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  1. This topic has come up a few times (mostly about Bala-Tik) and there is even an official answer from Lukas: "Whenever you activate a character, you roll any of its dice that are on that character. Dice in the pool remain in the pool and are unaffected. Before activating a character like Bala-Tik again, you could spend his dice in your pool so that he could roll more of them. May the force be with you, -Lukas" Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks for sharing that. Hopefully they'll tweak the rules reference at some point to reflect that distinction.
  3. Also, keep in mind, once Bala-Tik readies per his ability, you can then activate him again at anytime. You don't have to wait for his dice to return. But when/if you do activate him again, you must roll ALL his dice, even those currently in your pool. As for a rule to show your wife, From page 15 of the RRG: READY A card is ready when it is in an upright position. Ready cards can be exhausted (turned sideways). A player instructed to ready a card should turn the card to an upright position. There is nothing in the rules about returning dice to cards when they are readied.
  4. The card specifically says to resolve one die, so one die is sadly all you can do.
  5. while hilarious, unless you have a huge generation of resources in your deck, wouldn't it be more worth it to beat down the stronger character first while leaving the other neutered? you'll take less damage overall and save 4 resources to spend on other upgrades, support and events So far I've had success neutering their strongest character and then targeting that character. Then right as that character is dead, replace It with the same card for no cost and neuter a second character. It's still a pain to get hose initial 4 resources though. My question though is, how does it stack? If you get rid of the first Prized Possession (even by playing a new one over it), isn't that upgrade "leaving play" therefore their dice is returned to them? ~D If the character whose die has been taken by Prized Possession is defeated, the die still remains on the card. After they're defeated, you then play a second PP, removing the original Prized and returning their character's die (but who cares, they've been defeated) and then use the new prized to grab the die of another one of their characters.
  6. The die remains in play (OWTF says it happens BEFORE the character is defeated so it's die isn't removed) and yes you could then resolve that die, return it to the card and then activate it again. Yes, you could resolve a special but the increase in value part would be unused. Specials have no value.
  7. 1) Yes, they can be resolved together. The 3 damage for 1 resource isn't considered a modified side, it's just has a cost to resolve it. Only die faces showing the + symbol are considered modifiers and they can't be resolved by themselves. 2) The blaster in the starter doesn't actually have any restrictions so you can attach it to any character. Finn's ability to ignore restrictions doesn't really apply in this instance. If the card has said "red characters only", then Finn could equip it (ignoring the restriction) but Rey could not (since she is not a red character).
  8. During the pre-release at my FLGS not a single die was in the cardboard for anyone from two boxes of boosters. The box I bought personally after release, they were all in the cardboard. It's nothing to read into. Just a lazy person on the assembly line.
  9. In what way? What rulings are you talking about? In what way do those rulings prevent all ages from being interested in Destiny? This may shed some light: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/235463-let-the-wookiee-win-question-130/#entry2537944
  10. But the card is unplayable. It's conditions can't be met. If there are no ranged die to resolve, the card is illegal to play. It doesn't have any conditions that need to be met for it to be played. Hmm. The more I'm thinking about this... I do believe you're right. The card doesn't say "can only be played", it doesn't ask to spot a character of certain color... it just says pay 1 resource, resolve a yellow die you own with a ranged symbol, if you did your opponent must discard a die with a ranged symbol. Get ambush for playing the card. Yeah... fair enough. Gonna retract my statement. I think you can totally play this card with having a yellow die showing a ranged symbol. It won't do anything but it is played and so you do get ambush.
  11. But the card is unplayable. It's conditions can't be met. If there are no ranged die to resolve, the card is illegal to play.
  12. No... the reason it says "as if it were your card" is only to clarify that it's the player using Cunning who gets the benefit of the special ability. If it just said "Resolve a special ability on another card in play", it could be argued that the owner of the card gets the benefit, not the player using Cunning.
  13. Nope. Shoot First has "then" in it's effects text: “THEN” EFFECTS (p17): In order to resolve an effect that is preceded by the word “then,” the previous effects on the card must have fully resolved (i.e., the game state changes to reflect the intent of the effect in its entirety). If the part of an ability that precedes the word “then” does not successfully resolve in full, the part of the ability that follows the word “then” does not attempt to resolve.
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