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    Luke Licens reacted to VanorDM in Swarm etiquette?   
    Thank you! Because you actually get it.
    My issue is with this entilement attitude that some people seem to show. iPeregrin even going as far as saying that he'd do it anyway and tell me to STFU if I didn't like it.
    Exactly how is that good sportsmanship? Yet according to some people not letting him get away with it makes me a bad person.

    Exactly it's the attitude that I have an issue with. This idea that somehow it's required that I let someone fix each and every mistake they make, because doing otherwise isn't playing fair.

    Playing fair in which both people play by the rules as written, unless they otherwise agree to allow some shortcuts. Like dropping focus tokens on ships out of turn... Is the only way you can really know that you'll have a fun game.
    Expecting me to allow you to fix your mistakes, and having a fit if I don't, is not going to be conductive for a fun game.

    I agree with each and every example you list here. It is the Attitude being expressed here that's the problem. This sense that I have to let you get fix your mistakes, or else I'm a weak player who can't win fairly that I object to so strongly.
    There is nothing fair about expecting and worse demanding that the other guy let you fix your mistakes.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Hoosteen in Swarm etiquette?   
    Without the rules of the game, it's not really much of a game. Expecting someone else to ignore the rules is folly. 
    However, this is X-Wing, not SPARTA! What's the point of a game if you aren't having fun? This isn't the Roman Colosseum, where you need to take advantage of any and every little opportunity to slaughter your opponent. 
    I think there are three problems here: 
    1. The attitude that a "favor" is a "right." (I forgot this... You HAVE to let me focus.  )
    2. The attitude that "playing by the rules" means "you can't deal mercy." (You forgot that. Too bad, so sad.  )
    3. The thinking that people are only in category 1 or 2. (If someone is okay with favors, they hate the rules. If someone is okay with rules, they hate favors.)
    I am pretty chill with saying, "Oh, you forgot that focus? No worries this time" because I would hope he would've granted me that favor/mercy in return. I would hate to lose a game because of something so small as planning to use a focus on a ship, but simply forgetting to drop the token. 
    At the same time, if someone did the same thing and demanded that I let him use that focus, you better believe that I would dig my heels in, and not allow him to use it. 
    I am 100% for following the rules. At the same time, I feel like this is a board game, and fun should be the goal, at home or at a store. 
      This is where the "Fly Casual" part comes in. 
    Example 1
    Player 1: Forgot to focus before moving next PS_ ship. Demands that Player 2 let him focus.
    Player 2: Says, "Sorry, but no. Rules say (blah)."
    Player 1 isn't "Flying Casual" for expecting a favor and being a ****** about it. Player 2 has no incentive to grant mercy, so he wont (and shouldn't). 
    Example 2
    Player 1: Forgot to focus before moving next PS_ ship. Asks if he can still focus, won't happen again.
    Player 2: Says, "Nope! Rules state: (blah). YOU made the mistake, YOU have to live with it!"
    Player 2 isn't "Flying Casual" NOT because he should have granted the favor, but because he is being a ****** about it. Chances are that this game isn't going to be fun for anyone anymore. Player 1 is going to be watching like a hawk, hoping that Player 2 makes a mistake, and Player 2 is just being a haughty bastard. 
    Example 3
    Player 1: Forgot to focus before moving next PS_ ship. Asks if he can still focus, won't happen again.
    Player 2: Says, "Sorry, but no. Rules say (blah)." Both players are in the right, but chances are Player 1 is going to be watching like a hawk, hoping that Player 2 makes a mistake.  Example 4 Player 1: Forgot to focus before moving next PS_ ship. Asks if he can still focus, won't happen again. Player 2: Says, "No worries. Just remember next time." "Flying Casual" at it's finest. Both players are being courteous, having fun, and playing fairly. If Player 2 makes a similar mistake, Player 1 will have no problem returning the favor.     I wasn't planning on posting anything after my pic on page... 8.. 
    But this gave me a hilarious visual. 
    I imagine a chess player moving his knight like a bishop, standing up, flipping the other guy off, shouting, "STFU! DEAL WITH IT!" then sitting back down to continue the game. 
    Thank you for that. 
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    Luke Licens reacted to VanorDM in Swarm etiquette?   
    Given the stuff he says here and in some other posts... I don't think iPeregrine has a very good grasp of the rules in the first place.
    But yeah, if someone were to pull that in a tournament, I don't think there's a TO out there that would let him get away with it.
    The rules are extremely clear and simple to follow.
    It's not like someone is being taken advantage of by following the rules.
    It's not like there is some sort of burden put on you by following the proper sequence.
    You avoid possible issues by doing it right the first time, rather then making each turn a judgement call on if this action is going to have an effect or not.
    The Tournament Rules say the following...

