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    Luke Licens reacted to Fuzzywookie in Top "bad loser" moments of your opponent   
    My opponents hardly ever lose. So I have nothing to report.
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    Luke Licens reacted to WWHSD in My take on the 2-Bank   
    2 bank is not competitive and FFG needs to issue a fix.
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    Luke Licens reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in My take on the 2-Bank   
    I want to take this opportunity to do a review of the 2-Bank.  This is just my thoughts and opinions, but I think they are worth sharing and might help new and old players alike.  If you like it, let me know and I might try and do a podcast episode that builds on this review, since there's a lot more to the 2-Bank than just one person can do justice to in a single topic.

    So, the 2-Bank is one of the maneuver templates that is available in the game.  It comes in both the classic Core Set and The Force Awakens Core Set, which is more commonly referred to as the TFA Core Set.  The base set gives you only one cardboard 2-Bank template, but if you buy a second (a good idea for more dice and ships! ) you can get a second 2-Bank template as well.  What most people don't know is that this lets you use one as a 2-Bank Right template and one as a 2-Bank Left template, which can be helpful.  NOTE: The TFA 2-Bank templates can also be used to perform 2-Sloop maneuvers, so that might be a reason to prefer the TFA Core over the standard Core. 

    You can also pimp out your game with shinies and pickup an acrylic 2-Bank template, which are available in a variety of patterns and materials from third party vendors and sometimes in official FFG Prize support.  Typically, though, you cannot just order an acrylic 2-Bank template.  most places will make you buy an entire pack of maneuver templates, but that's okay since you'll probably want to do some of the other maneuvers from time to time.  One thing to be aware of is that if you get a third party 2-Bank template, you need to make sure it's the same size as the official FFG Template.  Maneuver templates, even the 2-Bank, need to be the same official size or else your opponent could choose to not let you use it.  This isn't important in casual games, but if you want to play in tournaments one day and fly next to the best, it's something to think about.

    Now, as to the actual game, I have some thoughts about the 2-Bank that I've been thinking about for awhile.  The 2-Bank is one of the best templates in the game, because every ship has a 2-Bank on its dial, all the way from the humblest TIE Fighter up through the majestic Imperial Raider corvette.  Now, the Raider and the other "big boy" Epic ships use a different template to perform their 2-Banks, but the fact that even these behemoths want to do 2-Banks tells you just how good it is!  So, since every ship wants to do 2-Banks, you better bet it's a maneuver you should get really comfortable with and always think about as you're spinning your dials (just don't let your opponent see! ). 

    There are a few key decisive times when you'll want to reveal that 2-Bank on your dial and really ace your opponents.  One is that if your ship wants to bank, but the 1-Bank isn't far enough.  This might be if you're near an obstacle--or even another ship!!!--and you don't want to hit them but a 1-Bank puts you dangerously close.  This is where the 2-Bank really shines.  You can still do your bank maneuver, but you can go a little farther and hopefully avoid that collision, thus keeping your ship and its pilot safe and sound so they can do more pew-pew!!  Another time most people don't think about is that there will be situations where you want to bank with some speed but a 3-Bank is too far!  Remember when we talked about how sometimes a 1-Bank isn't far enough???  Well guess what!  Sometimes you can bank TOO far!  This is where the 2-Bank jumps in and lets you still bank, but not as far as a 3-Bank, so hopefully you can avoid that collision.

    Most people realize X-Wing is a game of pew-pew, but what this really means is that to do well you've got to take shots at enemy ships sometimes.  What the 2-Bank is really good at is letting you get those shots you need so you can put your crosshairs on those dastardly enemies and blast 'em!  There will be sometimes when a straight maneuver might not get an enemy in your arc, and maybe a turn is too much!  In these cases, you can use the gentle 45o angle of the bank to find the golden mean and keep them lasers (or missiles!) primed and firing. 

    So, these are some things I think are important about the 2-Bank.  It's not everything, like I said, but it's hopefully a good start.  I hope you enjoyed this review.  Thoughts? 
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    Luke Licens reacted to Wishbone in Vector Thrusters, the X-Wing T-65 fix?   
    Autoblaster Gray Squadron Y-wings getting ready to move it, move it.
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    Luke Licens reacted to CWahlsten in *SPOILERS* Rogue One ships   
    Decently costed generics. 
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    Luke Licens reacted to __underscore__ in If you could remove one scum ship from the game, which one would it be?   
    I'd remove the Syke... then add it again right away with a couple of small tweaks.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Red Castle in The Real Problem with PS9 Poe Dameron....   
    I blame more the old EU for not being original enough to bring us great pilots from somewhere else than Corellia.
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    Luke Licens got a reaction from Jasmol81 in So they bring in a new Poe, but why not a new Luke?   
    Why is there no Luke in TFA stuff?

    Aside from all of the "Have you SEEN the film?" responses, there's another perfectly obvious reason.

