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  1. tk426

    Lando’s Falcon

    Let me ask this then. The new Y-Wing model that was released for 2.0 is different and has a different name than its 1.0 counterpart. But yet those models are interchangeable. What’s the difference.
  2. tk426

    Lando’s Falcon

    If I’m playing a squad with Lando’s Falcon can I use either the original trilogy falcon or the force awakens falcon model.
  3. I flew x5 Rookie X-Wings on Saturday at one of our local store championships. Two of them had Flight Assist Astromech, two other had R2 Astromech and the last one had Chopper. only 11 players in attendance so the event was ran as a 4 rounds of Swiss with no cut. I only lost one X-Wing during each round and went undefeated with a score of 693 out of 800. I don’t know what the meta is right now, I haven’t been paying much attention to it. I’ve been playing more fun stuff. So I’m not sure if it does good against meta squads. Matches I thought were tough were against a Boba Fett / Asaj and a Resistance Bomber squad. I think I took about 8 damage from bombs alone before I even had more than ship attacking. I think in each match I had one ship that wasn’t even damaged. Chopper was only used in one match to gain back two shields. R2 Astromech was only used once during the whole event. And Flight Assist was used as often as one would think. There were a lot of rounds that I wish I was flying the Cavern Angels Zealot with Crack Shot. S-Foils stayed in attack position the whole event as well. I never felt the need to close them.
  4. It’s taking great restrain to not post something very sarcastic. So I’ll say it’s moments like this when we find out little bits of information that expand our image of the Star Wars Universe.
  5. tk426

    Qtr 4 OP kit

    Any idea when this is shipping. So far this year our store had them prior to the start of the new quarter
  6. That's hard to say right now. Being that the last few months were summer attendance will noticeably be smaller i think.
  7. If your not familiar with it there is another preprinted miniatures game called Heroclix. It's based on comic book characters from the Marvel and DC universe with a splash of other properties. TNMT, Pacicic Rim, Street Fighter to name a few. That game comes out with a new set every two or three months. Each set has about 55+ characters in it. It's a blind booster that now costs $12.99 per booster. This year they hit the 15 year anniversary. So I think x-wing can easily make it to the 10 year mark seeing as we are already at the 5. 15 years might be pushing it though unless FFG decides to start doing set rotation and then coming out with new pilot abilities of characters we already have.
  8. Weekly league night on Fridays brings in about 8-12 X-wing players and about 4-6 Armada players. Our FLGS supports us very well. They get about 6 OP kits for us X-wing players and 3 for Armada. I use 5 of the kit for league play. And one kit for a monthly tournament. The league is based on a 12pt system. 2pts for a win, 1pts for a loss. You can play as many games as you want during league night but you can only count two games toward your overall points. At 4, 8, and 12'pts you get a participation prize and then also a rare prize at 12pts. It a fairly friendly league night. Most players try out new squads on a weekly basis. We have 1 younger kid who likes to play the top meta squads and another player netlists but he's been slowly playing more fun squads. There are two game stores in our city that have league nights and another store that just changed ownership which wants us to come and play. All the stores are with a 25min drive.
  9. tk426

    Force Friday

    Force Friday was on September 4th 2015. So hopefully by end of week if they have anything to announce we will see it by end of next week
  10. I flew quad TLT LWF Aggressors at our store championship yesterday. I like the squad better than Thug Life.
  11. I think they did. Maybe Gencon 2016 but im not 100%. 2016 National Championship. Where ever that took place https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/7/13/the-hunters-prize/
  12. Not so much red but more of a darker orange.
  13. What's the deal with the different color range ruler sets from store championship season this year. Is one color harder to get. And any ideas of why it happened.
  14. Try using Mauler Mithel with snap shot. His ability gives him a 3red dice snap shot attack
  15. April 15th I'm Board Games and Family Fun 11am start 100 pt squads $5 3rounds of x-wing unless 16 or more are in attendance then there will be 4 rounds. Best overall record is winner with MoV as tie breaker. As long as the season 2 prize kit is in stock that will be the prizes for the event. If no season 2 prize kit is available we will do prizes based on attendance. Thanks Season 2 prize kit is in hand.
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