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  1. Can Chopper's "Ram" action be used to push friendly models? "Move up to 2 spaces, then choose an adjacent figure. If that figure is hostile, roll 1 green die. It suffers * equal to the * results. Then, if that figure was small, push it up to one space." "Move up to 2 spaces, then choose an adjacent figure. If that figure is hostile, roll 1 green die. It suffers * equal to the * results. Then, if that figure was small, push it up to one space."
  2. Why is there no Luke in TFA stuff? Aside from all of the "Have you SEEN the film?" responses, there's another perfectly obvious reason. They need to save SOMETHING for the wave that comes out with Episode VIII.
  3. I've been having similar thoughts regarding a barebones list on the Rebel side: Ackbar and 4 Guppies with Gunner Teams, which leave you enough points for 4 A-Wings and a 2 point bid. I'm sure it's not an original idea, but does anybody know how it does on the table?
  4. I knew it was a bad idea, just couldn't put my finger on why. Thanks all.
  5. I have a dumb idea, but I'd like you all to explain to me why it's a dumb idea. 9xCorvette Bs with Ackbar. You can toss 18 red dice at long range from a broadside, or 18 red and 18 blue at medium range. No obvious target priority other than the Fishman himself. Please discuss.
  6. So, I just picked up my Imperial Raider expansion, and I'm bound and determined to run a gaggle of TIE Advanced/X1s at my next event. I know they're not the most efficient ships, but I don't expect to win anyway and I want to see how well I can fly them against some of the meta-lists I'm expecting to see like 4Ys with TLTs, BBBBZ, and Corran/Dash. These are what I've come up with, and I'd like to hear some thoughts. Thanks all. ONCOMING STORM 99 points PILOTS Darth Vader (30) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Lieutenant Colzet (23) TIE Advanced (23), TIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) Storm Squadron Pilot (23) x 2 TIE Advanced (23), TIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) TEMPESTUOUS 100 points PILOTS Darth Vader (30) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Juno Eclipse (28) TIE Advanced (28), TIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) Tempest Squadron Pilot (21) x 2 TIE Advanced (21), TIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) LET'S PLAY TELEGRAPH 99 points PILOTS Darth Vader (34) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Juno Eclipse (33) TIE Advanced (28), TIE/x1 (0), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Maarek Stele (32) TIE Advanced (27), TIE/x1 (0), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (5)
  7. Every time I see someone paint the rear window of a TIE fighter as an engine exhaust, I die a little inside. That said, your skill and execution is fantastic. Excellent work.
  8. As a rule, I don't ask anyone to let me fix my mistakes. If I notice I made one, I'll point it out; "Whoops, I started moving this ship before I took my action with this one. Oh well." I never ask for an exception, and if it's offered I ask my opponent "Are you sure? It was my screw-up." When a measurement, distance, or bump is questionable, I ask my opponent to rule on it unless there's a convenient 3rd party to ask. When my opponent asks me to judge these things, I usually rule in their favor. This weekend, I accidentally flew an A-Wing off into oblivion because I dropped a bank to the right instead of the left and went right off the board. We had both been playing for 12 hours at that point, and I didn't ask for a take-back, even though I was sure I'd get one if I asked. Instead, my opponent and I just laughed about it and moved on even though it was the deciding game of the tournament. That, to me, was the epitome of Fly Casual. It was a tight game and we both had fun.
  9. The Ghost has supplanted the Waffle as the Largest Large Base ship. It must have a fitting nickname: All hail the Grilled Cheese!
