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  1. On my dining room table, I like this a lot. I tend to list build this way anyway, as I'm not super competitive and it feels more "Star Wars". It doesn't make any business sense for FFG to implement this, though. Why push rules that limit the number of ships that people will buy? It would be a cool tournament variant, though. Weren't you supposed to be able to use the official app to make up your own list building rules for your own tournament variations, or an I making that up?
  2. They seem kind of boring. I prefer the large ion clouds from HotAC. I wish they had made something big enough that you are encouraged to interact with it, not just simply barrel roll around it.
  3. I put a large washer in the base for weight (I believe a 1/2 fender washer was perfect for a small base), then I poured in a 2-part urethane we use at work (but silicone out of a caulk gun would probably work as well). I used a belt sander to flatten out the bottom when I was done. I love the final result. I'll never go back to stock bases.
  4. I'll be driving right through Hamilton past Black Knight. Might have to stop by and see if I can sneak in a game or two. Guelph Wednesday night at the Round Table seems like a good idea, schedule permitting.
  5. I'll also be traveling for work to the area. I'll be in Burlington, but I'd happily make the drive to Guelph Wednesday night to get in some X-wing.
  6. I get what you are saying, but I'm not sure I agree. Maybe it feels better to think of a focused ship as the baseline for normal operation. Get outflown and have to barrel roll to get a shot in someone? Your penalty is no focus token. Get targeted by many enemies and spend your focus token on defense? Now you're at a disadvantage for your attack. Is it worth a red maneuver to throw someone off your tail? You can do it, but there's a real cost. You don't get back to your baseline expected efficiency that turn. I get that it's powerful, but I don't think the game would be better if most people had a 50% chance to roll a hit instead of a 75% chance per die. Think of focus as normal, and I think the rest of the game works pretty well. The one exception here is evade. Since they nerfed it from 1.0, it very rarely feels worth taking (unless you have juke or already have a focus as well). I think there was opportunity to make the focus/evade decision more interesting. I'm not sure what would accomplish that well, though. Having them stick around like target locks is to strong (it's basically a shield token then). Maybe if there was only 1 focus result on a green die instead of two, but that would have changed the whole balance of ships that rely on green dice. Maybe if you got a free evade with a barrel roll? It's fun and thematic on low init TIE/LNs, but probably OP on high init action stacking arc dodgers. Don't know, but I don't feel it's quite perfect yet.
  7. Jess has nothing on the Derp Rendar alt art.
  8. Pretty sure FFG forum etiquette dictates we do the exact opposite of ignoring this and also post X-wing questions on all of the other forums.
  9. So, seems most people agree that going second is a pretty large advantage. Also, playing reactively to your opponent's position is definitely easier than predicting it in the first place. What then, do people think would happen if FFG eliminated the simultaneous fire rule? If you want to move second, you'd risk your ships being removed before they got to fire. Would that make a more even, or less even choice between being first player or second player? Would this increased the bids people took, or decrease them? Would people take more high init pilots, or fewer?
  10. I feel the same as most of the rest of you. I love the idea of some scenario/narrative play. $50 MSRP seems out of touch, though. Maybe if it was pre-painted, or had a pair of wounded AT-ST driver objective markers or something. I see that and think $30-$35 MSRP feels about right. For $50, I'd be as likely to make up my own wreck marker and my own eerily similar narrative campaign. Solid, solid effort from the game designers. Swing and a miss on the commercial side. That's OK, it's always easier to lower your prices than raise them later. I'd hate to see them discouraged from similar products in the future, though.
  11. I switched to card boxes as well. I ordered some sweet card dividers from District Foundry on Etsy that I'm pretty excited about.
  12. I hear you, but let's not forget that a deck is $10. What's the incentive (to FFG) to allow for a replacement card to be printed? You don't but a new deck if you cherish your first deck so much that you're willing to buy replacement cards. I say, embrace the idea that occasionally, you're going to retire a deck. Personally, I really like and embrace the nature of the game where I get to keep enjoying the thrill of opening a brand new deck. I get to keep enjoying the process of figuring out how to play a new deck. I get to know that the Meta will be evolving regularly, and that if I struggle against an opponent's deck, that's temporary too. It's even exciting that a deck could be lost or damaged and never recreated. If my goal was attach myself to one deck and play until the cows come home, I'd pick another game. This isn't the game for a deck monogamist. Embrace the chaos!
  13. I think it's one of those "quality of life" upgrades that's not specifically necessary. By the time you're serious enough to consider them, though, you've probably spent enough on X-wing and play enough that you'll get tons of use out of them. Plus, it's a relatively small purchase (compared to your 3rd Millennium Falcon ?). Also, once you use acrylic anything, it's really hard to go back to cardboard.
  14. I assure you that I gladly accept good old American dollars, and ship from Ohio. Aswitcher must have given you a URL with his Australian localization. Here's one for the 'mericans https://etsy.me/2C0kQvj Etsy handles all the currency differences automatically, and I ship all over the world. If you're adding links, I do 2.0 tokens, templates, deck boxes, etc. Mostly people probably found me for my wooden template and tournament trays. I also do quite a bit of custom work (custom squadron tokens, personalized icons, different colors, prize support, etc.)
  15. I'm not worried about this at all, but I just want to pause and appreciate the person who so clearly laid out the case with pictures and descriptions, and who drew logical conclusion without wild hyperbole and/or nerd rage. Well done. 10/10 for effective communication. I had to double-check that I was still on the forums.
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