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  1. Me and my other 2 friends are into the game and would like to know if there are any others players in Vilnius. Answer here or pm
  2. Thanks for taking your time to answer, helped a lot
  3. Yo, i'd like to ask few basic questions. 1. Titles. How do each player gets one? (3 man game mod) I mean there are special cards for every figurine, so how players pick the figures? They shuffle cards and draw and get statue that card represents or just picking by random? 2. Incomes. There are many cards that provide income, so my question is: do i get the income value when i just put it in into play or i have to wait next round? 3. Hatchlings (QoD expansion) Can i play them from shadows like normal character? And if so fe. if i have Black hatchling on the field and i play Drogon i have to attach hatchling to the dragon? edit: for quest 2 same question with influance,
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