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  1. Official FF answer is: If a player must choose another player to send to sickbay, he cannot choose a player in the brig.
  2. It was found that the question was already asked here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/42462-brig-and-event-cards/?p=425029 But there's still no official answer.
  3. Yeah, that's correct. But if a character is in the “Brig,” and a card says to choose a character to send to “Sickbay”, can you choose a character in the brig and send noone to sickbay?
  4. 2. You can't choose someone in sickbay (see errata): Q: If a player must to choose a character to send to the “Brig” or “Sickbay,” can he choose a character that is already there? A: No. He also cannot choose a revealed Cylon player, or “Helo” before he is on the board (due to his negative ability) Also it's obvious, that if you choose someone in the brig, he'll remain there. But I still don't know if you can choose someone ih the brig.
  5. 1. If all human palyers except infiltrating cylon leader are in brig, who will be admiral and CAG: human in brig or cylon leader? 2. If you must choose a character to send to sickbay, can you choose a character in the brig?
  6. 1. Generally crisis says "admiral discards X cards", but here it says "admiral must discard". The same text on Roselin's disability "must discard 2 cards for activation" and she can't activate, if she has less than 2 cards. Is answer still the same? 2. Thanks for the answer 3. Ok but it says "remove nukes" and "remove card". If nukes are only discarded, must the card be only discarded instead of removing?
  7. 1. Yes. 2. In 7-players game no sympathizer card is used. Just 2 cylon, 1 cylon-leader and the rest non-cylon 3. While in brig, Cally can add one and only one card to skill checks.
  8. And 3 more questions: 1. In "Assanitaion Plot" crisis can the discard option be chosen if admiral or current player has less than 3 cards? 2. Almost all mutiny cards nave instruction "discard this card" or "remove this card from the game", except one. Does it mean, that the card mustn't be discarded after activation? Weapons Armed - "I don't want to come out of this crap with cold weapons..." - Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson Action: Destroy a raptor to gain an assault raptor. Then, launch 2 raiders from each basestar. *You cannot play this card if there are no raptors in the reserves. 3. How must instruction "remove card/token(s) from game" be executed? It seemed to me, that removed from game cards/tokens must not be used for the rest of the game. But suddenly we have answer in FAQ: Q: Can Build Nuke be played after Unauthorised Usages? A: (Tim, FFG, to infocynic) Yes. You can regain a nuke token this way. Re: Questions we want answered
  9. http://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Battlestar_Galactica_FAQ Q: Can alternate Baltar reveal outside the Brig? A: (multiple threads) No. He cannot use an action on a Cylon loyalty card unless he is in the Brig. The Cylon loyalty cards all say "Action: Reveal this card. If you are not in the Brig..." While the rulebook may be slightly unspecific about revealing, clearly revealing means that you use the action on a Cylon loyalty card. Baltar cannot do that unless he is in the Brig, and so he can only reveal while in the Brig (and he does not get to do his reveal power).
  10. Thanks! I didn't understand. Is Cavil an exception, may he end infiltration then take 2 more actions? I found it. Q: Can Cavil use his OPG to infiltrate Galactica and take actions as a human player, or uninfiltrate and take actions as a Cylon? A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to kushiel) The actions Cavil gains by using his once-per-game ability are not lost when he uses one of them to infiltrate or stop infiltrating. While the abilities on Skill Cards (aside from Treachery cards) cannot be used on revealed Cylons (which is why the second action granted by an XO is lost once a Cylon leader becomes a "Cylon" again), the abilities on Cavil's character sheet, on the other hand, are available to him whether he is a Cylon or he is infiltrating as a human.
  11. Additional questions: 9. For Love: Can be used anytime except discarding down to the hand limit or resolving a Super Crisis. Question: can For Love be used, when player is instructed to discard his hand of skill cards? 20. "The Farm" vs. Miracle abilities: "After the fail result of "The Farm" is resolved no human player (including the alternate version of Baltar) can use his miracle ability. Cylon Leaders can still use their miracle abilities when they are not Infiltrating.... Miracle tokens can still be used for other effects, such as the locations on the Rebel Basestar." Question: If "The Farm" is failed is it true, that new Baltar can no longer have up to 3 miracle tokens?
  12. It's said, that revealing yourself as a cylon ends your turn. But if you reveal yourself on XO, what happens? Can you play a second action while it's not your turn? It never said, that ending infiltration is end of the turn. So if you end your infiltration on XO or critical situation (or with Cavil's OPG), can you play extra action(s)?
  13. JasX, thanks a lot. Answer and link both are very useful
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