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  1. Thank you for the shout out! Looks great, can't wait for the final version! Let me know if I can help!
  2. Are you aware of any time where FFG posted a Specialization page PDF or is that only in the printed books?
  3. I was so impressed when I found out that you created your Heroes on Both Sides in Photoshop! I would not have had the patience to do it there without so many of the nice features InDesign offers. Let me know what you think of the templates!
  4. My favorite thing about FFG's Star Wars books is their great production quality and so early on I started to help more creative content creators putting their material in the 'official' look. My last project was to support @yaccarus to put his 'Complete Species Guide' into the official format. I always wanted to put together a tutorial to help others achieve similar results, this is it! There are similar tutorials out there (mainly here and here), but they are somewhat outdated and as the product line nears its completion (or end), I wanted to provide a full overview. Before I go into all the details, here is the result and below the direct download link. Download here (last updated: June 18th, 2020) Included in this download is: InDesign InDesign files for EotE, AoR, FaD, "Core" (= my name for the style of the neutral books, e.g. Allies and Adversaries) For each book, the file includes Pre-set colors Pre-defined text formats for all kinds of text appearing in the book Ready-to-go pages with page backgrounds, page elements, page numbers Photoshop Photoshop template for EotE, AoR, FaD, Core to create a cover Additionally, the download contains … all page elements as separate files, in case you would like to play around with them … all page-backgrounds with side elements as single image file to import into other programs (e.g. Word, Scribus) NOT included are all fonts, as all of them are licensed and can therefore not be included. Below are a few more details on the templates: Requirement and tools Many content is posted on these boards, on Reddit and other websites but few look like typical FFG products, and the main reason for that is the use of tools and the involved amount of work. If you were asked to recreate a marble statue but only given a hammer and a single wide chisel, the result might be close but really hard to match perfectly. The same is true for the Star Wars books. They are put together within a typical publishing workflow that is based on the Adobe Suite of products. The key product used is InDesign. This is Adobe's solution for all desktop publishing and has become the market standard in many areas. The problem with InDesign is that it is fairly expensive. There are old versions out there that will work just as great. Alternatively, Adobe has a 30 day trial which is usually more than enough to turn one fan product around. There are alternatives (e.g. Scribus), but they are incompatible with the provided templates, however, you can still use the provided assets. The other key product is Photoshop, especially to change / adapt pictures to make them fit into the product. GIMP is a great alternative, but also comes with a learning curve. The trickiest part to recreate are the images and their "feathered borders". You can find plenty tutorials how to achieve this effect, so I won't go into too much detail here. Elements of a typical SW FFG book Overview of the different designs Looking at the books, you can easily see that FFG used different designs for different product lines. In this guide, I have put together information for the four most common ones (EotE, AoR, FaD, Core). They all follow the same layout design in regards to font, placement and size, but change up the page elements, the background, and the colors. I will talk about each in a bit more detail in the following sections. Background, page elements Unfortunately, FFG cannot release PDFs of their products due to licensing problems, but they have released a few single files. With Photoshop, it is fairly easy to extract some of those assets out of the PDFs. I put all material together in the download above, so all elements you find there are the original ones from the books, some in almost printing quality. Fonts All books use the same fonts, and I have put together an overview of which fonts here. Unfortunately, all fonts are licensed, so I cannot link them here. If you keep looking on the internet, you might be able to find alternatives or clones that are very close to the real deal. Colors Lastly, the biggest differentiator between the books are the colors. I have put together a comprehensive color chart below. Please forgive my laziness not to include all color codes, the easiest way to use them is to utilize the color swatches directly in InDesign. Alternatively, pick any image editor and just "color pick" the colors off of this chart and you should be good. I hope this material is helpful, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks to FFG for creating this really outstanding game! 🙂 Check out my other material as well: Yaccarus' Complete Species Guide NPCs, Vehicles, Planets, Weapons, Armors, Gear and Starships. NPC & Creature cards
  5. I disagree, but seems we just have two different views on it.
  6. I did not come up with this structure but it makes sense when thinking about the most useful use cases. When a player looks for a specific race they can check in the index quite easily (moving it next to the table of content might be a good idea though). All others who are more trying to explore the book looking for a species, get a much easier way to go through by checking first which attributes are important to them and then going through the chapter. Alphabetical is easier to quick reference, but by attribute it is easier to explore and just look around for inspiration and my assumption is that the latter is the more common use case.
