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  1. hello again as a newbie i am having a lot of questions for this game and i am posting again to specify a rule regarding an attacking Victarion Greyjoy... As it says if he is attacking, and i am having less naval than the attacking player, my opponent raises the claim by one... so what happens if i declare Eddard Stark as a blocker? does it drop the claim value back to 0? which character's ability comes first and which second?
  2. doesn't it stand for just non-limited location? whouldn't it say attach to a non-limited location or non-limited attachment otherwise?
  3. what other cards can i use to make the same effect on Burned and Pillaged?
  4. If a location i control has the Burned and Pillaged attatched... what happens if i blank it with Meera Reed? Does it get discarded?
  5. Hello guys.. i know Rickon does double Maege's ability... but if the ability resolves, can i bring two limited in house locations in play at the same turn? since they are not considered as played
  6. Hello guys, i just started using this forum, and i'd like some help with my Stark deck... I wonder if anyone could share me any ideas for an affective Maege Mormont deck... I whould really appreciate it if anyone could give me a decklist or something to get started with, and of course explain me how could i play this deck better Much appreciated
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