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  1. I was starting to lean towards the idea of mechanized infantry if possible as a chimera adds tactical flexibility to games as well as a chance to throw slightly more dangerous foes at the PCs in larger conflicts, but jump infantry and basic line/light infantry are now starting to grow on me. Decisions, decisions... My most favorable mission was going to involve securing a fuel depot in advance of a main assault against a Greenskin hoard. They would be supported by another squad from their platoon and 3 sentinels from a Catachan scout regiment. They would arrive at the objective only to find a small warband already looting the place. Depending on their caution in approaching the site, a firefight or ambush (planned by them or the Orks) would ensue. In light of that, which would you say is most suitable?
  2. Hello all, So, I recently joined a club and intend to start an Only War campaign. Now, I have experience GMing for Dark Heresy and have been a PC in Deathwatch and Black Crusade, but this will be my first contact with Only War and I know how high the attrition rate of this game is supposed to be. So, for my question... which regiment should I suggest they play. I intend to give them full freedom to choose as I have several scenarios in my head for most different types of regiments but in order to get a good feel of the game, what would be best? Let it be known I only have the Core rulebook so the regiments from that are my only options for now.
  3. All excellent tips, I'm inspired already. my plan now would be to have a Red Redemption cult on the planet the PCs are investigating, but is in true being corrupted by Khorne (hence the talent), who will preach their zealous creed to whole cities, causing instability. to make matters worse the governor is a complete sociopath (think walking dead) who has no issue with suppressing protests are to the unrest (most of which are just normal citizens scared for their lives) with lethal force from him private army and mercenary kill teams. To top it off the conspiracy, the entire civil unrest is being instigated by someone (I'm not quite sure who yet- perhaps an Isstvanian?) behind the scenes who will covertly try to elinimate the Acolytes once their presence is known... and given that these guys are armed to the teeth and tend to shoot first, that should be pretty soon. Finally, a Warlord with a small but powerful fleet notices the unrest on the planet (perhaps informed of it and led here by the mastermind behind it all) and decides to plunder what he can from the planet. this leaves the PCs against an invasion with a pdf ruined from the civil unrest and minimal inquisitorial support. this ought to force them to think outside the box. those redemptionists had some pretty powerful occult artifacts... i would need a reason for them to be there in the first place and make the Redemption look like an ally at first though.
  4. Hey guys, I recently bought the Black Crusade rule book and after a quick scan of the chapters i immediatly wanted to pit my Acolyte PCs against some form of chaos invasion as well as possibly exposing my Puritan players to subtle corruption (eg. one of my players is very puritan and extreamly anti-psyker to the point where, if they aren't officially sanctioned, he'll attack them regardless of mission objective, so instead of penalising him, I'm going to offer him a power to shrug off most psychic powers, but only tell him later on that it's the Comtempt of the Blood God talent) I was hoping for some tips on how to give off such an atmosphere of apocayptic doom that they look to more unorthedox methods of victory without compromising their character's views
  5. The idea of an eversor was more because one of my PCs said he wanted a more combative challenge, and I thought "well then, you asked for it....." However, now that you say it, it would make sense to leave the murder-machine until Nero gets desperate enough to call in favors from his Ordo Sicarius contacts. And that idea of "the Thing" style infiltration using a daemon sounds amazing!
  6. I do like the idea of Perpetuals and may use them as a start on how I want the Sensei to be. World-weary sounds right how I would picture an immortal outlaw
  7. I was hoping to introduce a Sensei into my adventures some time in the future, but i'm not sure how he would play. I was thinking having him Captian of an old raider around the periphery disrupting Imperial traders and even Navy Cruisers and have my Acolytes chase him, but as for personality, psychic powers and states i'm at a loss. Any tips on using sons of the Emperor anyone?
  8. One of my friends was talking with me today. One of his ideas was an Inquisitorial ship crash lands on a feudal world and the Acolytes are sent to salvage it. Only Nero set it all up and inside the wreckage is a special capsule with an Eversor Assasin inside on a release timer....
  9. The puritan thinks the other wants to be some sort of Radical but not what type and he has no concrete proof for the claim, so suspicions abound in our little group
  10. Thanks guys, this really helps. I had never given much thought to how expansive Nero's organization could be and I now already have ideas for plot hooks. As for Grendel's question, Nero hadn't been experimenting on the the world. It was headed by a magos who believed malefic tech could power the any machine (including titans but that's a whole other adventure!). He chose an abandoned dead world to be as isolated as possible. However the magos had a fail safe that if he was killed, the defense systems of the facility would deactivate, including the machines holding the daemon. During the resulting fight, Nero's daemon host revealed himself and exposed Nero (never trust a daemon). One of my PCs wants to be a Puritan inquisitor and this idea of taking down Nero's empire sounds like a perfect crucible for him, so thanks again
  11. Like I said, the best solution will come from your imagination. In the bowels of a space station, the only law comes from the barrel of a gun and against a well-connected Rouge Trader or crime boss, they may be forced to cut a deal just to survive. Of course if your inquisitor is an extreame Puritan (Monodominant) this may not be an option in which case, I'm stumped. Perhaps an over-zealous Arbitrator sees a corrupt official exploit his power only to find he was paid off by said Rouge Trader to ignore their illicit sales
  12. Perhaps but try to think of questions your PCs might ask: "Why doesn't he just get a security detail from his forge world?" I do love techpriests though, and searching for archeotech could be a great way to stumble across those artifacts the Rouge Trader is selling
  13. Depends on who they're guarding. Maybe another high-up Acolyte who just needs some extre hands (and muscle) for the job he's doing.
  14. Nero is an Oblationist so "dying" actually helps him get on with his crusade. I was thinking of sending a pair of death cult assasins their way, as this will hopefully show them just how stupid taking out an inquisitor can be. Also as another twist, one of my PCs actually wants to become an Oblationist so I was thinking Nero could take on a new name, train the Acolyte and ultimately use his as a way for the group to let their guard down
  15. When it comes to opening adventures like this, it's really up to your imagination. Anything from invesigating suspicious Cold Trade rumours to a Scum player meeting some old "friends" in a seedy bar. Heck, if you want to make them feel annoyed, use it as a pumishment. A few months scanning an entire space station for minor heresies would drive any Acolyte insane
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