel or imperial no mixing?
  9. Ha beat me to the reply also a ywing and 2 ties
  10. Bty I also have a Ywing in my fleet but decided not to include it,
  11. Hey guys am hopeing I can get some help with my 120 list, am pretty new to xwing with only 5 games under my belt. YT-1300 with Chewbacca with assault missile, elusiveness, and millennium falcon up grade cards Xwing with Luke and proton up grade card 2x Awings So 4 ships at 120, thoughts?
  12. That's, just? the way, I? roll?.
  13. Thanks yes am using TL
  14. runningmonkey

    Boost card

    How does it work? I just got a A wing and am a bit confused? Do you move as normal then boost 1 (forward or to the side) as an action? or can you still do another action as well? Thanks in advance
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