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  1. TONS of help, yes! But doesn't it also require an API or something? That's another hurdle I can't seem to get over.
  2. I can't find any L5R assets in Roll20. How were you rolling dice there?
  3. Presumably using Genesys, yes? There's a fan made HP setting to use that looks stellar. But yeah, you'd have to make up the adventures to play.
  4. Hmmm. Bummer for sure. I assume this means they won't be finishing their Night's Edge setting... 😪
  5. The Jedi Knight in the new clone wars era book starts with a force rating of 2. Sounds like your "force prodigy" PC doesn't want to be a Jedi Knight per se, but can you reskin that class & specialization to simply be "force prodigy?" And curious - is this player eyeing a particular career & specialization that s/he wants to overlay "force prodigy" onto? Possibly make them start with Knight then buy into other specialization trees?
  6. OK. So there's 7 great clans plus a number of minor clans. Each clan has several (more or less) important families. Got that. How does the Emperor fit into that scheme? Is the Emperor from a specific clan, or does he (& his lineage) transcend clan? How about his family? Assuming he/they are not from a clan per se, are there a bunch of people in this royal non-clan "clan" in service to him, or is it just a relatively small # of folks (immediate family) and all (some?) of the clans supply the lesser nobles and others that directly serve him? Just trying to understand the structure and relation of the Emperor and the clans.
  7. I don't get how you get this file. Looks great on the screen, can't seem to download it for use, though.
  8. When will the next map rotation occur? I just downloaded the tournament document and it indicates the 3 current maps began July 23. Seems silly to print those three now...
  9. The group (of 5-6 players) I GM for has completed two beginner adventures and Mask of the Pirate Queen. They sit at roughly 50xp and between looting and job payments are getting fairly decked out (heavy battle armor, nice weapons with good mods, etc.). I *DO NOT* have time to make up an adventure. The published adventures don't seem to be "rated" on a power level (a la a D&D module that indicates its 'for X-Y players of A-B level'). So can anyone recommend a published adventure that will present a challenge to a handful of relatively "veteran" PCs? We 'play' Edge but use all the books, so not opposed to a Rebellion or Force adventure if need be.
  10. Where is this Harry Potter setting document(s)? I wonder if you could have a little nuisance that needs to be investigated, tracked down, and taken care of*. * doesn't mean 'killed' per se. Bats in the belfry (but no ordinary bats). Little imp, kobold, Gollum type creature kidnapping (petnapping?) familiars, because he has no friends so is 'collecting' pets (and taking good care of them). A student somehow monkeying with various ball(s) in quidditch as a gambling fixing ring (the gambling ring itself is investigation worthy). Any of these could involve some investigation using spells (tracking spells, augury/detection spells, etc.), interviewing living paintings and or ghosts and or animals/creatures. Then they have to capture the culprit, maybe via a more 'combative' style like using spells (hold person, charm/beguile), or more social interaction (convince the imp the students need their familiars, but that maybe he can become a familiar sitter helping students care for their familiars and making friends in the process). Sounds fun (the trip and the gaming). Enjoy!
  11. Does the Terrinoth book have much fluff and detail on the setting? what are some good resources that provide that detail?
  12. Thanks to you both. Follow on question. Is there a list of which Lieutenant(s) are cardboard in the core game that I can get replacement packs for? [I made the mistake with Imperial Assault of getting too much up front so want to take growing my Descent collection more deliberately - e.g., get core, play core; add X, play X; add Y, play Y...]
  13. I've played Imperial Assault and now looking to get into Descent. What is the purpose of Lieutenant packs and also the Monster & Hero packs? They don't strike me as similar to IA's campaign and blister/unit (where expansions can be used in head to head gameplay). Also, are Lieutenants always enemy bad guys, or are some of them playable heroes?
  14. I've not paid attention to PP Mini Crate stuff. How long will the series last? Curious how many minis one is in for by subscribing...
  15. Does a weapon with a bullseye arc count as firing from the front arc for purposes of abilities that trigger on firing from the front arc?
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