  7. Very nice collection, thank you for the great work!
  8. Mediafire is quite a reliable hoster but please reach out if the link stops working at some point!
  9. So far I'm not, as it's quite high effort, and there are a few projects underway that use my template to create them. Thank you! If you like the project, please consider advocating for it to be added in the sticky resource thread. My repeated requests of them to be added are ignored since posting the cards.
  10. Little update! As always, I have horrible attention to details, so things might have slipped. If you see something, please let me know.
  11. I'll see if I can make a template. Would InDesign work? I might be able to create a fillable PDF but it would be pretty simple (no dice symbols most likely). Would that help? Thank you! I've been trying since I posted it that it gets added in the general resource thread but for some reasons the PMs are not answered and the posts to include it go unnoticed.
  12. I'm glad that they are useful for you! The cards are created in InDesign but are based on another template I created: Maybe that could help? The wounds received is an interesting idea, I'll put it onto the list. The pre-compiling is a little hard to define in order not to put too many combinations in the files.
  13. First, thank you for your feedback. I make these to contribute to the community and that's what keeps me going as it is a lot of work. There is no set for anything besides the Adversaries yet. Right now, I have to write a manual scraper that scrapes the data from the website. Due to how the website is set up, this was quite tedious. I'd love to cooperate with the author of the website as just having the database would be so much easier but unfortunately he did not get back to me yet (and I tried many different avenues). Once I have time, I might get back to the other categories but this won't happen in the foreseeable future. SFC Snuffy, on 07 Oct 2016 - 5:20 PM, said: It's just a fancy mockup using the fantastic template of PSD Covers. If you are dedicated enough though, I am sure you could find a template for such a box and just overlay the image, print it on card board, glue it together and make yourself a box. This is the image I put together for the mockup. Each thing on http://swrpg.viluppo.net/ has an ID which you can see in the url. e.g.: http://swrpg.viluppo.net/adversaries/adversary/2694/ As you can see here, its ID is 2694 and you should find the same ID on the Ironarm Stormtrooper Commander [Nemesis] it links to. It's just a way to link cards and the sites together, though it is not very obvious.
  14. Hi Nate, Would you mind putting my NPC Custom Cards and the Custom Cards Template in the list as well? Thank you!
  15. If you print multiple pages per sheet in Acrobat, the pages are scaled. So choosing a custom format should enlarge the pages therefore. If that does not work for you, then you could try to export the pages as jpgs (Acrobat > File > Export to > Image > Jpg) and then you could rearrange them in another document.
  16. Hi! I updated the cards to version 1.1 (after my 2GB RAM Notebook crashed like a million times to output all the cards) Changelog v1 -> v1.1: - Color-coded the cards depending on adversary type (thanks GM Hooly) - Fixed the Armor and Gear separation error (thanks foobar09) - Fixed the quotes (thanks bradknowles) - Added an Index (thanks Sixgun387) As for the last version: I have a horrible attention to details, so something might have slipped. If you find any errors or logical issues, please let me know!