    So it's not up to him to decide if he can put that token down or not, it's up to the other guy to allow him or not. If someone drops a token, and the other person says "you can't do that." If they do it anyway they're clearly breaking the above rule. That is grounds for being removed from the tournament, if they're an ass about it like iPeregrine said he'd be in that post... It's not only breaking that rule, but also breaking the rules of good sportsmanship and conduct, which will pretty much always get you kicked out of a tournament.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Forgottenlore in The E Wing   
    I have noticed that, when it comes to the EU, FFG seems yo draw more heavily from the video games than the novels.
    Possibly due to the visual nature of the games?
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    Luke Licens reacted to AngryAngel in New details about the xwing in the transport   
    I think its mandatory, if you remove the stress from Porkins you have to say " I've got a problem here " Roll the attack the die, and if you take the damage, simply comment. " I can hold it ". As we know he is the best of them.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Jehan Menasis in New details about the xwing in the transport   


    It's a period of civil war.

    Rebel spaceships, striking with

    awesome pilots and top-notch

    upgrades have won yet another

    battle against a desperate

    Galactic Empire.


    During the battle, Rebel spies

    stole with ease secret plans to

    the Empire last resort Weapon,

    The Hope Star, an armored space

    station with enough power to allow

    the Empire to finally start winning

    some battles.


    While the Empire's few remaining

    Aces try to hold rebels at bay, Darth

    Vader races across the galaxy aboard

    his starship to recover the plans that

    can save his people and restore

    balance to the tables...

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    Luke Licens reacted to Deltmi in New details about the xwing in the transport   
    Are you kidding me? Porkins is going to be a staple in my formation. The way I roll attack dice, he'll never be stressed and I won't get damaged!
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    Luke Licens got a reaction from Spaceman91 in 28 points left ...   
    Vader.  Because...
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    Luke Licens reacted to Vorpal Sword in E-Wing Pilot: Corran Horn   
    Well, yes--all of that. But let's also acknowledge that he managed to (a) mis-spell Allston's name while invoking it on his own behalf, and (b) apparently thinks Corran is one of Allston's characters.
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    Luke Licens reacted to CrookedWookie in E-Wing Pilot: Corran Horn   
    Wow, first of all this is so mind-blowingly insensitive it defies belief. If you want to disapprove of their pilot choice, go for it. Show some respect and leave the guy who died a few days ago out of it. Using his name to promote your own opinion just illustrates how little respect you actually have for the man. He's not a propoganda tool.
    Second, they needed a good, high ps E-wing pilot, pure and simple. And yes, of course they wanted a name people would recognize - that's why Smug Lerr isn't the ps9 Falcon pilot. Is Corran as intrinsically linked to the E-wing as Luke or Wedge is to the X-wing, or Han and Chewie are to the Falcon? No, but all the Rogues flew E-wings at some point, and they already have a glut of named X-wing pilots with the core set, expansion, and now the Transport coming out.
    Doesn't mean you won't ever see him, or Tycho, or others in X-wings too at some point down the road. Either way, make your axes, express how this has shattered your entire worldview and broken your faith in your fellow man, whatever.
    But do it without cashing in on the loss of a man many on here liked, and some actually knew and cared for as a person.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Eltnot in Big Imperial Ships?   
    The problem with the ATR Assault Transport is that it looks like something a four year old would draw. The problem with the Lancer is that it looks like a dildo with fins. Neither make for an inspiring model that fans will want to rush out and purchase.  The Lancer would also confuse any wives/girlfriends as to why their husbands/boyfriends are going out to buy flying dildoes.
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    Luke Licens reacted to NotBatman in Big Imperial Ships?   
    Right down to the dial on the back that adjusts... weapon strength? Engine speed?
    Ok, I'm done, now, but I don't see how this could possibly be purely accidental.
    (And I would totally buy one.)
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    Luke Licens reacted to Eltnot in Big Imperial Ships?   
    Thanks, now I can't see anything else but that when I look at that ship now.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Hexis in Big Imperial Ships?   
    I'm pretty convinced that we (Minneapolis) are not in fact getting a new Football Stadium, we are actually getting a Deathstar model compatible with X-Wing.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Forgottenlore in Is Swarm Tactics mandatory?   
    Really? It seems to me like Buhallin is obsessed with the idea and everyone else is arguing against him. That said, I can see his argument. I don't agree with it, but I can see how he is coming to his conclusion.
    I definitely think it needs a FAQ, and possibly errata. I think that errata should be to change swarm tactics to "you MAY choose a friendly ship..." And then clarify whether ST can up a ship effected by damaged cockpit, but it definitely needs a ruling.
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    Luke Licens got a reaction from Taalon Roagh in Spoof. Whole spoof. Nothing but the spoof.   
    That one? No, not the one.  Not the one.

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