  10. Lol - awesome - loved the Devi's Advocate thing But - I think I will argue with the 4th point - I disagree that it does not have the potential to displace profit (do I think it IS at the moment - probably not) because even more so than Vassal, the Steam version is an almost exact simulation of the physical game. The fact that the rules are posted by FFG online for reference does not matter from a Fair Use perspective (which is what I was arguing against as several people had, in my opinion, offered Fair Use as a defense) - nor does maker the source of actual digital representation (ok - I may be arguing a different point there but nonetheless - just because I open up Photoshop or even pen and paper and make a representation of Mickey Mouse and sell it as an attempt at an accurate representation of Mickey Mouse (not as a parody) he fact I did the drawing does not make me the designer or license holder of the property. The same is true of the starship models, bases, cards, dice, template, pegs, everything about that app is a duplication of which they do not have license to replicate) Card images represented on a wiki do not enable me to play the game without purchasing the core set. I see this a lot on the forum because this forum members tend to be an isolated sub-set of a given community - I suspect that people vastly overestimate the amount of game play that occurs in game stores vs casual games with friends. I've never stepped foot in a game store (but live in an area that has many), nor will I go to a tournament. But I am an active member here, and I paint models, etc.... I've also shared the game with half a dozen guys that really like it but haven't (and probably won't) purchase. Yet, I could contact those friends who really enjoy the real game but have not purchased it and we could dial in a play on Steam and there would be no real reason for them to purchase the actual set. Why would you? You have all the expansions, all the cards, everything you need to play an almost 100% simulation of the actual game - and you pay money to boot - except Disney and FFG get none of that - nor are they in control of any of the extra content or interactions that may occur. If there isn't a marketable infringement on the work at this time, the potential for there to be is certainly greater than Vassal. This app makes no bones about taking everything in the core game and expansions, taking money (on some level), and reproducing the exact experience online with no license. But I'm not a lawyer *note: I'm not saying it's not cool and wish that FFG would do something like Disney Infinity and officially support an online version - I just think they are clearly infringing. The makers of Tabletop Simulator, who created a wonderful sandbox for people to build toys in and deserve to be compensated for their work, are not infringing. The modders who make the the XWMG mod MAY be interpreted as infringing, but have solid arguments to refute it. As much as anyone claims that Vassal isn't infringing because it doesn't include rules or card text, those are the parts you don't need to buy because FFG gives them away. FFG doesn't care about third party tokens, 3rd party rulers, 3rd party playmats. The biggest thing that Vassal and the XWMG mod for TTS do is replace the need to buy ships. The thing is, the people who play exclusively through digital proxy platforms like this are the people who aren't going to buy ships anyway, either because they don't have anyone local to play with, so why bother, or because they can't afford to buy a core set, or because they don't want to buy more physical things. I'd guess than most users of both of the digital proxies use them to supplement their physical gaming, not replace it. Vassal and the XWMG mod are just a form of 'try before you buy' and free advertising.
  11. Devil's Advocate reporting as ordered! Point 1) Transformative: Both mods can be considered transformative, as they allow real time long distance gameplay via a digital medium. The tabletop game is for in person tabletop gaming, and has no first party digital support. Much like a fax machine and a slide projector, they do different things, and aren't interchangeable. Point 2) Nature of the Work: Both mods utilize fan made resources. The ship models in both mods are fan built. US courts have upheld that a photograph of a photograph can be considered original art. Disney has shied away from suits against not-for-profit art-use because of the public backlash. Everybody cites that daycare story, but it was 30 years ago. Have you heard of any recent ones? Point 3) Amount of the Work The cards. The rest is fan made by modders. Point 4) Marketability of the Work As both of the mods are released for free, they are not displacing profit. As the rules of the game and the complete text of all official cards found in said mods are released by FFG free of charge, their reproduction in the mods does not displace any profit. Can you play with these mods in an official FFG tournament, or at your FLGS? They do not displace the original. It all boils down to this. The mods are just playing digital proxies online. If they try to shut down the mods for using the cards, they're going to have to shut down every third party wiki and fansite that posts copies of the cards, rulebooks, or the text from either. And they're going to have to stop posting the rules for free on their website. And stop writing articles with card text and images in them. Basicly, they're going to have to irradicate their online presence. You all remember the last company that went full draconian on their game's rules like that? Nobody likes them anymore.
  12. A question for all you folks who've been hands on with these kits: How do they look "out of the box"? They're theoretically no-glue no-paint kits, and I know that all of the beauty shots have considerable amounts of touch up done, but how do they look before the touch ups? ScootyPuffJunior, how much of that (amazing) weathering and fine detail work is yours, and how much is factory? It's been a long time since I held a brush, and I want to know what I'm getting myself into.
  13. How do you intend to barrel roll after using your action to drop a bomb? Deathrain has no EPT, so you can't PTL and EI triggers an "action" card after an action, so you couldn't use it to drop the bomb first. EDIT: I suppose you could use a Squad Leader to pass him an action, but at PS6 there aren't a lot of Imperial pilots that can, and only Vader has actions to spare. EDIT 2: I'm apparently blind, and missed the free barrel roll in his card text. Carry on, internet, I'll be over here in the corner.
  14. Funny, I don't remember any of those characters from Super Star Wars... Then again, you may be referring to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Jedi_Arena which I've never actually played.
  15. I served in the military for 6 years. I'd love for you to explain this tangent a little bit more. My guess is that they're equating what has been termed "collateral murder", civilian deaths generally attributed to bad intelligence, with the Empire's use of WMDs against its own citizens. He might have a leg to stand on if the Pentagon had nuked an American city as a result of the Oklahoma City bombing. If Afghanistan had been turned into a smoking sheet of glass in the wake of 9/11, the case would be more tenuous (as they weren't our citizens) but still compelling. That said, we've gone rather far afield from the original topic. What were we talking about again?
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