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  1. Got it today at the B&N on the west side of Madison, WI. They had two in the back as they had come in today, the 25th, and now they only have one. I also finally got the imperial Aces pack (they finally got one) so I am happy.
  2. What have you guys been using for search terms on B&N's website. I've been using "Star Wars X-Wing" + "Expansion Pack" and all I've been getting is the Imperial Aces pack, the TIE fighter pack, half of Wave 2, all of Wave 3 and preorder offers for Wave 4 and the Tantive IV but everything else including the Rebel Transport isn't listed. Does this mean that they are sold out? I ask because the TIE fighter pack doesn't have a price from B&N but does have a New/Used listing so I would expect any other pieces that have sold out would have the same type of listings.
  3. The only question would be would be what models would be included. I could see a purely Rebel ship like the Correlian Corvette, a ship that could be used by both either side like the Nebulan-B and an exclusive Imperial ship that is around the same size as the Corvette in the core set, I sure wouldn't want to have to spend money on another set of the same fighters for a cap ship game. The only X-Wing models that should be resized are those that are size large as individually they would be the same size as the small ships when the are compared to any of the cap ships. With this in mind I could see the core set including a sheet of new ship tokens for all the small X-Wing ships so they could be used in the cap ship game with one side representing a basic squad and the other for an elite squad, new cards for them to represent an entire squad rather than a single ship and resized movement templates and range ruler so they can still use their dials. Of course this means that any future X-Wing waves after this game came out would have to include a ship token and card to allow its use in the cap ship game. Financially this might be possible depending on how long it would take to develop such a game. Another way to do it would to just include rules to convert your small X-Wing models to the new format such as restricting them to generic squadron pilots to be flown as an entire squadron while any named pilots such as Luke or Soontir would be an upgrade card that would give the squadron special abilities. Large X-Wing models would have to be reissued at the same size as the small ships (40mm) but could be flown as individual ships. The only question is if their stats would change because they would be a single ship or remain the same. For the scale of the warships themselves, I can see ships that are between 100m to 400m long using either a 40mm or a 50mm base such as the corvette or Neb-B. Ships that are between 400m to 900m lung would use a 60mm base so that dreadnaughts and escort carriers can fielded. These ships models would be around the same size physically as the large X-Wing models. Any ship over 900m such as the VSD, ISD or MC-80 would have models that would have to be Huge with the VSD model being the same size as the Transport model and the ISD/MC-80 models winding up being the same size as the Corvette meaning both would have double bases and could only be used in Epic play. Like I said, I would like to a cap ship version of X-Wing but only if I don't have to buy new fighter models. The only problem I could see if this was sold is that we would get a lot of people wanting Super Star Destroyers and maybe a Torpedo Spheres to be sold.
  4. Personally, I think that another YT would fly and fight just like a YT-1300 in the game. There is just not enough difference among the three models (YT-2000/YT-2300) to justify making until possibly somewhere in Wave 6 to 8. So for another large Rebel ship I would want a Ghtroc 720 and for the Imperials I would want either the Xg-1 Star Wing or the Skipray Blastboat rather than another TIE. As for future waves, I think that except for EU ships that appeared in video games over the last twenty years, we are going to start seeing prequel ships and ships shown on The Clone Wars. This could be a good thing as it gives a chance to have matchups that are not strictly Rebel/imperial. For most of the time that the Rebellion was going on, the main job of Imperial forces was to put down pockets of still active CIS forces. It would all depend on how Clone Wars era ships would stack up against later eras.