  17. Something that you can show to the players and say “This is what it looks like”.So, if it’s a Stormtrooper minion card, you put a picture of a Stormtrooper minion — or maybe a minion group. Images for the adversary is the Holy grail but I'm afraid we won't get there. My last attempt at it was all hand made, where I crafted each card individually and looked for a picture online. It turned out that, at least for me, it is very hard to find good pictures while being incredibly time intensive. This time, the approach worked because it's (almost completely) automated. I start the data gatherer, then plug the data into InDesign and it will export all 530 cards automatically. With images, each card would require personal tweaking to position the image. If someone wants to go through all the cards, look for high quality images and provide them to me, I could look into it, but for now I'd rather focus on fixing the small errors you guys found and brining other stuff like ships, gear, etc. on cards as well. The data comes from swrpg.villupo.net. If you look in the URL bar for any Adversary, you can see that each of them has an ID e.g. http://swrpg.viluppo.net/adversaries/adversary/2315/. This number is printed on the cards after the source books. I'll eventually add an index, but for now you could look it up on swrpg.viluppo.net and then ctrl-f it in the PDF.
  18. Do you have an example what you mean with appropriate graphics?
  19. Thank you for your feedback! I looked into it and it doesn't put the comma when combining gear and armor. I will upload a corrected version in the next days.
  20. Hi! A while ago, I created a basic custom card template for NPCs, ships, weapons and other categories. The main problem was both getting the data and finding good images. I wanted to relaunch the project of generating adversary cards that can be easily used at the table, and I would like to offer my current results with you: Star Wars RPG: NPC & Creatures Cards I took the data available at swrpg.viluppo.net and integrated them within Adobe InDesign to automatically generate NPC cards. Currently, there are 530 adversaries in their database and you can find as many cards to download. This is an ongoing project and I am not sure if all calculations and code work correctly, so I am looking forward to both feedback regarding some errors / logic mistakes but also hints for design. I plan to tweak the design a little bit in the next few weeks but I wanted to get the cards out now. I used a few resources, credits for those go to: Data: Aahzmandius_Karrde, putting all the work in to bring the data to the index Stat Block Format: C. Steven Ross from Triumph and Despair for his revised stat block I took inspirations from Stat Block Template: Triliean for his template I merged with my old template Cover Image: Mike Caprotti, https://www.artstation.com/artist/capprotti February 2017: 133 Creature Cards / v1.0 / PDF Download June 2016: 530 NPC Cards / v1.1 / PDF Download May 28th, 2016: 530 NPC Cards / v1 / PDF Download Template: Additionally, some of you have asked for an empty, fillable template which I have created as well: Download It's fillable with Adobe Reader and should allow you to create your own cards. The template functionalities are pretty limited, e.g. no dice symbols. Changelog: February 2017: Uploaded v1.0 of Creature Cards Uploaded fillable template June 2016: Fixed some typos Added color-coding May 2016: Uploaded original set of cards Looking forward to your feedback! TheDearth
  21. Before I hand over the project files, I would like to give you the planet cards we made so far. As a little bonus for the whole time you waited, I incorporated all planets from all the books (=Core Rulebook, Under A Black Sun, Beyond the Rim and Suns of Fortune). I am sure, there are still errors and typos in there. I am happy about every feedback I can get, so feel free to message me. To the file: With the link you can find a zip file. I do not know what you would like to do with the cards, so I included all formats: - all planets as single jpeg files a) with a print border (3mm) and b) without - all planets as single pages as pdf a) with a print border (3mm) and b) without - all planets on A4 or letter pages a) with print border (3mm) and b) without - a backside if you get them printed http://www.mediafire..._Planets_v1.zip Have fun! The Dearth
  22. Hi guys! Sorry for being gone so long. My real life kicked back in and there was absolutely no time left. Additionally my call for a proof reader remained mainly unanswered, so there was only little motivation to put more effort in them. Now I had some time left and finished the Planet cards. These were the least effort to proof read. All supporters should have gotten a private message with the download link. If you haven't, please let me know. As a little bonus for all your waiting I included the planets from all released books (= Core Rulebook, Adv. Under a Black Sun, Beyond the Rim and Suns of Fortune). I am still looking for someone to proof read all the weapons and gear cards though I won't have too much time in the next months (unfortunately this project needs a lot of time). the Dearth
  23. Well the PDF is out there and the ones who like to use it, can do so and the rest...nobody is forcing you. Sounds like a win-win. I don't see the problem.
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