    They need to save SOMETHING for the wave that comes out with Episode VIII.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Jasmol81 in So this 'whole new model' business....wot?   
    Upgrade: Tarp
    Discard this card to deploy obstacle (Tarp)
    When ship overlaps tarp, pilot becomes blinded and can not perform actions or attacks this round.
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    Luke Licens reacted to AEIllingworth in Prototypes and expectations   
    I see a lot of complaining that the TIE Advanced Prototype is better than the TIE Advanced, and it shouldn't be. I'd like to let you know that this tells me you all work in the Tech industry.
    In the tech industry, a prototype is a buggy first edition that needs refinement and streamlining, it is v0.9.
    If you look at automobiles, a prototype is the advertisement.  It is the designer's dream:  sleek, dramatic, and with all the bells and whistles.  If enough people like it, the company decides to make it and the "bean counters" get involved.  
    "What about saving money by not having heated seats in the back? We can make an extra 0.4% profit if we reduce horsepower by half. What about pedestrian impact standards?  I think the headlights off that Ford Taurus will fit, and now we don't need a new machine to make headlights."
    "Just stick TIE Bomber solar panels on them, their efficiency is within spec.  That targeting computer is a loss, make it an optional extra.  If we reduce maneuvering capabilities by a little bit, we can sell them at 5% less but make 10% more profit."
    The A-wing Prototype pilot is a tech prototype.  The TIE advanced prototype is a car prototype. 
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    Luke Licens reacted to indyXwinger in Official statement from FFG   
    The top 8 didn't win ALL their games, and we all know they didn't win their last round of swiss...so what you meant to say is winning early is more important than winning later rounds of swiss.
    How convenient...so when the best players have to play the other best players...they don't have to actual play....yeah, that makes a ton of sense.
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    Luke Licens reacted to ViscerothSWG in Official statement from FFG   
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    Luke Licens reacted to pbpanchotest in "Casual" players should be more worried about...   
    I don't see how a 2-day event is that much more of a commitment than an event that goes till 3am on one day.  Or if it's local you're going to end up sleeping in or feeling like crap the next day.  Realistically you're still going to need a hotel for the single day, unless you don't make the cut.  If you don't make the cut for a 2-day, you can leave after day 1 as well.  I think 2 day events are a GREAT solution for the excruciatingly long tournaments!
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    Luke Licens reacted to Ailowynn in Be Excellent to Each Other   
    In light of all the exploding opinions and clashing personalities that have emerge over the last few days, I think it might be time to take a lesson from Bill and Ted --

    (Oh, and if you don't get the reference, you absolutely HAVE to go watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Go ahead. Right now. Look it up on Netflix. Watch it, be amazed, and then jump in your tiny little American phone box and time travel back to this instant).
    Seriously, folks, there's no reason to get so angry over a game that we all like to play. Or rather, there's little reason to stay so angry over it. Of course X-Wing is super important to everyone here -- let's not discount that -- but vitriol won't solve anything.
    Just remember: you can get passionate over the game, but let's stay civil to each other. You can disagree with a person's opinions and even their behavior, but one transgression does not justify eternal outrage. Forgive even if you don't forget.
    There's been a lot of debate about what it means to "Fly Casual" over the past week or so. And to be honest, I don't have the answer. When does flying casual get in the way of actually playing the game? I don't think it's right to advocate that we ignore the rules in some situations, and so on; that's just a playstyle thing (and it's not even necessarily moral from a consequentialist point of view).
    But we can advocate for making sure that you're decent to your fellow X-Wing players, regardless of what's happening in game.
    So yeah. Just remember--
    Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!
    (And inb4 all the "there's already a million threads on this topic" complaints . . . do take notice that I've avoided mentioning IDs specifically. They've just brought to light a nasty spot that's been festering in the community, and I think it's important to address that. So . . . sorrynotsorry.)
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    Luke Licens reacted to DariusAPB in How to deal with X-wing spam?   
    You guys know it's the first of April right?
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    Luke Licens reacted to thespaceinvader in Utterly Baffling   
    Captain.  Yorr.
    Remove ALL the stress from your squad, then explode your own ship with it.
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    Luke Licens reacted to Comic Collector Shop in All faction restrictions are removed from upgrade cards. What broken combos suddenly appear?   
    Boba Fett is the Emperor's New Best Friend & they ride around in a Decimator and dispense Justice. ...PARTY STYLE!!!
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    Luke Licens reacted to MacrossVF1 in Accused of Loaded Dice   
    The rules give the option for one player to ask to share dice and templates during a round. That would have been the simplest solution to silence critics instead of changing the dice completely.
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    Luke Licens reacted to testobviouslyfalse in The little "victory resume" in your signature looks ridiculous....   
    I just tried to put yours in my sig but I ran out of space....
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    Luke Licens reacted to Irokenics in Belligerent new players   
    i use the YES model.
    Yield - "Demolisher is pretty powerful when used this way"

    Empathy statement - "and i can see its making you frustrated"
    Solution - "may i suggest ways you can beat it normally within the rules after the game?"
    When all fails call a TO.
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    Luke Licens reacted to bwingstrike in Was I right to buy a second Kihraxz?   
    I own 5 of them. Great ship to fly. I ran 3 Cartel Marauders and a 40 point Guri to 3rd place in a tournament in November.
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    Luke Licens reacted to GamerGuy1984 in Are you (morally) responsible for correcting opponent's 'judgement calls'?   
    Exactly this is how people should be in EVERY competition. That is good sportsmanship
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    Luke Licens reacted to Keffisch in Are you (morally) responsible for correcting opponent's 'judgement calls'?   
    We. always. check/measure.
    And if we cannot agree? we call the TO.
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    Luke Licens reacted to DrunkTarkin in I love Tarkin   
    (Stand up, slow clap)
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    Luke Licens reacted to WickedGrey in How long do you hold your tongue?   
    You post on the boards ASAP so that you get to claim the fame and glory of having discovered it.
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