  5. I think this is the most likely explanation as the only reason I bought the shuttle was for a scenario I intended for a Saga rpg campaign I am designing that includes a board and storm of a medium transport modified into a jeep carrier. This is why I am not disappointed with the shuttle as what I intend for it is for a scenario anyway. I think what happened is that the team that designed its stats and dial weren't told that the HWK was going to be a small ship. I think what happened is that the design team were only given a description, saw that it was described as a light freighter and assumed it was going to be a competitor to the YT-1300 so gave it the maneuver dial for a large ship, then didn't find out that it was going to be a small ship until the production run was mostly finished. On the other hand the modeling team, who had the actual dimensions of the ship but not the game stats, scaled it as a small ship but didn't adequately inform the design team of this. The game testers didn't realize that they were testing a small ship with a maneuver dial for a large ship so they deemed it adequate and approved it for release. So for general tournament or just starfighter combat it is a disappointment. Though the HWK is a disappointment as a combat ship, it is a bit better fit as a support ship. The reason that I bought it was as a support ship for the Rebels in the scenario mentioned above so even though I thought it was going to be a large ship before Wave 3 came out, I was kind of glad it wasn't as a small ship fits better for being launched from my jeep carrier. My concept was that it would be used like the Raptor from Battlestar Galactica, a combination scout/recon, forward air control, small transport, and search and rescue craft for the players flying craft from my carrier's small air wing. The rpg scenario that I came up with that will be using X-Wing is that a near human race had just joined the Alliance and were donating several of their jeep/escort carriers (GR-75 transports which were modified for convoy escort during the Clone Wars, sort of like the escort carriers that the US and Royal Navies built during WW2) which were making their way individually to the Rebel fleet which were equipped with 12 to 20 mixed fighters as its air wing along with a complete disassembled fighter wing being carried as cargo along with other supplies. The players and a group of NPC's were assigned to the ship in order to familiarize themselves with the ship's flight operations and to act as pilots for the ship's fighter escort. The concept I had was for the rebels to start with a GR-75, a HWK as a scout/SAR bird and a couple of X-Wings as escort on one end of a couple of long tables with the rebels objective to advance down the length of the tables till the GR-75 leaves off the opposite edge at which it point it would have entered hyperspace. As the carrier travels down the table it will be launching 2 new fighters every 3 to 4 turns starting with the first turn till it reaches its wing capacity or as the rebels fighters are destroyed. This way I can use most of the rebel ships or reuse them as they are destroyed. The Imperials objective on the other hand is to disable, board and capture the GR-75. For this the Imps would have 6 to 8 TIEs, 4 to 6 Interceptors, 3 to 4 TIE Bombers with either proton bombs or seismic charges to batter down the shields of the GR-75, 2 Firesprays with ion cannons to disable the ship and 2 Lambdas with ion cannons and a stormtrooper platoon each to dock with GR-75 and capture it. I haven't quite figured out all the particulars as I have to come up with playable rules for disabling huge ships with ion cannons without destroying the ship but immobilizing it long enough to be boarded, rules for SAR operations for ejected pilots not to mention rules for ejection so player characters can be returned to the carrier to pick up a new fighter, rules for docking and boarding, and then their is figuring out the intervals for when new ships will appear for each side. Space them too far apart for one side or another and the opposing force could destroy them in detail, space them too far together and both sides will run out of reinforcements before either side gets halfway down the table. Then there is the fact that I only started buying into the game in the last couple of months so I have to wait for the reprints to come out in order to build up my fleet.
  6. Never played the Dark Forces PC game so I was unaware the HWK was introduced in it. I first became aware of the HWK-290 when I read about it in The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide for the Star Wars Saga RPG from WoTC so I was getting confused. In there the HWK as compared to a YT-1300 is listed as the same ship class size (Colossal space transport) with the same amount of crew (2) and could carry the same number of passengers (6) but the HWK, being designed for more upscale clients than the YT-1300, can carry them in a bit more comfort. The only differences between the stock versions of the two ships is that the HWK-290 can carry 150 tons of cargo versus the YT-1300's 100 tons, the HWK has 6 months of consumables versus the YT's 2 months and that the YT is comes better armed than the HWK. So when I heard that the HWK-290 was coming out, I assumed that it was going to be a large ship. Alright this does not explain the size confusion at all. The cutaway says the HWK-290 is a heavy fighter and only has room for two people while even the back of the box the mini comes in says that it is a light freighter. So how can a heavy fighter be more able to hide in plain sight than a light freighter.
