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  1. Don't see any problem with that. You stumble upon a spacehulk, which used to be an experimental interstellar vessel made by humans at the dawn of First Expansion.
  2. Perfectly reasonable. PCs are leaders of vast trade empire, not frontline armsmen or first-in squad.
  3. Tyranid hive mind, by the way, almost literally matches the description of lovecraftian Shub-Niggurath.
  4. >> I can see that. I think, for me, one of the big issues with the Imperium is it's a sort of a shock to me that more areas DON'T try to secede. Simple enough, Imperium offers at least some protection agains even more uncaring, dangerous and bloodthirsty things lurking across the galaxy. So uncaring, dangerous and bloodthirsty that it is rational to endure imperial tithes, laws and drafts for even a tiny chance that when those things come knocking at your door the Imperium will send help.
  5. I have played post-dominate campaigns. Yep, the duke is dead, the dominate is no more, but the greenskins captured half of the periphery, dark eldar are killing and enslaving the settlements far drom the frontline, there are still plenty of guerillas loyal to the Dominate fighting a losing battle or (rightfully) believing there's no coming back to Imperium for them, new Lord-Subsector is not particulary fond of his not-long-ago disloyal subjects and arranges a network of concentration camps to "re-educate" anyone who could be branded as ex-supporter of Severan, and among the sheer misery, poverty, hunger and destruction chaos cults fester and grow, offering salvation to the desperate masses.
  6. When you need to prove your worth by escaping the multidimensional starmaze
  7. If you intent to stay in koronus, only rarely visiting imperial ports, then by all means go for it, just find the way to balance it out with 15 SP cost of equally competent human crew.
  8. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/121396-hardcore-mod/ Hardcore mode - all armor values for vehicles are halfed, all hull integrity values are halved (except for PC's own vehicle), autocannon, lascannon and multilased damage is lowered by 1d10+5, d10+4 and d10+5 respectively. Id give the lascannon a recharge quality as well - compared to tank battle cannon, even the reduced 4d10+5 Pen10 is too good. There. Now tank gun one-shots APCs, krak grenades are useful antitank weapons, and heavy machine gun or sniper rifle can be actually used against light armor.
  9. Hordes are supposed to be deadly even when comprised of relatively harmless entities.
  10. The difference between "cute, fluffy, obedient advanced machine which helps me run my ship" and "oh my god, they are exponentially self-improving, self-replicating and no longer respond to my commands" is murky enough to have been overlooked by humanity at the times where their scientific and technological mastery was far, far, better than anything admech has today - which is precisely why techpriests embrace "better safe than sorry" attitude towards machine potency. Now, you are aiming for crew rating 40 servitors (which already stretch the limits of "safe"), and uplift them to crew rating 50. It's the equivalent of the hard-bitten, know-it-all, seen-it-all void veterans which are normally associated with crewmen of Astartes or Inquisitorial ships. Those guys you need to buy for FIFTEEN ship points during ship creation. And now you put up a servitor crew (which, speaking of game balance, costed you much less), and it matches the top-notch human crew in every aspect. This is no "minor deviance" from machine cult, and not a "harmless, obedient crew". It is a reason for your excommunication, bounty on your head, and a machine uprizing waiting to happen. And no, I'm not lelling that you shouldn't go for it. Just don't forget that rogue trader is a game of consequences.
  11. Go for Secutor-class if you want a dedicated admech research vessel with some combat capability. Goliath is a tin can, two or three solid torpedo hits away from breaking apart. As far as components go, yes, I could imagine flesh tanks and workshops increasing the durability of servitor crew, but they would be far more demanding in terms of energy supply and SP cost than components designed for humans. And of course, multiple components increasing crew rating of servitors (especially cogitator interlink, but in general you can only do so by increasing processing capability and disabling the mainframe failsafes) is a step towards self-aware independent non-human mechanism, and a heresy in the eyes of the tech-priesthood. Not that it is impossible. Just double the energy requirements, add +2 to the component's SP value, get ready to be mercilessly hunted down as heretek, and don't be surprised when your uplifted servitors will begin self-improving and rebelling.
  12. As much or as little as they wish. There is always trouble if you are looking for it, but you can easily have a campaign with no combat at all.
  13. Not very combat-effective Repulsive. Weapon ranges are all different. Prow torpedo tubes will be hard to fill with torpedoes given low PF. You will routinely get in trouble during warp travel with your combination of fast-but-dangerous warpdrive and poor-but-dangerous gellar field - and by "get in trouble" I mean daemons getting onboard, crewmen assailed by nightmares, plagues and madness, and ship itself getting hull damage. With morale already far from normal it is a disaster waiting to happen. "Hit me with everything you got"-pattern augur array is also dangerous. In general, a single cobra-class torpedo boat making good use of evasive maneuvers (which do not affect torpedo guidance), virus/melta torps (which are easier to buy for low-SP captain), your poor crew rating (which is used when shooting down torpedoes) and superior agility can wreck this repulsive any day.
  14. Or as in, where you are handed a prayer book, a torch, a vagabond-class transport, and a condition to peacefully convert a world to imperial creed in a decade, or your warrant is gonna be nullified, but once you arrive you see that locals never even heard about "Imperium" and have prospered for the last ten millenia while worshiping chaos gods.
  15. Thankfully, if you have cultist willing to sacrifice themselves in a ritual, you can tear open a chaos portal, effectively bypassing the naval blockade. Better still, you might just cause a warpstorm by corrupting worlds, which will make warp travel much more difficult affair for and imperial vessel.
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