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  1. I am setting up to play EH with the Strange Remnants expansion. During set-up you are told to draw a Prelude card. The Prelude card I drew was the Dunwich Horror. It states that I draw the "Spawn of Yog-Sothoth" Mystery card if Yog-Sothoth is the AO (which he is). So far, so good. Then it states that if Y-S is not the AO, spawn the Dunwich Horror Epic Monster on Arkham. But he IS the AO, so I don't spawn the DH Epic Monster on Arkham? The "Spawn of Y-S" Mystery card states that when this card enters play, spawn the DH Epic Monster on Arkham. So I do spawn the DH Epic Monster on Arkham? If I don't spawn the DH Epic Monster, is this Mystery immediately solved? As you can tell, I am confused here. Can you guys help me out here? Thanks.
  2. I have some basic questions about the game: 1. When a character draws an Adventure Card and it instructs the player to put down a number of markers (mostly 4 and usually strength, craft, life, etc.), does the character who drew the card take one of the markers right then and there or do the 4 sit there until someone visits them? 2. If an Adventure Card teleports a character to another space, does the character immediately encounter that space (pick a card, roll dice, etc.) or does he use it just as a "landing space"? 3. If a character draws an Adventure Card for an item he can't use (monks can't use weapons/armor), does he need the Alchemist to turn it into gold or can he sell it? Otherwise, he just discards it? Mykul
  3. Okay, was aware of that, but that is only good for that game, right. They reset for the next game, right?
  4. I am just getting into Talisman and saw some posts about leveling. Is there a mechanic in the game (commercial or fan-made) to level up your characters? And if so, how do you do it? Mykul
  5. Two days of Gencon down and no mention of RB---I am bummed!!!
  6. Do you think there is any possibility that FFG is waiting until GenCon to announce a new/reprinted Runebound? Makes sense to me...
  7. I visit the FFG site everyday hoping to see in the "News" that Runebound 2 has been reprinted or that a Runebound 3 is coming out. Alas, I am not happy...but maybe one day soon I will be doing the happy dance at my 'puter...
  8. I just received my copy of Rune Age and was going through the Component List. The deck of cards in the box differs somewhat from the Component List in the Rulebook. Has the deck been changed and the Rulebook not updated? I also noticed I have wax seal symbols on the back of the Objective cards that I don't have neutral cards for? How do you set up for a game? Thanks for your help. Nevermind. I looked further at the cards and saw how they were grouped. I didn't know how to delete this post.
  9. Count me in...RB3!...RB3!...RB3!...RB3!
  10. I only recently saw a playthrough of Runebound and decided I had to have it, but a fruitless search led me to the knowledge that it is out of print. Maybe this would be a futile effort too, but has anyone directly asked FFG if a reprint or even new edition of Runebound might be coming out?
  11. I should have looked closer. This particular card had an environment which referenced something going on at that location which the players could have done. Thanks for the help.
  12. I am unclear as to what this means. I get a Mythos card that says there is activity at some streets. I put a marker there, but nothing ever seem to happen in the game at that location. Am I missing something here? How does this get played?
  13. As a newbie, I wanted to know that after an Event card is brought into the player's area and used, does it stay in play (so it can be used again) or is it discarded? Thanks
  14. Thanks, Julia. I thought I had posted in the main forum, but will try to use the proper forum next time.
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