  7. Well I only thought of these rules because I wanted to write up a mission where the Imperials had to do a board and storm of a Rebel ship using a couple of Lambdas armed with ion cannons and I didn't think the current rules would disable the target long enough for the lambdas to dock. To me, ion cannons are only useful if you intend to disable a ship for a board and storm. Otherwise, using regular laser cannons are more efficient.
  8. Maybe, but it still seems a bit small for a light freighter.
  9. I've played Star Wars Saga rpg's for a few years now and recently picked up the HWK-290 for this game so I could use it for scenarios in my rpg campaign. It looked a little small for a light freighter and more like a fighter. So I looked through the sources that I have and I think it should have been issued as a large ship instead of a small one. According to the source material that I have, the HWK-290 should have a crew of two, be able to carry 6 passengers and carry 150 tons of cargo while being slightly faster and more maneuverable than a YT-1300. Like I said, a large ship. I think FFG screwed up on this one. They should have made it a large ship so that both sides could have two large models, two that are fairly common (YT-1300, Lambda) and two that are a bit rarer (HWK-290, Firespray). I know that I would have paid an extra 15 dollars for a mini that more accurately portrays what the Hawk is supposed to capable of. Oh well, I guess I could see if I can put is on a large base when I use it for what I intend it for and use the original base when I play X-Wing on its own but it is still annoying.
  10. I wanted to write up a capture a ship mission using this game because I thought the ion rules would be like the PC game where the ship would be disabled for a time and then recover. While the current rules reflect ion damage well for small ships in their effects if they take only one token, they're crap for larger ships where it takes multiple tokens before ion damage affects them or if you just take multiple tokens on your small ship but it isn't destroyed. I propose these revisions to the ion rules. 1. Ion cannon and ion cannon turret cards should read: "if attack hits, defender's shields absorb hits as normal but is not issued tokens until shields are down, once unshielded damage occurs until the ship becomes disabled (1 for small ships, 2 for large ships) and tokens are issued for total number of hits. Subsequent ion hit this round only incur ion tokens on defender. 2. If ion damage is incurred against shielded ships the shields eat the damage as normal but ion tokens cannot be issued until the shields are gone. 3. During the combat phase, if a ship receives enough ion tokens to suffer their effects (1 for small ships, 2 for large ships) before it can activate, then that ship may not perform attacks or evade attacks until ion effects are resolved. 4. If multiple ion hits are incurred in a single round against an unshielded ship, ion tokens are issued for each hit but damage is only incurred until ion effects begin to affect the ship (1 for small ships, 2 for large ships). When a ship receives additional ion hits in that round, only ion tokens are issued. If ion hits are incurred in subsequent rounds, ion tokens and damage cards are issued as normal. 5. Disabled ships are considered disabled for a number of rounds equal to the number of ion tokens it has received by the end phase of the current round. 6. Ion Token Reference Card should read in effects these changes: Activation Phase: The owner moves the ship as if it were assigned a white {^1} maneuver for the first round and the last round that it has ion tokens but does not move otherwise. After executing this maneuver, remove one ion token from the ship. If no ion token remain on the ship, it may perform actions as normal. Combat Phase: If ion tokens remain on the ship, the ship may not attack and ion effects remain on the ship for a number of rounds equal to the number of ion tokens. If no tokens remain, the ship may attack as normal. Example: Chewbacca (PlS:5) in a YT-1300 is facing Kath Scarlet (PlS:7) in a Firespray at range 1 with one shield and no damage and Captain Yorr (PlS:4) in a Lambda is at range 2 with two shields and no damage. Both Kath and Yorr are armed with ion cannons. Chewie's ship is undamaged but only has one shield. Kath fires first with his ion cannon and achieves three hits on Chewie. Chewie has no defense rolls as Kath is at range one so his ship loses its last shield and