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  1. it's ok, can I keep the Name Though (I personally like the name)???
  2. well Assault Marine is sure popular
  3. Can I join as well if you have any room left in the group??? (if your wondering My characters name is Leonatos a Blood Angels Assault Marine).
  4. ROLE:Player LOOKING FOR: Group TYPE OF GAME: Online, Face to Face SESSION SPECIFICS: Voice Based, REGION: Western Canada (Alberta). SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: 12pm, MST/MDT GAME STYLE: Narrative, Combat Heavy, Driving Vehicles GAME SPECIFICS:DEATHWATCH Blood Angels Assault Marine COMMENTS: Long time 40k player and huge fluff fan. Limited RPG experience ( From playing D&D). I'm on Roll20.com as well.
  5. Hi I'm Nick, I'm Fairly new to the DeathWatch RPG and I was wondering if There's anyone around Red deer, Alberta, Canada. That is Interested in player few game's of DW or any of the other FFG Warhammer 40k RPG's ??? If not I also have an account on Roll20.com.
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