receives two damage cards and two ion tokens. Chewie's ship is disabled. Chewie's combat phase activates but as his ship has received two ion tokens it is disabled and cannot perform attacks until the tokens are gone. Chewie roars in anger and frustration as his ship will be disabled for two rounds. Captain Yorr's combat phase activates and he decides to also fire his ion cannons into Chewie's ship. Yorr rolls two hits at range two. As Chewie''s ship was disabled by Kath, he has no defense dice so cannot evade Yorr's fire but as this is the same round that he took ion damage from Kath he only receives ion tokens from Yorr's hits. Chewie ends the round with two damage cards and four ion tokens resulting in the ship being disabled for four rounds. Chewie roars and shakes his fists in rage In the next round, Yorr decides to make a bank one maneuver toward Chewie and is now at range one on Chewie. Chewie gives a sigh as his ship does a straight one maneuver and comes to a halt as the engines shut down he then removes one ion token. Chewie now has two damage cards and three ion tokens. Kath decides to move away from Chewie and concentrate on supporting Imperial attacks on other rebel ships. Combat phase begins but as Chewie still has three ion tokens his ship is still disabled and can make no attacks or evasions so he is a sitting duck. Kath decides to attack someone else, but Yorr decides to make another ion attack on Chewie. Yorr rolls two hits and Chewie receives two more ion tokens for a total of five and as Yorr made the first successful ion attack in a new round, Chewie also receives two damage cards. Chewie now has five ion tokens and four damage cards. Chiewie screams and clutches his head in an almost berserker rage. In round three, Yorr moves away from Chewie to support other Imperial ships. Chewie, as he has already moved while disabled in the previous round does not move and removes one ion token for a total of four ion tokens. Kath moves into range of other rebel ships. Kath loses his last shield and receives two damage cards from rebel fire. Chewie is still disabled and can make no attacks or evasions. Chewie has four ion tokens and four damage cards. Chewie starts assessing his damge. In round four, Yorr moves into range of other rebel ships. Chewie is still disabled so he does not move and removes on ion token for a total of three ion tokens. Kath moves closer to the rebel ships. Kath makes an attack and kills an A-wing. Kath then receives an attack that gives him two hits. Kath's ship explodes around him. Chewie is still disabled and can make no attacks or evasions. Yorr suffers an attack and receives two hits which drops his shields. Yorr makes an attack and misses. Yorr then receives another attack and gets two damage cards. Chewie has three ion tokens and four damage cards. Chewie starts emergency repairs. In round five, Yorr moves away from the other rebel ships and back toward Chewie. Chewie does not move and removes one ion token for a total of two ion tokens. Chewie is still disabled and can make no attacks or evasions. Yorr makes an attack and misses his attack. Yorr is then attacked and receives two damage cards for a total of four. Yorr is in trouble. Chewie has two ion tokens and four damage cards. Chewie continues to do emergency repairs. In round six, Yorr continue to move toward Chewie to finish him off but is not in range yet. Chewie does not move and removes one ion token for a total of one ion token. Chewie is still disabled and can make no attacks or evasions. Chewie has one ion token and four damage cards. The other Rebel ships finish off the rest of the Imperial forces. Chewie finishes his repairs and goes back to the cockpit to restart his engines. In round seven Yorr does his move toward Chewie and enters range two. Chewie restarts his engines, he now moves forward in a straight one maneuver and removes his last ion token. Chewie then places a focus token as his action. Other Rebel forces begin moves toward Yorr. Chewie is no longer disabled and conducts an attack on Yorr who is at range one and rolls two hits and a focus which is turned into a hit for three hits. Yorr has no evasions at range one. Yorr watches his Lambda disintegrate around him. Rebels win! I think these rules would more accurately reflect what Ion weapons do than what the game has them do. After all I don't think there effects should disappear after only one round if the target has multiple ion hits.
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